DEFY Trampoline Parks Vs. Urban Air Adventure Parks: Battle Of Family Fun

When you’re looking for a high-flying indoor playground for family fun, DEFY Trampoline Parks and Urban Air Adventure Park are two of the top franchised trampoline park chains.

With locations across the U.S., both offer seemingly endless trampoline runs, ninja courses, climbing walls, foam pits, and more activities guaranteed to get kids jumping for joy.

But is one trampoline park brand better than the other for birthday parties and family outings? This guide examines key differences in attractions, memberships, food, and more to determine the superior park.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryDEFY Trampoline ParksUrban Air Adventure Parks
Locations40+ locations150+ locations
Key StatesWestern and Southwestern USSouthern and Midwestern US
Size30,000 – 50,000 sq ft30,000 – 80,000+ sq ft
AttractionsTrampolines, foam pits, warped walls, ninja coursesTrampolines, foam pits, ropes courses, stunt drop
ThemingAngry Birds sectionsLimited theming
FoodIn-house pizza cafesIn-house cafes, broader menus
Memberships$14.99 – $29.99/month$14.99 – $24.99/month
Parties$349+ for 2 hours, 10 kids$349+ for 2 hours, 10 kids

Overview of DEFY Trampoline Parks

DEFY Trampoline Park
DEFY Trampoline Park

Founded in 2015 and based in Phoenix, DEFY operates over 40 trampoline park locations primarily in the Western and Southwestern U.S.

DEFY aims to provide a safe yet thrilling environment for kids and adults to challenge themselves on attractions like trampoline dodgeball, warped walls, demolition runs, and aerial training classes. Signature elements include Angry Birds-themed sections.

Main Attractions

DEFY locations feature a mix of the following signature attractions:

  • Massive main trampoline area
  • Angry Birds themed section
  • Warped walls, tilting/rotating elements
  • Slam dunk zones with basketball hoops
  • Dodgeball courts
  • Foam pits and bags
  • Ninja Warrior style obstacle courses

The combination of trampolines and climbing obstacles makes for heart-pumping action. Most parks range from 30,000 to 50,000 square feet in size.


DEFY offers monthly or annual memberships with park access perks like free jump time, discounts on parties, and special member events. Membership levels based on number of locations start at $14.99/month for one park up to $29.99 for all parks.

Food and Parties

DEFY has in-house pizza cafes along with options like smoothies and snacks. They offer birthday party packages with a private room, socks, food, and attractions access starting at $349 for 10 jumpers.

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Overview of Urban Air Adventure Parks

Urban Air Adventure Park
Urban Air

Founded in 2011 and based in Texas, Urban Air Adventure Parks has over 150 locations primarily concentrated across the Southern and Midwestern U.S. Urban Air provides massive indoor playgrounds focused on trampolines along with adventure elements like ropes courses, battle beams, tubes, and a freestyle stunt drop.

Main Attractions

Standard Urban Air attractions include:

  • Huge main trampoline court
  • Warped walls and angled trampolines
  • Slam dunk lanes with basketball hoops
  • An “Urban Air Challenge” ropes course
  • Tube slides into foam pits
  • Warrior obstacle lane
  • Kid-friendly attractions like jungle gyms

Parks range from 30,000 to 80,000+ square feet catering to all ages.


From $14.99 to $24.99 per month, Urban Air memberships provide park access perks like bonus jump time, pro zone access, and discounts. Higher tiers add benefits like guest passes.

Food and Parties

The Urban Air Café offers pizza, chicken tenders, fries, and other favorites. Birthday packages with private rooms, food, attractions access, and more are available starting at $349 for 10 participants.

Key Differences and Factors to Consider

When comparing DEFY and Urban Air, keep the following factors in mind:

1. Locations:

Urban Air has a more widespread presence with over 150 parks, predominantly located in the South and Midwest regions. On the other hand, DEFY, though its presence is noticeable, is primarily situated in the Western part of the country.

With Urban Air having more than triple the locations of DEFY, proximity and convenience could play a pivotal role in the decision-making process for visitors.

2. Brand Recognition:

The brand footprint of Urban Air outshines DEFY due to its extensive network and rapid expansion. As a result, it enjoys likely better brand recall and awareness among consumers. On the flip side, DEFY, with its current count of fewer than 50 locations, may have a more localized or niche recognition.

3. Attractions:

When it comes to the offerings, both these brands stand on relatively even ground. Their primary trampoline and adventure setups share a lot in common.

Visitors can expect to find expansive main courts, foam pits, and a plethora of other features like warped walls, ropes courses, slides, and challenging ninja courses, all tailored to cater to adrenaline junkies and enthusiasts.

4. Theming:

In the arena of theming, DEFY brings a unique touch by integrating more interactive themes, notably its Angry Birds-themed areas. This kind of distinct theming adds a layer of engagement for the visitors.

Urban Air, in comparison, keeps it relatively simple. Their thematic approach revolves around basic nomenclatures for zones, such as the “Warrior Course”, without much immersion into interactive themes.

5. Food Options:

On the culinary front, both chains maintain in-house cafes. These cafes primarily serve staple refreshments like pizza, snacks, and beverages.

While both are equipped to cater to parties, Urban Air slightly edges out with a broader selection on its menu, giving visitors a wider variety of choices.

6. Memberships:

In terms of membership packages, both brands seem to be in sync. They offer almost mirror-image structures in terms of benefits and perks for members.

Pricing remains competitive for both, starting from a base rate of $14.99/month for access to one primary “home” location, escalating up to $24.99 for unrestricted multi-park access.

While both DEFY and Urban Air offer stellar experiences in the trampoline and adventure park domain, the nuances in their offerings and presence might influence a visitor’s choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the longest you can stay at Urban Air?

There is no set time limit on how long you can stay and jump during a single Urban Air visit. You can stay as long as you want during operating hours as long as your ticket or membership allows. Extended stay passes are available for those who want to jump for several hours.

Can you reuse Urban Air socks?

No, Urban Air grip socks are intended as single use only for hygiene and safety. You must purchase new socks with each visit. However, you can reuse your own athletic shoes if they are specifically designed for trampoline use.

What did DEFY trampoline used to be called?

DEFY locations were formerly known as Sky Zone trampoline parks. In 2015, one franchisee acquired the rights to over 30 Sky Zone parks and rebranded them under the new name DEFY. DEFY has since expanded while operating as a separate company from Sky Zone.

Do you have to wear grip socks at DEFY?

Yes, non-slip grip socks are required at DEFY parks for safety and hygiene reasons. You must either purchase DEFY branded grip socks or wear special trampoline shoes that provide ankle support and padding. Regular shoes are not permitted on the trampolines.

The Final Verdict

When comparing the top franchised trampoline park chains, Urban Air narrowly beats out DEFY for the win based on overall size, broad attraction variety, and growing brand familiarity. With 3 times as many locations across 35 states, Urban Air offers greater accessibility for more families.

Their huge footprint indicates popularity. Parks cram in tons of trampolines, ropes elements, slides, and pits for boundless high-flying fun. While DEFY locations feature more distinctive theming, Urban Air ultimately provides more extensive indoor adventures.

That said, you can’t go wrong with either option for an exhilarating kids’ birthday or family outing. Both DEFY and Urban Air guarantee a memorable time jumping, climbing, sliding and playing ninja.

Accessibility may be the deciding factor if one brand has a more conveniently located park in your area. For premium trampoline playgrounds, choose Urban Air or DEFY to let imaginations and bodies soar.

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