Urban Air Adventure Park Vs. Sky Zone Trampoline Park: How Do They Compare?

Looking for adventurous indoor fun the whole family can enjoy?

Urban Air Adventure Park and Sky Zone Trampoline Park are two leading chains of massive indoor playgrounds filled with trampolines, ninja courses, climbing walls, battle zones and more high-flying attractions.

But how exactly do Urban Air and Sky Zone compare when it comes to their offerings, membership perks, safety policies, pricing, and overall guest experience?

This in-depth guide examines all the key differences to help you decide which trampoline adventure park is best for your next outing.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsUrban AirSky Zone
Locations130+ locations50+ locations
AttractionsTrampolines, ninja course, tubes playground, ropes courseTrampolines, foam pits, ninja course
MembershipValid only at home parkValid at any location
PartiesThemed packages with amenitiesPackages with amenities
SafetyGripped socks, monitors, age restrictionsGripped socks, safety inspectors, age rules
FoodFull restaurants at some parksTypically concessions
Pricing$20/hr open jump, members $10-$15$12-$25/hr open jump, members $5-$12
ReviewsPraise variety, some inconsistent cleanlinessAlso positive, inconsistencies between locations
ProsMore attractions like tubes and ropesMore locations in US and worldwide
ConsFewer locations than Sky ZoneSmaller selection of attractions

Overview of Urban Air Adventure Park

Founded in 2015 and based in Texas, Urban Air Adventure Park is one of the largest and fastest growing indoor adventure recreation franchises. They aim to provide thrilling fun for all ages in a safe environment.

Urban Air Adventure Park
Urban Air Adventure Park

Some quick facts on Urban Air:

  • 130+ locations across 35 states and Canada.
  • Attractions include massive main trampoline courts, warrior/ninja courses, climbing walls, tubes playground.
  • Also offer birthday parties, events, and Urban Air Membership.
  • Kids Zone for young children with soft play area.
  • Safety certified by the International Association of Trampoline Parks.

Overview of Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone pioneered the trampoline park concept with their first location in 2004. They now operate over 50 parks worldwide offering fun trampoline-based activities.

Here’s some background on Sky Zone:

  • 50+ locations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Features main trampoline courts, Foam Zone pits, Warrior/Ninja courses, climbing walls.
  • Also offer memberships, events, and birthday parties.
  • Designated times for Kids Court with gentle activities.
  • Uses Court Safety Inspectors to regularly inspect parks.

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Key Differences Between Urban Air And Sky Zone Park

Now let’s compare the offerings and experiences at these leading park chains.

1. Attractions and Activities

The types of attractions available is one of the biggest differences between Urban Air and Sky Zone.

Urban Air Attractions

  • Massive main trampoline area
  • Several trampoline sports courts like dodgeball, basketball
  • Warrior/Ninja obstacle courses with swinging, rolling, climbing challenges
  • Climbing walls up to 40 feet high with auto-belay
  • Tubes Playground with a maze of multidirectional tubes to crawl through
  • Battle Beams where opponents stand on beams and try to knock each other off

Sky Zone Attractions

Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • Wide open trampoline jump areas
  • Foam Zone pits filled with blocks to climb and jump into
  • Warrior/Ninja course with swinging, rolling, and free running
  • Warped climbing walls and ladders
  • Several trampoline sports courts
  • SkyJoust battle game on elevated platforms

Urban Air generally has more variety, including unique tube playgrounds and high ropes courses. But both offer exciting trampoline activities.

2. Membership Options

For frequent visitors, memberships can provide discounted unlimited access and other perks. Here’s an overview of memberships at each chain:

Urban Air Membership

  • Elite Pass around $20/month with $9.99 park entry
  • Ultra Pass around $30/month with $4.99 park entry
  • Includes unlimited jumps, member events, discounts
  • Valid at your home park only

Sky Zone Membership

  • Basic around $25/month with $12 hourly rate
  • Premium around $40/month with $5 hourly rate
  • Also includes unlimited jumps, park discounts
  • Redeemable at any Sky Zone location

Both offer discounted entry and jumping for members. Sky Zone memberships work at all parks, while Urban Air is just for your home location.

3. Party and Event Packages

Another major draw to trampoline parks are the birthday party and event options available. Here’s an overview:

Urban Air Party Packages

  • Classic to Ultimate packages with amenities, food upgrades
  • All include invitations, socks, private court time
  • Higher tiers add extras like food, cake, goodie bags
  • Party hosts assist with setup, activities

Sky Zone Party Packages

  • Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers
  • Also include invitations, court time, socks
  • More amenities and food with higher tiers
  • Dedicated party coordinators to help

You’ll find flexible party and event options for any budget at both Sky Zone and Urban Air.

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4. Safety Policies and Training

With the thrilling activities, safety is crucial at trampoline parks. Here are some of the key policies in place:

Urban Air Safety

  • Required waiver acknowledging risks
  • Special grip socks must be worn
  • Court monitors to enforce rules
  • Size/age restrictions for certain attractions
  • Proper jumping education and technique

Sky Zone Safety

  • Also requires online waiver before play
  • Provides and requires non-slip jumping socks
  • Court Safety Inspectors monitor for safe play
  • Limits access to high risk zones by age
  • Strict rules like no flips, diving onto foam

Both parks take precautions like grip socks, rules enforcement, and age restrictions to allow thrilling play while minimizing injury risks.

5. Pricing and Hours

Pricing and operation hours are also factors for families. Here’s an overview:

Urban Air Pricing

  • Open jump around $20 per hour
  • Members get $9.99 – $14.99 discounted rate
  • Various day passes from 2 hours to unlimited
  • Typically open weekends, limited weekdays

Sky Zone Pricing

  • Hourly rates from $12 – $25
  • Members get discounted $5 – $12 rate
  • Day passes range from 1 to 10 hours
  • Open 7 days a week, some until midnight

Pricing is very similar for basic open jumps, with member discounts at both. Sky Zone has longer hours at some locations.

Watch this review video:

6. Food and Drinks

On-site food and drinks range from snacks to full restaurants:

Urban Air Food

  • Most have cafe selling pizza, snacks, sweets
  • Also offer vending machines
  • Full restaurant and bar at some parks

Sky Zone Food

  • Typically a concession stand or vending
  • Menu includes pizza, tenders, fries, snacks
  • Some have juice bars, cafes
  • Allow outside food and drink

Urban Air tends to have more dining options from quick bites to restaurants. But Sky Zone enables bringing your own food.

7. Customer Reviews

Looking at customer feedback provides helpful insight into the actual experiences at these parks:

Urban Air Reviews

  • Families praise variety for all ages and fitness levels
  • Some concerns with cleanliness at certain locations
  • Parents love having amenities handled for parties
  • Kids and teens have an awesome time

Sky Zone Reviews

  • Also positive feedback on fun, unique parties
  • Some inconsistencies noted between franchises
  • Value seen as reasonable for hours of play
  • Complaints of crowds during busy times

Overall, reviews are quite positive for both with some variation between locations as is common with franchised businesses.

Pros and Cons of Urban Air Vs. Sky Zone

To summarize, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of each chain:

Urban Air Pros

  • More variety of attractions like tubes, high ropes
  • Premium membership includes more perks
  • On-site food from snacks to restaurants
  • Parties receive lots of assistance

Urban Air Cons

  • Fewer locations on U.S. coasts currently
  • Safety rules unevenly enforced sometimes
  • Limited weekday hours at some parks

Sky Zone Pros

  • First trampoline park chain with proven model
  • Wider U.S. and worldwide presence
  • Basic membership valid at any park
  • Longer weekday hours

Sky Zone Cons

  • Smaller selection of attractions overall
  • Food either concession or bring your own
  • Review note some cleanliness inconsistencies

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you reuse Urban Air socks?

No, Urban Air socks are one-time use for hygiene and safety. You must purchase a new pair each visit.

What is the best thing to wear to Skyzone?

Comfortable activewear like leggings, t-shirts, and sweatpants allow lots of movement when jumping. Avoid jewelry and loose clothes.

Are Urban Air memberships good at all locations?

No, Urban Air memberships are location specific and only valid at your home park. Sky Zone memberships work at any franchise.

How many Urban Air locations are there?

As of 2023, there are over 130 Urban Air park locations across the United States and Canada with more continuing to open.

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Final Thought

When comparing top trampoline park chains like Urban Air Adventure Park and Sky Zone Trampoline Park, there are clear tradeoffs in attractions offered versus number of locations.

Urban Air is the winner if you want the widest variety of activities from trampolines to climbing walls and more. But Sky Zone has more locations if accessibility is your main priority.

Check out their offerings, membership perks, events, and safety record at parks near you to decide which provides the best high-flying fun time for your family’s next birthday or adventure outing. With either option, you’re guaranteed endless hours of bouncing entertainment.

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