Amerigroup Vs. Superior Health Plan: Better Medicaid Plan

Figuring out which Medicaid health plan is right for you can be tough. Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan are two major players in the Medicaid managed care space, especially in states like Texas.

As you evaluate your options, here are some key factors to consider about Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryAmerigroupSuperior Health Plan
OwnershipPart of Elevance HealthOwned by Centene Corp
States with Medicaid PlansTX, FL, GA, MD, NJ, NY, TN, WATX, FL, GA, SC
Provider NetworkBroad coverage, check individuallyBroad coverage, check individually
Prescription Drug CoveragePreferred drug list, check specificsPreferred drug list, check specifics
Extra BenefitsRobust – personal care aide, meal delivery, fitness devicesMore limited – dental, vision, transportation
Quality RatingsPositive overallSlightly higher member satisfaction
Member ResourcesEmphasis on virtual tools and tech supportFocus on in-person and personalized support
Recommended ForPreference for tech-enabled conveniencePreference for community and personalized service

Overview Of Amerigroup And Superior Health Plan

First, a quick rundown on these two plans:

  • Amerigroup – Owned by Elevance Health (formerly Anthem), Amerigroup operates Medicaid plans in a number of states including Texas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Washington. They’ve been around since 1994.
  • Superior Health Plan – Owned by Centene Corporation, Superior HealthPlan focuses exclusively on government-sponsored healthcare programs including Medicaid and Medicare. They currently operate Medicaid plans in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Both plans have been around for over 20 years and have experience managing Medicaid programs in multiple states. When it comes to ownership, Amerigroup is part of the larger Elevance parent company while Superior is owned by Centene.

Provider Network Coverage

One of the most important factors in choosing a Medicaid plan is making sure your doctors and hospitals are in-network. This ensures you won’t pay extra out-of-network costs to see your preferred providers.

Both Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan have broad provider networks in Texas. However, there can be differences at the local level in terms of which hospitals and physician groups participate with each plan.

It’s smart to double check that your current healthcare providers – and any specialists you see regularly – are in-network with the plan you choose. Both insurers should have online provider lookup tools to easily check which doctors participate.

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Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicaid plans are required to cover generic and brand name prescription medications. The specifics around which drugs are covered and any restrictions can vary between insurers.

Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan both use preferred drug lists which outline the most commonly prescribed medications that are covered. However, one plan may cover a particular medication while the other requires prior authorization or has quantity limits.

If you take any specialty, brand name or generic maintenance medications, be sure to confirm the details of the prescription drug coverage with each plan. This ensures you won’t experience any surprises or changes to your medication access and affordability after switching plans.

Extra Benefits

Medicaid health plans can offer extra benefits beyond what traditional Medicaid covers to enrich quality of life. These may include:

  • Dental care
  • Vision coverage
  • Transportation support
  • Gym membership
  • Over-the-counter allowance
  • Wellness programs

The extra benefits offered by Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan vary. Superior focuses on dental and vision coverage for members along with transportation support.

Amerigroup provides more robust supplemental benefits that can include things like a personal home care aide, pest control, meal delivery, and even wearable fitness devices.

Review the full details of extra benefits offered by each insurer in your state when choosing a plan. For some members, these additional perks can make a big difference.

Cost Sharing Requirements

Medicaid members typically pay no monthly premiums for coverage. However, there can be small copays required for things like doctor visits, ER care or prescriptions.

The cost sharing requirements are generally similar between Medicaid insurers like Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan. But it’s helpful to know the specific copay amounts defined by each plan for different services when evaluating options.

Most Medicaid members should not face any major cost barriers to receiving care through their health plan. But understanding potential copays allows you to anticipate out-of-pocket costs.

Quality Ratings And Accreditations


Checking quality ratings and accreditations for Medicaid plans provides insight into the member experience. This reflects factors like customer service, access to preventive care, chronic disease management and how members rate their plan.

Both Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan have overall positive quality ratings based on state and national scoring systems like HEDIS and NCQA. However, Superior Health Plan tends to score slightly higher on metrics related to member satisfaction and care access.

Make sure to review any published plan ratings in your state to understand how members perceive each insurer. This can give you confidence that you’re choosing a high-quality Medicaid health plan.

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Member Resources

The resources available to members can also differentiate Medicaid health plans. Most insurers provide a member website and mobile app plus access to case managers and 24/7 nurse advice lines.

Amerigroup offers robust online self-service options and emphasizes tech-enabled support through AI chatbots. Superior Health Plan focuses more on high-touch support like in-person community events and personalized case management.

Think about the style of member resources that would serve you best when selecting a Medicaid insurer. Convenience-focused tech tools or personalized support and community connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who has the best Medicaid plan?

There is no single “best” Medicaid plan. The right plan for you depends on where your preferred doctors are in network, prescription drug coverage, extra benefits offered, costs, and quality ratings. Overall, Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan are two of the top rated Medicaid plans in many states.

Which Medicaid health plan is the best in Texas?

According to state quality ratings and member satisfaction, Superior Health Plan tends to score higher than other Texas Medicaid plans. But Amerigroup also has broad provider networks and good benefits. Weigh your personal preferences around providers, prescription needs and extra benefits offered.

Is Superior HealthPlan of Texas Medicaid?

Yes, Superior HealthPlan is one of the main Medicaid managed care organizations in Texas. They have participated in Texas Medicaid for over 20 years. Superior HealthPlan focuses exclusively on providing Medicaid and Medicare plans.

Who owns Superior HealthPlan Inc?

Superior HealthPlan is owned and operated by Centene Corporation. Centene is a large healthcare enterprise focused on government-sponsored coverage programs. Superior HealthPlan is their Medicaid subsidiary operating in Texas and other states.

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As you weigh Amerigroup and Superior Health Plan for your Medicaid coverage, think about your healthcare needs:

  • Do your doctors participate with one plan over the other?
  • Does one plan cover your medications and extra benefits better?
  • Do you prefer virtual self-service or high-touch community support?

By evaluating the network, prescription drug coverage, supplemental benefits and member resources, you can find the Medicaid plan that’s right for your health and budget needs.

Both insurers offer affordable care with decent quality ratings. Focus on where each excels at meeting your unique preferences and needs as a Medicaid member.

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