Allform Vs. Lovesac: Modular Sofas Compared In Detail

If you’re in the market for a modular sofa, you’ve likely come across two big names: Allform and Lovesac. As leaders in the modular furniture space, both companies offer high-quality sectional sofas with tons of customization options.

But how do you choose between them?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the key differences between Allform and Lovesac to help you decide which modular sofa is right for your home and lifestyle.

A Brief Comparison Table Between Allform And Lovesac

OwnershipFloyd HomePublic company (LOVE)
Design approachSimple, streamlinedMaximum customization
Modular pieces38
Fabric choicesCurated selectionOver 250 options
Color choicesLimitedDozens
Online planning toolNoYes
Pricing$1,195 – $3,845$1,000+ – $10,000+
Sales frequencyFrequentFrequent
Average savings15-20%30%+
FinancingFrom $41/monthFrom $55/month
FrameKiln-dried hardwoodSteel
Foam qualityProprietary 3-layer, high densityHigh density, high return
FabricsWrinkle and pill-resistantMachine-washable covers
Ease of assemblyEasyEasy
Customer ratings4.7/5 stars4-5 stars

Overview Of Allform And Lovesac

First, let’s look at the basics of each company.


  • Founded in 2017
  • Owned by Floyd Home, a Detroit-based furniture startup
  • Sofas made in the USA
  • Focus on high-quality materials and simple, customizable designs


  • Founded in 1995
  • Publicly traded company (LOVE)
  • Sofas made in the USA
  • Emphasis on technology and innovation like machine-washable covers

Both Allform and Lovesac are disruptors in the furniture industry, finding success with direct-to-consumer business models that cut out traditional retailers. While relatively new, they’ve quickly become major players.

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Comparison Between Allform And Lovesac Themselves.

Allform Vs. Lovesac: Design And Customization

The core appeal of both Allform and Lovesac lies in the ability to customize. But each takes a slightly different design approach.


Allform sofas feature structured shapes with geometric lines. Sections connect with hidden latches to create clean, seamless transitions. With only 3 modular pieces (1 seat, 1 corner, 1 ottoman), the design options are simple and intuitive.

You can choose from limited colors and fabrics curated by Allform’s in-house design team for a cohesive look. While not as flexible as Lovesac, the streamlined options prevent decision fatigue.



Lovesac’s hallmark is limitless customizability. With 8 different modular pieces, over 250 fabric choices, and dozens of colors, you can create a sectional that’s uniquely you.

Designs range from classic to funky. But the broad range of configurations can be overwhelming for some. Lovesac’s online design tool helps you visualize options.

The bottom line: Allform offers tasteful simplicity, while Lovesac is about endless personalization.

Quality And Materials

When investing in a premium modular sofa, you expect it to last. Here’s how Allform and Lovesac compare in terms of quality:


Allform uses only the highest-grade materials available. Their proprietary 3-layer foam is ultra-dense yet soft. The kiln-dried hardwood frames are handcrafted for durability. And the fabrics resist pilling and wrinkling.

With premium construction, Allform sofas provide both comfort and longevity. Many reviews mention the quality exceeding the price.


Like Allform, Lovesac is committed to top-notch craftsmanship. Their foam has high density and return. The steel frames lend sturdy structure within.

Fabrics are thick, durable, and stain-resistant. And with machine-washable covers, you can keep them looking new.

Lovesac frequently tests and updates materials to improve sofa quality too.

The bottom line: Both brands construct their sofas to the highest standards for long-lasting use.

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Cost Comparison

Modular sofas provide exceptional quality and customization. But that luxury comes at a price. Here’s how Allform and Lovesac compare:


Their standardized 3-piece system creates efficiencies that lower costs. Allform prices range from $1,195 for a 2-seater to $3,845 for a large sectional.

With frequent sales and promos, you can often save 15-20%. And financing starts at $41/month.


With vast customization capabilities, Lovesac pricing has a huge range. Small configurations can go for $1,000+, but large sectionals can cost over $10,000.

Frequent promotions let you save 30% or more. Financing options start at $55/month.

The bottom line: Allform provides greater value, while Lovesac offers high-end configurations for bigger budgets.

Allform Vs. Lovesac: Comparing Reviews

Modular sofa shopping isn’t complete without checking reviews. Here’s what real customers say about Allform and Lovesac:

Allform Reviews

On Allform’s site, their sofas average around 4.7/5 stars. Customers praise the quality, comfort, and easy assembly. The streamlined design makes the buying experience smooth and enjoyable.

Negative feedback is very rare but includes complaints about firmness or inaccurate fabric color representation.

Lovesac Reviews

Lovesac earns similar ratings, with most customers awarding 4-5 stars. Praise centers around the huge selection, durable fabric, and supportive foam.

Downsides for some include long lead times and fabric that pills. And the cost is prohibitive for many budgets.

The bottom line: Both brands delight customers overall with their modular sofas. Shop carefully based on your needs.

Watch the video to learn more!

Allform Vs. Lovesac:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is There Anything Comparable To Lovesac Sectionals?

While Lovesac’s level of customization is rare, Allform provides a similar premium modular sofa experience. Other comparables could include Burrow and Joybird.

Who Makes Allform Sofas?

Allform is a subsidiary of Floyd Home, a furniture company known for high-quality furnishings. Their sofas are made in the USA.

How Much Is An Allform Sofa?

Allform sofas range from $1,195 for a two-seater to $3,845 for a large sectional. Sales can drop prices 15% or more.

Are Lovesacs Worth It?

For those wanting unlimited configurations and fabric choice, Lovesac sectionals can be worth the premium price. But the value depends on your priorities.

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Final Verdict: Allform Vs. Lovesac

When choosing between Allform and Lovesac, it comes down to your priorities:

  • Allform is best if you seek simplicity, cohesive style, and reasonable value. Their streamlined modular system delivers quality at a fair price.
  • Lovesac is ideal for maximum customization and fabric options. Made well, their sectionals let you create your dream sofa. But costs can be high.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either brand. Both Allform and Lovesac are disruptors that build sofas meant to last. Consider which features fit your lifestyle and space when deciding.

With this comprehensive comparison, you now have the key facts to choose your perfect modular sofa. Happy shopping!

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