Sixt Vs. Hertz: How the Rental Car Giants Stack Up

When looking to rent a vehicle for your travels, Sixt and Hertz are two of the most recognized names in the car rental industry. But how exactly do these leading global brands compare when it comes to pricing, vehicle selection, locations, policies and overall customer experience?

This in-depth guide will analyze the key differences and similarities between Sixt and Hertz to help you determine the better rental car provider for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Brand ReputationModern, innovative, upscaleEstablished, convenient, reliable
Rental RatesHigher prices, especially for luxury vehiclesGenerally lower everyday pricing
Vehicle SelectionFocus on luxury, sports cars and convertiblesEverything from economy to premium vehicles
Number of Locations2,200+ globallyOver 10,000 worldwide
Vehicle ConditionNewer fleet, immaculately maintainedOverall good condition but inconsistencies exist
Rental PoliciesMinimum age 18, flexible hourly rentalsMinimum age 20, daily rentals preferred
Customer ServiceExcellent, white glove experienceDependable, less likely to wow

Company Histories and Brand Reputations



Sixt was founded in Germany in 1912, making it the oldest car rental company in the world. It focused mainly on the European market throughout the 20th century. Sixt began expanding globally in 2006 and today operates over 2,200 worldwide locations in over 100 countries.

Sixt positions itself as an innovative, high-end brand in the rental car market. They aim to provide excellent service and a diverse luxury vehicle fleet. Reviews frequently describe Sixt as modern, stylish and upscale.


Hertz was started in 1918 in the United States and expanded across North America by the 1960s. In later decades, Hertz grew into one of the largest car rental companies worldwide through acquisitions, mergers and new locations.

Today, Hertz maintains over 10,000 corporate and franchise locations globally. The company aims to provide fast, convenient service and a breadth of vehicle makes and models to suit any rental need. Hertz reviews typically characterize it as a reliable, established rental car leader.

Both companies have excellent reputations within the industry, with Sixt focused on high-end service and Hertz emphasizing size and convenience.

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In-depth Comparison of Features Between Sixt And Hertz

Vehicle Rental Rates and Types

Sixt built its identity around offering premium vehicles for rent, from luxury sedans to sports cars and convertibles. As such, their rental rates tend to be higher than average. Small economy cars start around $60 per day, with luxury vehicles costing $200-500+ per day.


While known for affordable rates, Hertz still offers high-end rentals in addition to budget options. Small cars start around $55 per day, with luxury models in the $150-300 per day range.

For value-focused renters, Hertz generally has better everyday pricing. But Sixt provides flexible, customizable rates allowing you to pay just for the features and upgrades you want. Their fun specialty rentals like convertibles also merit the splurge for adventurous travelers.

In terms of vehicle selection, Sixt has the edge for exotic cars and new flexible rental plans. But Hertz still covers all the basics for most trips.

Global Locations and Convenience

With over 10,000 locations worldwide, Hertz handily beats Sixt when it comes to rental access and availability. Hertz counters can be found at just about any major airport or city across North America, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Sixt has around 2,200 global locations, which is still substantial reach. But travelers are naturally more likely to find a convenient Hertz outlet, especially in smaller cities or remote destinations. Sixt concentrates in major tourism hubs and urban centers.

For road warriors who value ubiquity and convenience, Hertz is hard to beat. But Sixt still offers adequate location coverage for most popular destinations while expanding their footprint.

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Vehicle Condition and Maintenance

Both Hertz and Sixt operate large rental fleets with a combination of both new and used vehicles. Overall maintenance standards meet industry norms, with regular inspections, washes, repairs and retirement of older vehicles.

However, Sixt goes the extra mile to ensure their vehicles live up to their luxury image. Their cars average just 10 months old compared to the industry average of 18 months. Interiors are typically spotless and exteriors impeccably maintained. This attention to detail suits their upscale branding.

In comparison, Hertz vehicle condition is solid but more inconsistently executed. You may encounter the occasional cleanliness issue, damage or high-mileage car. Vehicles tend to feel more workhorse or utilitarian.

For travelers who value immaculate, later-model cars, Sixt excels in fleet quality. But Hertz condition is still acceptable for most renters.

Reservation and Rental Policies

Sixt allows online or app-based reservations similar to Hertz. One unique option Sixt offers is mobile check-in via their app, letting you skip the counter when picking up your vehicle.

Hertz has a minimum rental age of 20 vs. Sixt’s 18 years old minimum. Sixt also has flexible hourly and multi-day rates, while Hertz emphasizes fixed daily pricing. Fuel policies differ as well – Hertz defaults to a prepaid tank that you don’t have to refill, while Sixt makes you refuel the car before returning it.

The rental process and requirements themselves align across both companies. But Sixt does feature more dynamic, traveler-friendly policies that set them apart from old-school Hertz.

Customer Service and Support

Hertz and Sixt aim to provide quality customer service fitting their respective brand positioning. Hertz promotes their reliable, consistent support matching their widespread locations. Sixt highlights service that exceeds expectations, much like their luxury vehicles.

In reviews, Sixt garners rave reviews for service. Their agents are praised as polite, helpful problem-solvers who give white-glove service. Hertz reviews are more middle-of-the-road, with service being dependable but less likely to wow.

For travelers who value being pampered and treated as a premium customer, Sixt takes service to the next level. But you can expect satisfactory support from industry leader Hertz as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Hertz own Sixt?

No, Sixt and Hertz operate as independent competitors in the car rental industry. Sixt is a German-based company founded in 1912, while American Hertz was started in 1918. They have distinctly different brand images and specialties.

What is the best company to rent my car?

The “best” rental car company depends on trip needs. For luxury vehicles and outstanding service, Sixt is hard to beat. Those wanting everyday low pricing and location ubiquity are better served by Hertz. Weigh factors like budget, vehicle preferences, destination, and brand reputation when deciding.

Who is Hertz biggest competitor?

Avis Budget Group, owner of Avis and Budget rental brands, is Hertz’s closest competitor based on market share. Enterprise Holdings, which operates Enterprise, National and Alamo, is another major Hertz competitor.
Hertz and these brands battle for business travelers worldwide. But Hertz maintains a competitive edge in both size and recognition.

What is the best car rental company for customer satisfaction?

According to J.D. Power’s 2022 customer satisfaction survey, Enterprise ranked highest overall, followed by National and Alamo. Hertz ranked fourth while Sixt placed seventh out of the rental brands evaluated. While not top-rated, Hertz and Sixt still deliver satisfactory experiences for most customers.

The Bottom Line

When picking between rental giants Sixt and Hertz, consider your budget, vehicle needs and desired service levels.

Sixt shines when it comes to luxury car rentals, exceptional service and flexible policies that cater to travelers. It’s a great brand for splurges, special occasions or renters who appreciate white-glove treatment.

Opt for Hertz if you want rock-bottom prices, global convenience thanks to their expansive network, and the reputation of an established industry leader. You’ll get a solid if unexceptional rental experience across the board.

There’s no unambiguous winner – Sixt takes the cake on service while Hertz leads for affordability and ubiquity. By understanding their differing strengths and offerings, you can make the best choice to satisfy your rental needs.

Whichever company you select, pay attention during pickup, follow rental rules and return your vehicle on time and in good condition. Then you can sit back and enjoy the freedom and fun that comes with renting a car for your next adventure.

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