Avis Vs. Budget Vs. Enterprise Car Rental: How Brands Compare

When it comes time to rent a car, three major national brands that always seem to top the list are Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. As leading players in the rental car industry, Avis, Budget and Enterprise aggressively compete for your business.

If you’re trying to determine whether Avis, Budget or Enterprise is the best choice for your rental needs, this comprehensive comparison will help you decide.

We’ll stack them up across key categories like pricing, vehicle selection, locations, reputation and more to reveal their differences.

Read on to see how Avis, Budget and Enterprise compare so you can make an informed decision next time you book a rental car.

A Brief Comparison Table

Locations5,500+ worldwide3,000+ worldwide7,000+ US neighborhood
FleetBroad selection including luxuryBasic economy vehiclesMainstream brands, no exotic cars
PricingHigher base rates but competitive salesCheapest rates upfrontVery affordable total cost
Loyalty ProgramPoints earning toward free rentalsDiscount membership pricingEarn free days and expedited service
Customer ServiceMediocre, long waits reportedLow rated, budget experienceBest rated for friendly service
Best ForGlobal travelers, rewards membersCheapest possible base rateConvenience, affordable total cost

Overview Of Avis


Founded in 1946, Avis is one of the most established and globally recognized brands in the car rental space. Avis operates over 5,500 rental locations in 165 countries around the world.

Avis positions itself as a premium brand focused on quality vehicles and customer service. While not the cheapest option, Avis delivers solid overall value. Their diverse fleet includes everything from economy cars to luxury vehicles, SUVs, vans and more.

Key Advantages

  • Worldwide airport and local branch locations
  • Large selection of makes, models, and vehicle sizes
  • Avis Preferred rewards program for frequent renters

Potential Downsides

  • Pricing is higher than deep discount brands
  • Some reports of disorganization and long waits
  • Website and app lagging competitors in user experience

Overview Of Budget


Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Illinois, Budget Car Rental maintains over 3,000 rental branches globally. Part of the Avis Budget Group, Budget is positioned as an affordable, value-focused brand.

By concentrating heavily on the budget-conscious segment, Budget built their reputation on having the lowest rental rates. Their fleet ranges from smaller economy vehicles to SUVs, cargo vans, and trucks from mainstream brands.

Key Advantages

  • One of the cheapest nationwide rental options
  • Hundreds of airport and neighborhood locations
  • Budget Fastbreak rewards frequent renters

Potential Downsides

  • Reputation for very basic, no-frills rental experience
  • Reports of older vehicles with high miles and wear
  • Some operational disorganization at locations

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Overview Of Enterprise

Enterprise Rent-A-Car was founded in 1957 and is headquartered in Missouri. Operating over 7,000 locations globally, Enterprise is the largest rental car provider in the U.S. in terms of branches and fleet size.

Enterprise focuses primarily on the local market renting to insurance replacement customers rather than just travelers. Known for excellent customer service, Enterprise delivers convenience and affordability. Their fleet consists mostly of domestic sedans, SUVs and trucks.

Key Advantages

  • Largest network of neighborhood locations in the U.S.
  • Partnerships with insurance providers for streamlined claims rentals
  • Enterprise Plus rewards program with fast, friendly service

Potential Downsides

  • Airport locations smaller in number compared to rivals
  • Limited selection of luxury and specialty vehicles
  • Websites and apps less functional than competitors

Key Features Of Avis, Budget And Enterprise

Networks and Coverage

Convenient access to rental branch locations should be a top priority when choosing a car rental provider. Here is how Avis, Budget, and Enterprise stack up when it comes to locations:

With over 5,500 branches globally, Avis maintains the largest and most extensive rental location network of the three. Budget comes in second with around 3,000 spots worldwide.

However, Enterprise dominates locally within the U.S. thanks to having over 7,000 neighborhood and insurance replacement offices. For domestic proximity, Enterprise can’t be matched. But Avis has superior global reach.

Ultimately, Enterprise takes the prize for extensive U.S. coverage while Avis leads internationally. Budget comes in third with solid presence but lags Avis and Enterprise in number of locations.

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Vehicle Selection Comparison

In addition to location accessibility, the variety and quality of vehicles available is key when renting a car. Here is how Avis, Budget and Enterprise compare for fleet offerings:

Avis provides the widest selection of makes, models and vehicle types – everything from small economy cars to premium luxury brands, minivans, trucks and more.

By contrast, Enterprise focuses exclusively on mainstream domestic sedans, SUVs and trucks without exotic options.

Budget falls in the middle with a decent range of economy to full-size vehicles from major brands like Toyota, Nissan and Chevrolet. But their fleet is decidedly more basic and budget-focused.

For extensive domestic and luxury vehicle choices, Avis stands out as the winner. Budget and Enterprise are comparable for standard fleet selection, with Budget aimed at savings over frills.

Pricing and Discounts Comparison

Affordable rental pricing is sure to be a priority for many when comparing Avis, Budget and Enterprise. Here is how the car rental rates of the three brands stack up:

Living up to their name, Budget promotes their cheap base rates and discounts aggressively as their key advantage.

By contrast, Avis pricing is higher than Budget but competitive with other mid-tier brands like Hertz after promotions and partnerships are factored in.

Enterprise comes in with strong value-focused pricing fitting their predominantly budget-minded insurance clientele. Their rates beat Budget for total cost in many cases. For affordable pricing, Enterprise excels.

When sales and partnerships are considered, Avis and Enterprise rate as the better values over the bare bones prices of Budget. Enterprise has an edge for cost-conscious consumers needing a local rental.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Frequent renters can benefit from loyalty programs that provide bonus perks and rewards. Here are the membership programs offered:

  • Avis Preferred – Earn free rental days plus expedited service and special offers.
  • Budget Fastbreak – Discount pricing, faster reservations and bonus earning opportunities.
  • Enterprise Plus – Earn free rentals plus expedited service and special offers.

The programs are all fairly similar in providing some convenience perks and opportunities for free rentals. However, Avis Preferred and Enterprise Plus rate a bit higher than Budget Fastbreak overall thanks to special elite tiers providing extra benefits.

For rewards, Avis and Enterprise tie for having the most valuable loyalty programs. Budget Fastbreak lags slightly behind in member generosity.

Reputation and Customer Service Comparison

A rental car company’s reputation often comes down to the quality of their customer service. Here is how Avis, Budget and Enterprise compare when reviewed by customers:

Enterprise consistently tops rivals in service ratings thanks to their friendly employees and seamless rental process. Avis garners average marks but has room for improvement. Budget frequently receives poor reviews for long lines and roughness around the edges.

For smooth, hassle-free rentals with quality support, Enterprise dominates the competition. Enterprise is the undisputed service leader of the group.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Avis better than Enterprise?

For most renters, Enterprise matches or beats Avis in key areas like pricing, neighborhood availability, fleet selection, and customer service. However, Avis maintains a larger airport and international presence.

Is Budget the same as Enterprise?

No, Budget and Enterprise are competitors. Budget is owned by Avis while Enterprise is its own parent company. Budget focuses heavily on value pricing while Enterprise concentrates more on service and convenience.

Is Avis or Budget rental car better?

Avis rates better overall than sister brand Budget. Avis locations are more organized, their fleet is higher quality, pricing is competitive after promotions, and service is superior according to reviews.

Who is the easiest rental car company?

According to consumer satisfaction surveys, the rental car brands rated easiest to rent from are Enterprise, National, Alamo, and Hertz thanks to their convenient locations, speedy pick-up processes, and high-quality vehicles.

The Verdict

When all the key rental car factors are considered together, how do Avis, Budget and Enterprise compare overall? Here is a quick recap:

  • For worldwide rental locations, Avis wins
  • For neighborhood availability, Enterprise dominates
  • For vehicle selection, Avis offers the most variety
  • For affordable pricing, Enterprise excels
  • For loyalty perks, Avis and Enterprise lead
  • For customer service, Enterprise is superior

Looking at the full picture, Enterprise comes out on top as the best all-around rental car company for most renters.

Their unmatched neighborhood availability, affordable pricing, quality service and rewards program make them hard to beat on everyday rentals.

However, Avis stands out for global travelers needing worldwide locations and vehicle selection. Budget remains a solid budget option but falls short of competitors in many aspects.

Ultimately it depends on your specific rental needs. But for convenient, hassle-free rentals with great service, Enterprise can’t be matched.

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