Vitality Extracts Vs. doTERRA Essential Oils: A Strong Analysis

Essential oils are growing in popularity for their many uses and health benefits. Two of the leading essential oil companies are Vitality Extracts and doTERRA.

But how do these brands compare when it comes to quality, price, and product range?

This in-depth analysis covers everything you need to know about Vitality Extracts and doTERRA essential oils to decide which is best for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryVitality ExtractsdoTERRA
Oil Selection~40 oils100+ oils
SourcingGlobal40+ countries
TestingGC/MSCPTG protocol
StrengthsAffordabilityHuge selection, prestigious brand
Best ForPrice-conscious buyersEnthusiasts who want the best

Overview Of Vitality Extracts

Vitality Extracts offers 100% pure essential oils sourced from around the world. Founded in 2014 by health enthusiast Ben Arneberg, Vitality Extracts aims to provide high quality essential oils at affordable prices.

Their oils are steam distilled and GC/MS tested for purity. Free of pesticides, fillers, and additives, Vitality Extracts focuses on creating natural wellness products accessible to everyone.

Their range covers popular single note oils, blends, roll-ons, and sets.

Vitality Extracts
Vitality Extracts

Pros of Vitality Extracts

  • Significantly lower prices than doTERRA
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • No fillers, carriers, or additives
  • Pleasant aromas comparable to more expensive brands
  • Kid-safe blends available

Cons of Vitality Extracts

  • Smaller selection compared to doTERRA
  • Lacks some of the rarer, exotic oils
  • Company not as established as doTERRA

Vitality Extracts is ideal for essential oil newcomers or those on a tight budget who still want good quality at affordable prices. Just don’t expect the same breadth of options as the pricier brands.

Overview of doTERRA

Founded in 2008, doTERRA sources essential oils from around the globe that are responsibly and sustainably sourced. Their CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade testing aims to ensure the highest quality oils that are safe and effective.

doTERRA offers a huge range of single oils, proprietary blends, roll-ons, and accessories. With global reach and thorough testing, their oils don’t come cheap.

But fans praise their potency, purity, and therapeutic benefits.

Pros of doTERRA

  • Industry leader with resources for education
  • Massive selection of singles, blends, roll-ons
  • Reputation for high quality and potency
  • Rigorous testing and quality control
  • Loyal following in wellness community

Cons of doTERRA

  • Very expensive compared to other brands
  • Occasional questions raised about purity claims
  • Multi-level marketing sales model controversial

doTERRA is the go-to for those willing to pay top dollar for essential oils from a huge variety sourced around the world. Their oils are beloved by users but you’ll pay a premium.

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Direct Comparison Of The Oils

With the basics covered, let’s directly compare some key factors when choosing between Vitality Extracts and doTERRA oils:

Price – The most obvious difference is the price. Across the board, doTERRA oils cost significantly more than Vitality Extracts, often 2-4x as much depending on the oil. Vitality Extracts offer great value for the cost.

Quality – Independent testing shows both brands provide 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils free of adulteration. doTERRA’s rigorous CPTG protocol edges them out slightly in overall quality control.

Potency – Users report doTERRA oils feel a bit more potent and concentrated than Vitality Extracts. But Vitality Extract oils still provide results and strong aromas.

Selection – doTERRA wins big when it comes to variety, offering over 100 singles and blends compared to around 40 from Vitality Extracts.

Sourcing – doTERRA sources oils from over 40 countries while Vitality Extract details are more vague. But both use ethical and sustainable harvesting practices.

Company – doTERRA is much larger and well-established with an MLM model. Vitality Extracts takes a smaller, leaner approach.

Kid Friendly – For kid and allergy friendly oils, Vitality Extracts offers nice options like their Kids Safe and Clean Scent blends.

Packaging – Vitality Extracts provides fine but basic packaging. doTERRA pulls ahead with higher end packaging and accessories.

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How the Single Oils Compare

To give a specific example, let’s compare the same single oil from Vitality Extracts and doTERRA – Lavender.

Right away, the price difference is apparent. For a standard 15mL bottle, Vitality Extracts Lavender costs around $20 while doTERRA Lavender goes for $30.

When it comes to quality and fragrance, both provide pleasant floral top notes and herbal undertones you expect from lavender. doTERRA may edge out Vitality Extracts slightly in terms of aroma strength and complexity. But potency seems comparable when used.

For other popular oils like lemon, peppermint, frankincense and more, a similar dynamic plays out. doTERRA offers a more premium, high-end product while Vitality Extracts provides impressive quality for a budget-friendly price.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Vitality essential oil pure?

Yes, Vitality Extracts does third party testing to confirm their oils are 100% pure with no adulterants or fillers. Users report their oils deliver quality and results comparable to more expensive brands.

What essential oils compare to doTERRA?

Good comparables to doTERRA oils in terms of quality are brands like Plant Therapy, Edens Garden, and Aura Cacia. But none offer the selection of doTERRA. Vitality Extracts compares well for an affordable brand.

How are Vitality oils different?

Vitality Extracts oils differ by being very affordable while still offering 100% pure essential oils comparable to pricier competitors. The trade-off is their selection is smaller than extensive brands like doTERRA.

Why is doTERRA so much more expensive?

doTERRA oils are priced higher because of their stringent CPTG quality testing, exotic sourcing from around the world, higher cost farming partnerships and sustainable practices, and their extensive education and support resources.

Also watch the video!

The Bottom Line

Vitality Extracts and doTERRA both offer excellent quality essential oils using ethical sourcing and production methods.

Vitality Extracts is ideal for buyers on a budget who still want good, pure essential oils at a fraction of the cost of brands like doTERRA. Their affordable oils cover all the basics.

doTERRA dominates when it comes to exotic, therapeutic grade oils from a huge global selection. Their oils are beloved by enthusiasts who want the very best quality and don’t mind paying premium prices.

So weigh your budget, needs, and preferences – Vitality Extracts for the cost-conscious looking to explore essential oils, or doTERRA for those seeking the pinnacle of quality and variety. Both are great options depending on your goals.

Just smell them side-by-side and experience the difference firsthand.

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