Vitality Extracts Vs. Young Living: Comparing Essential Oil Brands

Essential oils are gaining popularity for their purported health and wellness benefits. Two of the most recognized brands in this space are Vitality Extracts and Young Living.

But how do these essential oil giants compare when it comes to quality, selection, price, and more? Keep reading this in-depth guide for a full breakdown.

A Brief Comparison Table

FactorsVitality ExtractsYoung Living
Oil PurityGC/MS tested, therapeutic gradeSeed to Seal protocol, rigorous testing
Selection50-60 singles and blends300+ singles, blends, and wellness products
Pricing$15-$25 per 5mL$20-$300 based on rarity
Buying ExperienceRetail stores and onlineDirect sales consultants only
Company SizeSmaller independent companyLarge MLM company
Ideal CustomerBudget-conscious newbiesDevoted wellness enthusiasts

In summary, Vitality Extracts focuses on quality affordable basics while Young Living offers unmatched variety and customization.

Overview Of Vitality Extracts

Vitality Extracts

Founded in 1993 by Sara Eisen, Vitality Extracts offers a line of single note essential oils and oil-infused wellness products.

Their essential oils cost $15-$25 for 5mL bottles.

Some key features of Vitality Extracts oils:

  • Single note, undiluted essential oils
  • KidSafe® line specially formulated for children
  • Extraction methods maintain oil purity
  • GC/MS testing ensures quality and safety
  • Oils packaged in amber bottles for freshness
  • Smaller company focused on education and community

Vitality Extracts aims to provide pure essential oils while fostering consumer awareness through accessible education. Along with oils, they sell diffusers and cleansing products.

Overview Of Young Living

Young Living was founded in 1993 by Donald Gary Young and Mary Billeter. They market their Seed to Seal® process ensuring oil purity and quality.

Young Living
Young Living

Their oils range from $20-$300 based on rarity.

Key features of Young Living oils:

  • Vertical integration from farms to bottling
  • Patented distillation processes like SliquefactionTM
  • Extensive internal and 3rd party testing
  • Largest range with hundreds of single and blends
  • Sold through multi-level marketing model
  • Focus on wellness, natural living and environmental stewardship

As one of the largest producers worldwide, Young Living promises unmatched oil quality and selection. Their direct sales approach drives customer education.

Comparison Between Vitality Extracts And Young Living

Oil Quality and Purity

The most important factor in selecting an essential oil brand is the purity and potency of their oils. Both Vitality Extracts and Young Living invest heavily in quality control through testing and proprietary processes.

Young Living’s rigorous Seed to Seal protocol covers each step from soil to bottle. Their own farms and distilleries allow precise oversight of plant growth and extraction. Patented methods like low-temp distillation preserve oil integrity.

Extensive tests ensure the composition meets their standards. These scientific processes yield exceptionally pure, high-quality essential oils.

While not vertically integrated, Vitality Extracts also uses careful distillation and extraction guided by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry testing. Their smaller operation allows hands-on batch testing and adjustment to perfection.

Oils are validated for purity and active aromatic compounds. Vitality Extracts’ quality assurance delivers oils comparable to Young Living’s premium results.

For oil potency and meticulous quality control, both Vitality Extracts and Young Living excel equally.

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Product Range and Customization

For shoppers wanting variety, Young Living offers the most expansive essential oils assortment in the market.

Their catalog spans over 300 single oils and proprietary blends. Rarities like Sacred Sandalwood, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Omani Frankincense provide exotic depth.

Custom blending kits allow creating personalized essential oil recipes. Other wellness products integrate oils into roll-ons, supplements, toothpaste and more. Young Living’s vast range opens endless aromatherapy possibilities.

In contrast, Vitality Extracts keeps their lineup selective with just over 50 trusted essential oils focused on popular single note varieties. Their KidSafe line caters to concerned parents.

While their compact selection lacks flashy rare oils, it covers all the basics for newcomers. Vitality Extracts emphasizes crafting a safe, high quality core assortment over chasing endless novelty.

Those seeking a tailored collection start with Vitality Extracts. But adventurous oil explorers turn to Young Living’s endless aisles.

Pricing and Value Comparison

With hundreds of oils on offer, Young Living products skew toward the premium end for pricing. Vitality Extracts keeps their prices affordable by limiting their catalog.

Young Living charges $20-$300 based on oil rarity. Precious woods, resins, and absolutes sit at the top end while common oils like lavender and lemon cost less.

With so many options, costs add up fast, especially when following suggested blends. But fans insist the remarkable quality makes Young Living worth the splurge.

Vitality Extracts prices fall between $15-$25 for 5mL bottles, staying under $30 for even exotic varieties like Sandalwood and Myrrh. Their narrow catalog allows concentrating on value-priced basics.

Vitality Extracts makes purity more accessible for casual oil users or those on tight budgets.

For cost-conscious shoppers, Vitality Extracts provides the best oil value. But devoted aromatherapy fans think Young Living’s premium quality outweighs their higher costs.

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Local Pickup vs. Home Delivery

Where you can buy and receive your essential oils differs greatly between these companies.

Young Living only sells directly to consumers via their multi-level marketing model. Existing members add you to purchase oils, then provide guidance and education on using your selection.

This personalized support makes onboarding beginners smoother but some dislike the direct sales approach. Products ship directly to your door monthly without any in-store shopping.

Meanwhile, Vitality Extracts sells through natural grocery stores, pharmacies, yoga studios and independent retailers. Trying oils in person helps assess aroma and suitability before buying. But the availability depends on your location.

Online ordering and subscriptions offer convenience for home delivery. The flexible retail model expands access for sampling Vitality Extracts’ oils.

If you want hands-on buying with samples, Vitality Extracts retail presence is ideal. Young Living’s direct structure suits those who prefer recommendations and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Young Living own vitality extracts?

No, Vitality Extracts and Young Living are completely separate brands and competitors in the essential oil space. Vitality Extracts is a smaller independent company founded by Sara Eisen in 1993.
Young Living was founded the same year by Donald Gary Young and is considered one of the leading essential oil MLM companies. But the two brands have no connection in terms of ownership or partnerships.

Which is the best brand for essential oils?

For pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, both Vitality Extracts and Young Living are regarded among the best brands. However, Young Living’s rigorous Seed to Seal production and extensive oil variety makes them a top choice for essential oil purists and aficionados.
Vitality Extracts also produces high-quality oils at better value. Plant Therapy and Edens Garden offer comparable quality to Vitality Extracts for even lower prices.

Who is Young Living essential oils competitor?

Some of Young Living’s biggest competitors in the essential oil MLM space include:
doTERRA, Melaleuca (The Wellness Company), Isagenix, Neal’s Yard Remedies, NuSkin, It Works!
Young Living and doTERRA are the largest essential oil MLMs.
Smaller brands like Vitality Extracts and Plant Therapy compete as affordable alternatives you can buy through normal retailers.

Is vitality essential oil pure?

Yes, Vitality Extracts oils are considered pure and high-quality therapeutic grade. Each batch of oil is subject to stringent gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS) testing to validate the purity and potency.
Their strict standards and extraction methods guarantee their oils are free of fillers, adulterants or synthetic additives. For a high purity essential oil at an affordable price point, Vitality Extracts is a safe bet.

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When comparing Vitality Extracts and Young Living head-to-head, Young Living comes out as the superior brand overall based on their unparalleled quality, selection, and buying experience.

Here’s a summary of key reasons why Young Living edges out Vitality Extracts:

  • Vertical integration and stringent Seed to Seal process result in exceptional oil purity and potency
  • Huge product range with over 300 single oils and blends to suit any need
  • Exclusive oils like Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood provide exotic aromatic depth
  • Custom blending kits for creating personalized essential oil recipes
  • Direct sales model provides guidance in selecting and using oils
  • Long-standing reputation as the essential oil MLM industry leader

Vitality Extracts puts up strong competition with their robust GC/MS testing, affordable pricing, and retail accessibility. Their focused collection covers all the basics well.

However, for essential oil devotees interested in exploring rare, intriguing aromas, Young Living simply can’t be matched. The level of quality control, innovation, and product breadth is outstanding.

Users rave that you can smell and feel the difference.

While Vitality Extracts makes an excellent entry point for casual or budget buyers, true essential oil fanatics will find the most fulfillment from Young Living’s catalog of oils.

The premium quality and expertise justifies the higher prices for those wanting the best of the best when it comes to essential oils.

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