Viking Air Vs. Viking Air Plus: A Detailed Comparison

Viking Cruises offers two main cabin categories on their ocean cruises – Viking Air and Viking Air Plus. With similar sounding names, it can be confusing to understand the key differences between these options.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the pros, cons and key distinctions between Viking Air and Viking Air Plus cabins.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsViking AirViking Air Plus
Cabin Size270-222 sq. ft.330 sq. ft.
Veranda Size46 sq. ft.89 sq. ft.
LocationDecks 1-5 MidshipDecks 6-8 Front/Aft
AmenitiesStandard veranda amenitiesUpgraded bathroom, Viking Living Room access
Priority BoardingNoYes
ExclusivityNoneSpa discounts
CostLower+10-30% premium over Viking Air

Overview Of Viking Air

Viking Air cabins are the standard stateroom included in Viking’s cruise fares. These comfortable cabins range from 270 sq. ft. on the Viking Star class ships to 222 sq. ft. on the Viking Jupiter and Viking Mars. All Viking Air staterooms feature a private veranda and Scandinavian inspired design including amenities like:

Viking Air cabins
Viking Air cabins
  • King size bed
  • 40″ flat screen television
  • Mini refrigerator and safe
  • Spacious glass-enclosed shower
  • Heated bathroom floor
  • USB charging outlets
  • 24-hour room service

Viking Air staterooms are located on decks 1-5 midship on all Viking ocean vessels. These standard veranda staterooms represent excellent value for cruising with a leading veranda size of 46 sq. ft. The Viking Air category provides a very comfortable cruise experience.

What Viking Air Plus Adds

Viking Air Plus cabins include all of the same amenities as Viking Air but with some extra touches. The Viking Air Plus staterooms are larger at 330 sq. ft. and include an expanded 89 sq. ft. veranda.

Some additional features that come with Viking Air Plus rooms:

  • Larger veranda with lounge seating
  • Additional closet and storage space
  • Upgraded bathroom amenities like larger enclosure, heated mirrors, and specialty bath products
  • Access to the Viking Living Room, an exclusive complimentary venue for Air Plus guests
  • Priority boarding

Viking Air Plus staterooms are found on the upper decks (decks 6-8) towards the front and rear of Viking’s ocean ships. Their location provides quick access to the pool deck and Exploration Deck.

Key Differences Between Viking Air And Air Plus

Here’s a quick overview of the main differences:


Viking Air

  • 270-222 sq. ft. stateroom
  • 46 sq. ft. veranda
  • Located on decks 1-5 midship
  • Standard amenities

Viking Air Plus

  • 330 sq. ft. larger stateroom
  • Expanded 89 sq. ft. veranda
  • Upper deck locations
  • Upgraded amenities and access to Viking Living Room
  • Priority boarding

While both offer a veranda stateroom, Viking Air Plus prioritizes premium space, location, and exclusivity. Let’s explore the distinctions in more detail.

Viking Air Plus Advantages

Viking Air Plus guests receive a number of advantages making it a superior choice for those looking for extra touches. Here are some of the key benefits of booking a Viking Air Plus stateroom:

  • More personal space – The Viking Air Plus stateroom offers 56-108 extra square feet than the standard Viking Air cabin. This gives you room to stretch out and relax.
  • Larger veranda – Enjoy scenic cruising from an 89 sq. ft. veranda, nearly double the size of Viking Air. Perfect for private lounging.
  • Ideal locations – Found on the top 3 decks towards the ship’s ends, Viking Air Plus rooms avoid foot traffic and are quieter. Easy access to outer decks.
  • Upgraded bathroom – Heated mirrors prevent fogging up in the humidity. Larger and more luxurious feeling than Viking Air.
  • Priority boarding – Be amongst the first to embark and able to settle in quickly. Gain first access to the pools, spa, and dining venues.
  • Viking Living Room access – This exclusive space offers Viking Air Plus guests a quiet place to relax with complimentary refreshments and bar service.
  • Spa discounts – Receive savings on indulgent spa treatments to enhance the luxury.

For travelers wanting extra touches of refinement, Viking Air Plus offers a clear upgrade over the standard Viking Air stateroom in terms of space, location, amenities, and exclusivity.

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Key Differences Between Viking Air And Viking Air Plus

To recap, here are the main differences between booking Viking Air compared to Viking Air Plus:

  • Size – Viking Air Plus offers 56-108 extra sq. ft. plus a larger veranda.
  • Location – Viking Air Plus on quieter upper decks with easy outdoor access.
  • Amenities – Upgraded bathroom and access to Viking Living Room for Air Plus guests.
  • Exclusivity – Priority boarding and spa discounts make you feel special.
  • Price – Viking Air Plus costs more than standard Viking Air staterooms.

While both offer excellent accommodation, Viking Air Plus emphasizes luxury touches. Viking Air provides better value, but Viking Air Plus is the top option for space and exclusivity.

How Much More Is Viking Air Plus?

Viking Air Plus staterooms come at a premium price over Viking Air, but exact amounts vary by specific sailing. As a rough estimate, Viking Air Plus costs approximately 10-30% more than comparable Viking Air staterooms on any given cruise.

The starting price for a 12-day Viking ocean cruise in a Viking Air stateroom is around $6,000 per person. To upgrade to Viking Air Plus, expect to pay $700-1,800 more per person. Worth noting that suite accommodations on Viking are in a league of their own, starting around $18,000 for a 12-day cruise.

For many travelers, Viking Air Plus represents a nice middle ground – more amenities than standard Viking Air without the huge leap in price to book a full suite. Evaluate your own space and luxury preferences to decide if the upgrade cost makes sense.

Viking Air Vs. Viking Air Plus: Which Is Better?

Is the upgrade to Viking Air Plus worth it? Here are some things to consider:

  • If you’re happy with a standard stateroom to use just for sleeping, Viking Air provides that at the lowest price point.
  • If you prioritize luxury touches like extra personal space, premium amenities, and exclusive access, Viking Air Plus delivers more value.
  • For the veranda, Viking Air works well for 2 people while Air Plus offers ample room if you like to lounge outdoors.
  • If your budget has wiggle room, Air Plus is likely worth the splurge over Air for many travelers.

Evaluate your personal travel preferences – do luxury touches matter or are you fine with just the basics? Viking Air Plus does offer clear upgrades, but the extra cost may not seem justified to all Viking cruisers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the advantage of Viking Air Plus?

The main advantages of Viking Air Plus over standard Viking Air staterooms are the larger cabin size and veranda, upgraded bathroom and amenities, priority boarding, access to the Viking Living Room, and upper deck locations.

What is the difference between Viking Air and Viking Air Plus?

Viking Air is the standard veranda stateroom. Viking Air Plus offers 56-108 extra square feet of space, a larger veranda, premium bathroom, Viking Living Room access, priority boarding, and deck 6-8 locations.

What does Viking Air Plus include?

Viking Air Plus features a 330 sq. ft. stateroom with 89 sq. ft. veranda, heated bathroom mirrors, specialty bath products, extra closet space, access to the exclusive Viking Living Room, priority boarding, and upper deck locations.

How much is air plus on Viking Cruises?

Viking Air Plus costs approximately 10-30% more than comparable Viking Air staterooms for the same cruise. For a 12-day sailing, expect to pay $700-1,800 more per person to upgrade from Viking Air to Viking Air Plus.

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When choosing between Viking Air and Viking Air Plus, there are great options at both the standard and higher level. For travelers wanting the best value stateroom, Viking Air cabins offer an excellent experience in a comfortable veranda room.

Viking Air Plus should be strongly considered by those who prioritize extra personal space, premium touches, exclusive access to areas like the Viking Living Room, and ideal deck locations. While priced at a premium, Viking Air Plus delivers outstanding features for cruisers who appreciate luxury.

Evaluate your own desires in terms of space, amenities, and budget. Both Viking Air and Viking Air Plus present a terrific veranda stateroom experience, so you can’t go wrong. Choose the one that best aligns with your cruising style and preferences.

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