REVOLVE Vs. Shopbop: Which Online Fashion Retailer Is Best?

If you love fashion and shopping online, chances are you’ve come across REVOLVE and Shopbop. These two e-commerce fashion giants have become go-to online destinations for stylish apparel, shoes, accessories and more. But with so much overlap in their offerings, how do you choose between them?

As a seasoned online shopper, I’ve spent countless hours (and dollars!) browsing both REVOLVE and Shopbop. I’m here to give you the lowdown on the key differences, pros and cons of each retailer. Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

Brand SelectionContemporary, trendy, going-out styles. Lots of party dresses.Premium designer clothing, denim, shoes. More refined selections.
Price Range$100 – $500 for most items. Affordable to mid-price point.$200 – $1,000+. Mid-range contemporary to luxury designers.
StrengthsTrendy dresses, matching sets, casual going-out apparel. Massive new arrivals.Investment pieces, workwear, designer denim and shoes. Curated selections.
Website ExperienceOptimized for discovery. Endless scroll new arrivals feed.Refined aesthetic. Easy to filter and sort. Shop by influencer.
Shipping & ReturnsFree standard shipping over $50. 30 day returns. Fast processing.Free standard shipping over $50. 14 day returns. Can be slower.
Loyalty ProgramREVOLVE Rewards – earn points for discounts. Free 2-day shipping at 500 points.STYLE Plan – earn points for offers. Free 2-day shipping upon sign up.
Best ForYounger, trend-focused shoppers on a budget.Mature shoppers seeking designer investment pieces. Big spenders.

Overview Of REVOLVE And Shopbop


First, a quick overview if you’re not already familiar.

REVOLVE is an online fashion retailer catering primarily to Millennial and Gen Z women. They stock apparel, shoes, bags and accessories from hundreds of contemporary designer brands. REVOLVE is known for its massive selection of going-out fashion and party dresses.

Shopbop started out as a shoe retailer but has expanded into a major online destination for designer fashion, carrying over 1,000 brands. It’s owned by Amazon and appeals to a broader demographic, including both younger and more mature fashionistas.

Both sites offer free shipping and returns in the US. Now let’s get into the details of how they compare.

Brand Selection

One of the biggest factors when choosing an online retailer is the brand selection.

REVOLVE has an edge when it comes to trendy, going-out style clothing. They stock younger contemporary brands like Lovers + Friends, For Love & Lemons, NBD and Privacy Please that aren’t carried by Shopbop.

Shopbop has a more edited selection of designer brands, including big names like Rag & Bone, Vince, Veronica Beard and Alice + Olivia. They also carry premium denim from Frame, AG and Citizens of Humanity.

For accessories, REVOLVE has a great mix of contemporary shoes and bags, while Shopbop excels with designer footwear like Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch.

Overall, REVOLVE is better for party dresses and going-out looks. Shopbop takes the lead for workwear, designer denim and accessories. Both sites offer an amazing array of styles though!

Prices And Sales


In terms of price points, REVOLVE occupies a nice medium zone – not budget fast fashion but not luxury designer either. Dresses average $200-$300, with most items under $500.

Shopbop skews more upscale, with prices averaging $300-$500 for apparel. Shoes and bags climb even higher into the designer range.

Both retailers host frequent sales and discounts though! REVOLVE is constantly changing up promo codes for 20-30% off full-price items.

Shopbop runs targeted sales on select brands and also hosts their Friends & Family event twice a year for 25% off. Sign up for emails from both sites to get sale alerts!

Website Experience

Let’s talk about ease of browsing these fashion meccas online.

REVOLVE has done an amazing job optimizing their site for discovering new arrivals. Their homepage showcases curated outfit inspiration. Plus you can shop by trending categories and new items. An endless scroll feed shows you ALL the new product.

Shopbop’s sleek site spotlights curated looks but doesn’t have quite the same shopability. Browsing new arrivals by clothing type is easy, but you don’t get the visual feast of REVOLVE’s feed.

REVOLVE definitely excels at tempting you into impulse purchases with their browsing! But Shopbop’s clean aesthetic has its appeal too.

Both sites are user-friendly with filtering options to drill down on your search. Checkout and returns are smooth as well.

One advantage of Shopbop is they let you shop by influencer or style icon. So you can browse looks inspired by Meghan Markle or fashion bloggers you love. Fun feature!

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Shipping And Returns

When it comes to shipping and returns, REVOLVE and Shopbop both offer free standard shipping on US orders over $50. No minimum purchase needed for returns.

REVOLVE sometimes has faster processing times – I’ve gotten items in 2 days. Shopbop can take a bit longer, around 5 days in my experience.

Return windows are 30 days for REVOLVE and 14 days for Shopbop – so REVOLVE gives you more time to decide.

Overall the shipping and returns experience is excellent at both retailers, no major differences. The quick processing from REVOLVE gives them a slight edge.

Loyalty Programs

One awesome perk of shopping at REVOLVE and Shopbop is their loyalty programs.

REVOLVE REWARDS gives members 5 points for every $1 spent. You start racking up benefits at 500 points with free 2-day shipping. At 2000 points you get $75 off your order! The more you shop, the bigger the perks.

Shopbop’s STYLE PLAN gets you free 2-day shipping on your first order after signing up. You earn 5 points per $1 as well. Once you hit 500 points, you have access to exclusive offers and gifts. Nice added bonus!

Social Responsibility

In an era of greater consciousness about fashion’s social impact, retailers’ ethics matter.

REVOLVE has partnered with organizations that align with their audience’s values, like Planned Parenthood and REFORM Alliance. They’ve taken steps like sourcing sustainable fabrics and recycling packaging waste.

Shopbop is a certified Climate Neutral company and works to offset and reduce carbon emissions from shipping. They also support charities focused on women’s health and empowerment.

It’s great to see both fashion retailers taking corporate social responsibility more seriously. This comparison is pretty even.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between REVOLVE and Shopbop?

The main differences are that REVOLVE focuses on going-out apparel, party dresses and trendy styles from contemporary brands. Shopbop carries more premium designer clothing, denim, shoes and accessories. REVOLVE prices skew lower while Shopbop has more luxury offerings.

Who are REVOLVE’s biggest competitors?

Major competitors for REVOLVE are other online fashion retailers like Lulus, Nasty Gal and ASOS. They target a similar demographic of younger women and carry contemporary brands and styles for going out.

Is REVOLVE high end?

REVOLVE occupies the contemporary market, above fast fashion but below designer luxury price points. Most items are priced between $100-$500, so more mid-range. They do carry some premium denim and footwear though.

Is REVOLVE a good site to buy from?

REVOLVE is considered a very reputable ecommerce retailer. They provide a great shopping experience, quick shipping, free returns and excellent customer service. Overall, REVOLVE is a very good online store to purchase from.

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The Verdict

So which online retailer comes out on top – REVOLVE or Shopbop? In truth, it depends on your style and priorities!

REVOLVE is the ultimate destination for going-out fashion, party dresses and matching sets. Their massive new arrivals selection provides endless inspiration and temptation.

Shopbop leads for premium designer clothing, denim, shoes and accessories. Their edited collection of brands caters to more mature tastes.

Casual younger shoppers will likely gravitate to REVOLVE’s fun and flirty selection. Professionals seeking investment pieces may prefer Shopbop’s refined offerings.

Budget-wise, REVOLVE has more options under $500. Big spenders can drop thousands on luxury goods at Shopbop.

If you still can’t decide, sign up for both loyalty programs! Then you can take advantage of the perks and sales at REVOLVE and Shopbop.

No matter which you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Happy shopping!

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