Snag Tights Vs. Sheertex: Best Brand For Indestructible Tights

Tired of constantly replacing flimsy pairs of tights that easily snag, run, and tear? For hosiery that can withstand daily wear and tear, Snag and Sheertex have become popular brands offering ultra-durable tights marketed as snag-resistant or even indestructible.

But with innovative new fabrics and technology claiming unrivaled strength, how do you choose between Snag Tights and Sheertex for your hosiery needs?

This comprehensive guide compares the two brands across crucial factors to reveal whether Snag or Sheertex is best for indestructible tights that stand up to your active lifestyle.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSnag TightsSheertex
DurabilitySnag-resistant fabricIndestructible polymer-knit
FitWide size range, soft fabricsAthletic-wear fit and stretch
StyleHuge selection of colors, prints, and stylesCore minimalist neutral styles
Price$15-$35 per pair$69 per pair
Best ForBudget-friendly durability and styleExtreme durability for premium price

An Overview of Snag Tights

Founded in the UK in 2015 by friends Brie Read and Fiona Fairhurst, Snag Tights was born out of frustration with flimsy tights that easily snagged and tore. The brand pioneered their own “Snag-Proof” tights made from luxury yarns blended with elastic fibers for optimal strength and recovery.

Snag Tights
Snag Tights

Some key features that set Snag Tights apart:

  • Offered in light to extra-opaque densities and 8-14 sizes
  • Variety of patterns and colors – solids, stripes, polka dots, prints, and more
  • Seamless toe construction reduces likelihood of holes
  • Moisture wicking technology keeps legs dry and comfortable
  • Made from premium luxury yarns like modal and merino wool
  • Range of styles including tights, socks, leggings, shapewear, and accessories
  • Ethical and sustainable manufacturing process

With their Snag-Proof technology and extensive selection, Snag aims to reinvent hosiery that can withstand busy modern lifestyles.

An Overview of Sheertex

Founded in 2015 by Katherine Homuth and Trisha Gregory, Sheertex took a high-tech approach to creating indestructible tights made from the world’s strongest fabric. Their signature Sheertex® knit uses proprietary polymers bonded at the molecular level to form an ultra-resilient fabric.


Here is what makes Sheertex tights unique:

  • Made from their patented Sheertex® knit – 10x stronger than steel
  • Totally opaque, ultra-sheer, and medium tights available
  • High stretch capacity and extreme durability
  • Withstands pulls, tears, and snags from regular wear
  • Shaping reduces sagging and reinforce toe seams
  • Moisture wicking and breathable fabric
  • Oeko-Tex® certified safe dyes and fabrics
  • Custom-knit in Canada; ethical manufacturing standards

With propriety fabric technology, Sheertex aims to create the first truly indestructible line of tights.

Comparing Between Snag And Sheertex

The central selling point for both Snag and Sheertex is exceptional durability and resistance to snags, tears, and runs that plague traditional tights and hosiery. But which brand truly offers the most indestructible tights?


Snag Tights blend premium yarns like modal and merino wool with elastic fibers to create their Snag-Proof line. While supple and comfortable, they likely don’t match the sheer strength of Sheertex’s patented polymer-bonded knit fabric which is tested to be 10x stronger than steel.

Snag/Tear Resistance

Both brands perform extremely well resisting snags, pulls, and tears during regular wear. Sheertex seems to have the edge for totally resisting tears thanks to their tightly knit molecular fabric. But Snag’s blend of luxury yarns still provides excellent snag protection.

Run Resistance

When it comes to preventing miserable runs creeping up the legs, both Snag and Sheertex excel. Seamless toes and reinforced seams throughout minimize the chance of disastrous ladder runs. Sheertex’s shaping may give them a slight advantage.

Durability Over Time

Here is where brand reputation comes into play. While both offer impressive initial durability, Sheertex seems to maintain its indestructible reputation over years of wear, washes, and repeated use based on customer reviews. Snag performs well but some users report they lose a bit of elasticity over time.

Winner: Sheertex

While Snag Tights likely rank among the most durable options outside of Sheertex, proprietary Sheertex® knit technology simply outperforms when it comes to pure indestructibility. But both are excellent options if you’re looking for ultra-resilient tights.

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Comparing Fit and Feel

Indestructible tights aren’t very useful if they don’t actually fit well and feel comfortable all day. Here is how Snag and Sheertex compare when it comes to fit and wearing experience:

Size Range

Snag offers an impressive size range from XS to XL in their classic tights, while Sheertex sticks to standard Small to Extra Large sizing. Snag has the advantage here in inclusive sizing.


Snag provides options from 10 denier ultra-sheer to 100 denier opaque coverage, beating Sheertex’s selection of sheer, medium, and opaque styles. Snag wins for variety of coverage levels.

Stretch & Recovery

Both brands utilize fabric blends or construction methods to provide exceptional stretch that retains its shape. Snag’s lightweight elastic fibers may give them an advantage in bounce-back stretchiness.


Sheertex’s hi-tech knit seems to edge out Snag in breathability. Their moisture wicking, temperature regulating fabric keeps you cooler and drier for all-day wear comfort.


For those looking for ultra-soft luxury hosiery, Snag Tights have the advantage. Their modal and merino wool blends provide unbeatable softness compared to Sheertex’s more durable synthetic knits.

Winner: Tie

For fit, Snag offers more size and opacity options in super-soft fabrics. But Sheertex excels at dynamic stretch and breathability. Choose Snag for luxury softness or Sheertex for athletic-wear comfort – both check the boxes for fit.

Comparing Style

Beyond durable construction, style and aesthetic play an essential role in finding the perfect pair of tights. Here is how Snag and Sheertex compare when it comes to options and style:


Snag provides a vast spectrum of on-trend colors from neutrals to neons and pastels to prints. Sheertex sticks to core neutral shades like black, nude, and navy blue in most styles. Snag clearly leads for color selection.

Patterns & Textures

From polka dots to stripes, floral prints to Fair Isle knits, Snag offers an abundance of unique patterns and textured tights. Sheertex focuses on classic, minimalist styles.


While both brands offer standard tight styles, Snag also provides leggings, shaping shorts, socks, ankle socks, and more. Sheertex focuses specifically on tights and pantyhose.


As a fashion-centered brand, Snag rapidly incorporates new prints, colors, and styles to stay on the leading edge of hosiery trends. Sheertex has a more limited core selection that evolves slowly over time.

Winner: Snag Tights

For anyone looking to make a style statement with their tights, Snag is the clear winner when it comes to fun colors, prints, and variety of stylish options beyond standard tights. Sheertex offers timeless, minimalist styles.

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Comparing Price

Durability and style don’t matter much if the tights are out of your budget range. Here is how Snag and Sheertex pricing compare:

Price Range

Snag Tights cost between $15-$35 USD depending on style. Sheertex tights are only available direct-to-consumer online and cost $69 USD per pair.

Value for Cost

For the exceptional durability and quality materials, both Snag and Sheertex deliver solid value at their respective price points. Sheertex does seem overpriced to some consumers used to paying $5-$15 for drugstore tights.


Snag runs frequent sales and discounts around the holidays. Sheertex rarely discounts their products, relying on the premium pricing to convey their luxury status.

Winner: Snag Tights

While Sheertex’s $69 price tag reflects their patented indestructible fabric technology, Snag Tights offer comparable durability at a fraction of the price. Snag is the clear value winner.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brands are similar to Sheertex?

Some other brands offering ultra-durable tights comparable to Sheertex include SweatyRocks Workout Tights, Wolford Indestructible Tights, and NoNonsense Indestructible Tights.
However, none use the proprietary Sheertex® knit fabric and likely won’t match Sheertex’s extreme durability claims over years of wear. Snag Tights are Sheertex’s closest competitor based on resilience, style, and value.

How do you fix snags in Sheertex tights?

The best way to fix small snags or pulls in Sheertex tights is to carefully wash and dry the tights, then use tweezers and steady tension to pull the snagged thread back into place.
Avoid using scissors or knives near the fabric. For damaged waistbands or larger holes, contact Sheertex customer service to evaluate repair options. Their tights are designed to resist snags entirely when worn properly.

Why are snag tights good?

Snag Tights are known for being ultra-durable and resistant to tearing thanks to their blend of luxury yarns and elastic fibers like modal, elastane, and Lycra.
They are also praised for offering soft, comfortable tights in an inclusive range of sizes and a huge variety of on-trend colors, prints, and styles. Excellent quality at an affordable price point makes them a top choice for stylish, long-lasting tights.

Who owns snag tights?

Snag Tights was founded in 2015 by friends Brie Read and Fiona Fairhurst in London, England. Read and Fairhurst came up with the idea for durable Snag-Proof tights while studying at university together. The brand continues to be owned by founding partners Read and Fairhurst and has expanded globally while retaining its London-based headquarters.
For those seeking the perfect pair of indestructible tights, both Sheertex and Snag represent excellent options that far outlast traditional hosiery. Sheertex may win for pure durability but comes at a premium price point.
For impressive resilience combined with comfort, style, value, and inclusive sizing, Snag Tights are hard to beat. Discover which ultra-tough tights stand up to your lifestyle.

Watch the video to know more about the size chart of Snag Tights!

The Verdict

Both Snag and Sheertex make impressive claims around reinventing ultra-durable everyday tights. Which is right for you depends on your priorities:

Snag Tights win for:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Inclusive size range
  • Luxuriously soft modal/wool materials
  • Huge selection of colors, prints, and styles
  • Frequent sales and deals

Sheertex is superior for:

  • Extreme durability that holds up over years
  • Athletic-wear comfort and breathability
  • Flattering shaping and stretch
  • Streamlined minimalist styles
  • Prestige of owning the “world’s strongest tights”

If you’re on a budget but still want trench-tested tights that withstand daily wear, Snag Tights are an amazing value with unbeatable softness. For hardcore durability with scientifically-proven indestructible construction, premium performance fabrics, and minimalist style, Sheertex can’t be beat but come at a luxury price point.

Ultimately, the ideal brand comes down to personal priorities – impressive resilience balanced with affordability and style. Try both Snag and Sheertex to see which you put through the paces successfully in your own active life. With the right care, both should far outlast traditional drugstore tights.

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