Shark EZ Vs. Shark IQ: Which Smart Robot Vacuum Is Better?

Robot vacuums have become an increasingly popular option for busy homeowners who want clean floors without the hassle of regular vacuuming. Two of the top contenders on the market are the Shark EZ and Shark IQ, both manufactured by the established vacuum brand SharkNinja.

But which one cleans your floors better?

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we’ll break down the key features and performance of each model to help you decide if the EZ or IQ is the smarter choice for your home cleaning needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureShark EZShark IQ
Mapping TechnologyBasic mappingTotal home mapping
NavigationRoom-to-room cleaningRoom-specific cleaning
Suction PowerStrongStrong
WiFi/App ControlYesYes
Voice ControlYesYes
Screen IntegrationNoYes, with Echo Show
Clean Base Capacity15 days30 days

Overview Of Shark EZ

The Shark EZ is one of Shark’s newer robot vacuum models. It packs serious cleaning power into a compact, self-charging unit.

Shark EZ
Shark EZ

Some of the highlights of the EZ include:

  • Strong suction: The EZ has Shark’s patented Tri-Brush system with three types of brushes to pick up debris on all floor types. Its suction power is equivalent to an upright vacuum.
  • Smart mapping: The EZ robot maps your home and uses methodical rows to clean room-to-room. You can also select specific rooms to clean via the app or device.
  • WiFi-connected: The EZ connects to your home WiFi and can be controlled via smartphone app or voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.
  • Self-emptying: After each cleaning, the EZ automatically empties itself into an included bagless base, so you don’t have to empty it manually.
  • Compact size: At just 3.5 inches tall, the EZ slides easily under furniture to clean hard-to-reach spots.

Overall, the affordable Shark EZ offers strong cleaning capabilities in a compact, self-charging and self-emptying design. It’s a great option for small homes or those new to robot vacuums.

Overview Of Shark IQ

The Shark IQ is a mid-range robot vacuum with some advanced smart features. Here are some of its highlights:

Shark IQ
Shark IQ
  • Total home mapping: The IQ uses state-of-the-art mapping technology to map your entire home’s floor plan with remarkable accuracy for efficient cleaning.
  • Room selection: You can select which rooms are cleaned via the app or by telling your voice assistant. The IQ will methodically clean just those rooms.
  • Row-by-row cleaning: The IQ vacuums back-and-forth in neat rows for complete floor coverage.
  • Powerful suction: With the same Tri-Brush system as the EZ, the IQ delivers strong suction performance on carpets and hard floors.
  • WiFi and voice control: You can use the app or voice control to start, schedule, and monitor cleaning.
  • Self-emptying: The clean base empties the robot’s dust bin so you don’t have to empty it for up to 30 days.

With advanced mapping and controls, the Shark IQ delivers high-tech cleaning capabilities. It’s ideal for larger homes in need of regular, thorough cleaning.

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Head-To-Head Comparison

Now, let’s dive into a detailed head-to-head comparison of these two robot vacuums on some of the most important factors:

  • Cleaning Performance

Both the EZ and IQ deliver strong suction and cleaning thanks to Shark’s Tri-Brush system. The big difference is in their smart mapping and navigation.

The EZ maps your home and cleans methodically room-by-room. But the IQ uses more advanced mapping to create a total floor plan with accuracy down to the inch. This allows it to expertly navigate and clean without missing spots.

The IQ also lets you clean specific rooms, while the EZ only has whole-floor cleaning modes. Overall, the IQ’s superior mapping gives it a slight edge in meticulous cleaning capabilities.

Winner: Shark IQ

  • Convenience Features

In terms of convenient features, both models have a lot to offer with WiFi/app connectivity, voice control compatibility, and self-emptying bases.

The EZ stands out for its ultra-compact design that fits under more furniture for whole-room cleaning. The IQ has a taller profile that may limit its reach in tight spaces.

But the IQ counters with a longer 30-day clean base capacity versus the EZ’s 15 days between emptying. The IQ also has a handy “find my robot” feature if it gets stuck somewhere.

With a fuller suite of convenience features, the IQ narrowly beats the EZ in this category.

Winner: Shark IQ

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  • Smart Home Integration

Connecting your robot vacuum with your other smart devices can make cleaning control much more seamless. Both Shark models work with Alexa and Google Assistant for handy voice control.

But the IQ pulls ahead with compatibility with Amazon Echo Show devices. You can view the IQ’s mapping and status directly on your Echo Show’s screen. The IQ also integrates with Google Home Hub for similar voice/screen control.

So the IQ has the upper hand when it comes to smart home ecosystem integration.

Winner: Shark IQ

  • Maintenance

Let’s not forget the dreaded vacuum maintenance! Fortunately, both Shark robots require minimal effort here.

Their self-emptying bases mean you don’t have to manually empty their dust bins for weeks at a time. The EZ and IQ both use easy-to-clean filters and brush rolls.

However, the EZ uses bagless self-emptying, while the IQ requires proprietary allergen-sealing disposable bags for its clean base. So the EZ edges out ahead in maintenance with its bag-free design.

Winner: Shark EZ

  • Price

With all their high-tech features, a higher price is expected. But how do the EZ and IQ compare on affordability?

The Shark EZ starts at a very reasonable $349 given its strong cleaning and solid smart features. Meanwhile, the IQ comes in around $100 higher with a $449 starting price.

So for shoppers looking for value, the wallet-friendly EZ model is the way to go. The IQ justifies its higher price with added conveniences like its Echo Show integration and longer clean base capacity.

Winner: Shark EZ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Shark IQ and EZ?

The main differences are the IQ’s superior smart mapping and navigation, wider smart home integrations, and larger clean base capacity. The EZ is more affordable but has fewer high-end features.

Is Shark IQ discontinued?

No, as of late 2022, the Shark IQ is still being actively manufactured and sold. Shark frequently rolls out new versions and models, but the IQ remains a current product.

Which is better Shark AI or Shark IQ?

The Shark AI is an older budget model, while the IQ is a newer, more advanced model. With its total home mapping, room cleaning ability, voice/screen integration, and longer clean base capacity, the IQ is the clear winner.

What Shark robot is best?

The Shark IQ is currently Shark’s most intelligent and full-featured robot vacuum. It offers the strongest combination of thorough cleaning performance and convenient features. Shark also makes the excellent EZ for a more affordable price.

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The Verdict

With many close rounds, the Shark IQ ekes out the overall win when all factors are considered.

The IQ consistently tops the EZ when it comes to:

  • Total home mapping with room-by-room cleaning
  • Advanced smart features and voice/screen integration
  • Extra large dust bin capacity

These intelligent capabilities allow the IQ to deliver superior whole-home cleaning with exceptional convenience. For large homes needing regular, thorough vacuuming, the IQ is worth the extra $100 investment.

However, the Shark EZ is still an excellent option at a more affordable price point. If you have a smaller home or basic cleaning needs, the EZ has all the core features you need. Its strong suction, WiFi controls, and self-emptying base provide solid performance for daily upkeep.

So in summary:

  • For larger homes desiring high-end features, the Shark IQ is the smarter pick.
  • For smaller spaces needing reliable, fuss-free cleaning, the Shark EZ is the budget-friendly way to go.

Whichever you choose, Shark’s robot vacuums take the hassle out of vacuuming with powerful cleaning and advanced automation. Your floors will stay spotless with minimal effort. Let a Shark robot handle the hard work while you put your feet up!

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