Ecovacs T8 Vs. N8: Which Robot Vacuum Is Right For You?

Robot vacuums have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more options from top brands like Ecovacs hit the market. Two of Ecovacs’ popular models are the Deebot T8 and N8 robot vacuums, which come packed with high-tech features to make floor cleaning hands-free and efficient. But with similarities in design and capabilities, how do you know which is the right one for your home?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the Ecovacs T8 Vs. N8 on factors like cleaning performance, navigation technology, conveniences like app control, and more. Read on for pros and cons of each model to determine if the feature-rich T8 or budget-friendly N8 is the robot vacuum to tackle your floors.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureEcovacs T8Ecovacs N8
NavigationLaser mappingInfrared sensors
Suction Power2500Pa Max1800Pa Max
App/Voice ControlYesNo
Selective Room CleaningYesNo
Object AvoidanceYesLimited

Overview Of Ecovacs T8 And N8

 Ecovacs T8
Ecovacs T8

The Ecovacs T8 and N8 robot vacuums share a similar design with a circular shape, centralized bumper, and bristled spinning edge brush. Both are powered by a high capacity Lithium-ion battery to provide over 100 minutes of constant suction.

The T8 and N8 also come equipped with two side brushes to sweep debris from edges into the path of the direct suction.

Where the T8 and N8 start to differ is with the more advanced technology integrated into the T8. This includes laser-based navigation for whole-floor mapping, versus basic infrared sensors on the N8. The T8 also has 50% more suction power with its Max+ mode. However, the pared down N8 provides strong everyday cleaning at a more budget-friendly price point.

When choosing between the Ecovacs T8 and N8 models, it depends on your needs and which smart features are most important. The T8 is ideal if you want added conveniences like app control, customizable cleaning schedules, and avoiding objects as it cleans.

With solid suction power and basic navigation, the N8 is a dependable cleaner for those that don’t require all the bells and whistles.

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Cleaning Performance

When it comes to vacuuming your floors, suction power and navigation are two of the most important factors. Here is how the Ecovacs T8 and N8 compare when it comes to picking up debris throughout your home:

 Ecovacs N8
Ecovacs N8
  • Suction Power

The max suction on the T8 reaches up to 2500Pa, which is 1200Pa stronger than standard mode. This allows the T8 to lift more embedded dirt and pet hair. The N8 maxes out at 1800Pa suction, which is plenty for hard floors but may occasionally struggle with carpets.

  • Navigation Technology

The Ecovacs T8 uses lasers to scan and map rooms, along with camera vision for increased precision. This allows the T8 to efficiently navigate while avoiding objects like furniture legs and small items it might bump into. The basic infrared and anti-collision sensors on the N8 lack the advanced tech for whole-room coverage.

  • Edge Cleaning

Both vacuums use side brushes and the main roller brush located on the underside to sweep debris away from walls and into the suction path. This edge-cleaning capability ensures minimal dirt left behind along baseboards.

  • Cleaning Modes

With laser mapping, the T8 allows you to customize cleaning by room or target specific areas. The N8 lacks selectable cleaning modes beyond starting a basic auto-cleaning cycle. Both vacuums automatically adjust suction when moving from hard floors to carpets.

  • Path Navigation

The Ecovacs T8 learns the layout of your home and creates an optimal cleaning path room-by-room. With more basic navigation, the N8 moves in straighter lines and may cover the same areas repeatedly. But the N8 still handles tidy, open spaces well.

  • Obstacle Avoidance

By using integrated cameras, the T8 recognizes and avoids common obstacles like shoes, cables, and pet bowls. This prevents the vacuum getting tangled or trapped mid-cleaning. With just basic sensors, the N8 lacks the same object detection capabilities.

  • Multi-Floor Cleaning

The Ecovacs T8 and N8 can both transition between floors when you place the included boundary strips. This prevents the robot from tumbling down stairs as it moves between levels.

When it comes to cleaning power and coverage, the advanced navigation and added suction boost of the T8 makes it the stronger performing vacuum. But the N8 still provides solid everyday cleaning with its 1800Pa max suction.

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Convenience Features

In addition to cleaning performance, Ecovacs packs its robot vacuums with convenience features to make operation nearly effortless. This includes app and voice controls, scheduling, and auto-emptying. See how the T8 and N8 compare:

  • Smartphone App

The Ecovacs Home app allows you to schedule, start, pause, or customize cleans from your smartphone on the T8 model. No app is available for the pared down N8.

  • Alexa & Google Assistant

You can use voice commands to control and monitor cleaning with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant on the T8 robot vacuum. This feature is not supported by the N8.

  • Scheduling & Customization

With the Ecovacs app, T8 owners can schedule daily, weekly, or customized cleaning sessions. The basic N8 lacks scheduling capabilities beyond pressing its start button.

  • Selective Room Cleaning

Thanks to its mapping technology, the T8 allows you to clean specific rooms in your home right from the app. This level of customization is not possible with the N8.

  • Automatic Dirt Disposal

Both the T8 and N8 are compatible with the Auto-Empty Station accessory. When docked, this automatically empties the robot’s dustbin so you don’t have to remember.

  • Battery Life & Charging

The T8 and N8 share the same runtime of over 100 minutes per charge. They conveniently recharge and resume cleaning where they left off when battery runs low.

For the ultimate hands-free experience, the Ecovacs T8 offers full app and voice control. But the N8 still takes care of floor cleaning with minimal input aside from the occasional bin emptying.

Design & Dimensions

The Ecovacs T8 and N8 share a very similar circular design mounted on two large wheels, with brush rollers located underneath. Here are the specifics on sizing:


  • Ecovacs T8: 13.9 inches diameter x 3.5 inches tall
  • Ecovacs N8: 13.9 inches diameter x 3.5 inches tall


  • Ecovacs T8: 7.7 pounds
  • Ecovacs N8: 7.5 pounds

Dustbin Capacity

  • Ecovacs T8: 0.45 liters
  • Ecovacs N8: 0.45 liters

So when it comes to size, weight, and dirt collection, the T8 and N8 models are practically identical. The low-profile, compact shape allows both vacuums to roll smoothly under and around furniture. And the attached, centralized bumper protects your home as well as the robot.

Price Comparison

With the added technology of laser navigation and room mapping, the Ecovacs T8 comes at a higher price point than the pared down N8 model. Here’s how they currently compare:

  • Ecovacs Deebot T8: $549.99
  • Ecovacs Deebot N8: $299.99

The $250+ price difference depends on whether smart home integration and powerful suction are worth the added investment for your home. For simple, effective cleaning at a budget cost, the N8 has appeal. But the T8 offers the full package if you want the latest innovations in robot vacuum technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Ecovacs T8 and N8?

The main differences are that the T8 has laser-based navigation for whole floor mapping, stronger max suction power (2500Pa Vs. 1800Pa), and includes app/voice control. The N8 relies on basic infrared sensors, but provides solid everyday cleaning at a lower price.

Is Ecovacs N8 worth it?

For its sub-$300 price, the Ecovacs N8 is an excellent value for a robot vacuum. It lacks some high-end features, but effectively picks up debris on hard floors and thinner carpets. The N8 is worth considering if you want an affordable maintenance option without advanced mapping or controls.

What is the difference between Ecovacs T8 and T8+?

The T8+ model includes the Auto Empty Station for automatically emptying the robot’s dustbin. This is the only difference. All other features like navigation, suction power, app controls, etc. are identical between the T8 and T8+ models.

What is the best model in Ecovacs Deebot?

The Ecovacs Deebot T8 AIVI is the current most advanced model with built-in camera and AIVI technology for the smartest obstacle detection and navigation.
Other top Ecovacs choices are the T8, T8+, and N8 models which provide strong cleaning performance using laser or infrared based navigation.

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The Verdict

When choosing between the feature-packed Ecovacs T8 and the basic N8, consider your needs:

  • The T8 is ideal for those wanting the latest navigation with app and voice control. It avoids objects, cleans efficiently by room, and offers an extra suction boost.
  • The N8 provides solid daily vacuuming at a fraction of the price. It lacks extras like scheduling and the same cleaning customization, but works well for smaller homes.

While the T8 has more bells and whistles, the N8 may satisfy your requirements if you simply want an affordable robot vacuum that works with minimal input. As two of Ecovacs’ most popular and capable models, either the T8 or N8 will keep your floors tidy with minimal effort compared to manual vacuuming.

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