Semper Solaris Vs. Sunrun: Best Residential Solar Panel

Residential solar panel systems are growing in popularity as homeowners seek to take control of their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Two leading providers in the solar panel installation space are Semper Solaris and Sunrun.

But how do these two companies compare when it comes to pricing, quality, and service? This comprehensive guide examines the key factors to weigh when deciding between Semper Solaris and Sunrun for your home.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesSemper SolarisSunrun
Company SizeSmall, ~100 employeesLarge, ~6,000 employees
Service AreasPrimarily Southern California22 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico
Years in BusinessSince 2013Since 2007
AccreditationA+ Better Business BureauNot BBB accredited nationally
Purchase OptionsYesYes
Lease OptionsYesYes
Solar LoansNoYes
Power Purchase AgreementsNoYes
MonitoringApp monitoringReal-time optimization
Customer Service ReputationExcellentMixed reviews
Personalized SupportHighly personalizedCan be impersonal
Installation QualityConsistently high with oversightCan vary without oversight
PricingCompetitive despite small sizeLower due to economies of scale
Financing FlexibilityLimited optionsVaried options like loans and PPA’s

Overview Of Semper Solaris

Founded in 2013, Semper Solaris is a relatively new, small-scale solar company operating primarily in California. They market themselves as an affordable, high-quality solar provider capable of competing with national players like Sunrun. Some key facts about Semper Solaris:

Semper Solaris
Semper Solaris
  • Located in San Diego with operations focused on Southern California
  • Employ approximately 100 people
  • Ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. 5000
  • Specialize in residential solar panel system design and installation
  • Maintain an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau

Semper Solaris aims to differentiate through customer service, providing dedicated support throughout the process with extensive warranties and performance guarantees. They also focus on transparency in their pricing with a fast, free quote tool on their website.

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Overview Of Sunrun

Founded in 2007, Sunrun is one of the oldest and largest solar panel installation companies in the U.S. They design, install, finance, insure, monitor and maintain residential solar panel systems nationwide. Some key facts about Sunrun:

  • Publicly traded company with over 6000 employees
  • Operate in 22 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico
  • Installed over 500,000 residential solar energy systems
  • Ranked #1 for consumer satisfaction among residential solar companies by J.D. Power
  • Have over $4 billion in retained value under long-term customer contracts

With their size and scale, Sunrun aims to provide cost savings through bulk equipment purchases and streamlined operations. Their solar-as-a-service model also allows for little to no upfront costs through solar lease or power purchase agreements.

Semper Solaris: Pros And Cons


Exceptional customer service and support: Semper Solaris prioritizes customer satisfaction throughout the solar journey. Their installation teams are trained to provide education and support each step of the way. Customers can expect dedicated project managers and seamless communication from quote to installation.

High quality equipment: Semper Solaris claims to use only the highest efficiency solar modules and inverter technology supplied by industry leaders like LG, Panasonic and Enphase. This gives homeowners confidence in the long-term performance of their system.

Trusted local provider: As a local company, Semper Solaris builds rapport and trust within the communities they serve. Their teams live in the same neighborhoods, creating more accountability in the relationships they build.

Competitive pricing: Despite being a smaller provider, Semper Solaris offers affordable pricing that can compete with national companies. They have minimal overhead costs and pass those savings directly to customers.

A+ BBB accreditation: With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, customers can trust Semper Solaris to operate transparently and resolve issues promptly. This gives peace of mind when making such a major home investment.


Limited-service area: As primarily a Southern California company, Semper Solaris only operates in certain regions. Those outside of their service coverage areas cannot utilize them.

Newer company: Founded in 2013, they lack the long track record of many competitors. However, their growth and accreditations suggest a promising trajectory.

Smaller size and scale: With fewer financial resources and buying power, inventory and operational costs may be higher compared to national providers. However, their pricing still remains very competitive.

Minimal financing options: Thus far Semper Solaris focuses on purchase and leasing options. Large providers like Sunrun offer more varied financing like solar loans and power purchase agreements.

Brand recognition: Being a newer regional company, Semper Solaris doesn’t have the name recognition of long-standing national companies. But their reputation is growing.

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Sunrun: Pros And Cons


Industry leader: As one of the first and largest solar companies, Sunrun has an established reputation for reliable products and services. Their experience gives them economies of scale.

National coverage: With operations in over 20 states and Washington D.C., Sunrun can provide solar solutions to homeowners across much of the U.S. Their wide reach gives them brand recognition.

Variety of financing: Sunrun offers several options for little to no upfront costs, including solar leases, PPAs, and solar loans. This flexibility opens solar access to more homeowners.

Newer equipment: As an established company, Sunrun has the resources to regularly update their equipment to utilize the latest solar technology. This future-proofs the system.

Robust monitoring: Sunrun uses real-time monitoring to optimize performance and provide rapid response to any system issues. Homeowners can see precise energy usage and savings.

Trusted company: With over 500,000 installations, Sunrun has built consumer trust in solar. Their systems are backed by industry-leading warranties to give peace of mind.


Mixed reviews: While Sunrun excels in solar access and technology, some customers complain about average or disappointing customer service after installation.

Variable quality: With contractors across many states, installation quality can vary. Large operations make quality consistency challenging.

Can seem impersonal: Their large size creates more avenues for miscommunication and makes building personalized customer relationships difficult.

Buyout fees: To purchase a system at the end of a solar lease, Sunrun imposes fees which some customers feel are excessive. Read contracts closely.

Limited in-house repairs: Sunrun relies heavily on sub-contractors for system maintenance and repairs after installation. Quality can be inconsistent.

Sales-focused: Some homeowners report feeling pressured by overly sales-focused consultants pushing packages over providing education.

Here is a review video!

Semper Solaris Vs. Sunrun: Which Is Better?

When choosing between Semper Solaris and Sunrun, the winner likely depends on your priorities:

Semper Solaris wins if you want:

  • White glove service and support from quote to install
  • Long warranties on top-tier equipment
  • Competitive pricing from a trusted local company

Sunrun wins if you want:

  • The cost benefits and reputation of an industry leader
  • A wider array of financing options
  • Access even if outside of Southern California

While Semper Solaris cannot match the size and scale of Sunrun, their focus on customer satisfaction provides immense value for homeowners in their service regions. Their pricing also goes toe-to-toe with Sunrun’s despite the size difference.

For those seeking financing flexibility and nationwide support, Sunrun gets the leg up. But they lag in providing the same level of personalized and responsive service.

Ultimately, both companies will provide quality solar installations that improve sustainability and reduce energy costs. Choosing between the two depends largely on your location and priorities in the partner you want for the journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Semper Solaris still in business?

Yes, Semper Solaris remains an active and growing solar company serving Southern California homeowners since 2013. Their small size allows for exceptional customer service alongside their national competitors.

What are the disadvantages of Sunrun?

Some drawbacks of large national provider Sunrun can include inconsistent installation quality, only average post-install support, and less personalized attention. As one of the biggest solar companies, their focus leans more towards profitability and scale.

How long has Semper Solaris been in business?

Semper Solaris was founded in 2013, making them just about 10 years old. In that time, they’ve experienced rapid growth while maintaining a reputation for quality service in their regional communities. Their rating and accreditations validate their commitment to satisfied customers.

Who are Semper Solaris competitors?

As a solar provider primarily serving Southern California, some of Semper Solaris’ main competitors are other national companies like Sunrun, Vivint Solar, and Tesla/SolarCity. Locally, they also compete with companies like Sullivan Solar Power. Semper strives to provide better service and value in their regional community.

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The Takeaway

When comparing Semper Solaris and Sunrun, either company can provide quality solar systems that reduce environmental impact and energy costs. Semper Solaris excels in its regional reputation for customer satisfaction and support. Sunrun wins on size, technology, and financing options.

For homeowners in Southern California who value quality service, Semper Solaris competes head-to-head with Sunrun while providing a more personalized solar experience.

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