Saxx Undercover Vs. Ultra: Which Men’s Underwear Is Best?

When it comes to men’s underwear, two of the most popular brands are Saxx Undercover and Saxx Ultra. Both offer innovative designs with unique features. But which one is truly the best option?

In this detailed comparison, we’ll examine the pros and cons of Saxx Undercover and Ultra to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSaxx UndercoverSaxx Ultra
FabricModal blendPolyester blend
ConstructionSeamless, taglessSide seams
RiseLow riseMid rise
LengthBrief or boxer briefBoxer brief only
WaistbandHiddenWide logo waistband
PouchContour pouch3D hammock pouch
PanelsNoneMesh panels
PrintsSolid colors onlyCamo, flag, and graphic prints
Ideal UseEveryday wearAthletic wear

Overview Of Saxx Undercover

Saxx Undercover is a line of men’s underwear featuring a minimalist, body-hugging design. Here are some of the key features of Undercover:

Saxx Undercover
Saxx Undercover
  • Seamless construction – Undercover has no side seams or tags for ultimate comfort.
  • Soft, lightweight fabric – The modal fabric blend used is extremely soft and lightweight.
  • Pouch support – An inner mesh pouch provides breathable support and lift.
  • Hidden waistband – The waistband is hidden under the fabric for a seamless look.
  • Tagless – No tags means no chafing or irritation.
  • Variety of solid colors – Available in classic colors like black, gray, navy and more.
  • Brief and boxer brief cuts – Offered in a lower rise brief and a longer boxer brief.

The Undercover line is all about minimalism. There are no patterns or bold designs. Just simple, soft underwear in muted tones. The seamless construction makes them virtually invisible under clothes.

Overview Of Saxx Ultra

SAXX Ultra
SAXX Ultra

Saxx Ultra is the athletic-inspired underwear line from Saxx. The Ultra line includes:

  • Soft, quick-dry fabric – The lightweight polyester blend wicks moisture and dries fast.
  • Mesh panels – Strategically placed mesh provides ventilation and breathability.
  • Comfort pouch – The 3D hammock-shaped pouch provides support and comfort.
  • Wide waistband – A wide, logo waistband offers stay-put security during activity.
  • Fun patterns and colors – Available in camo prints, flag-inspired designs and more.
  • Boxer brief cut – The 9″ inseam boxer brief provides thigh coverage and support.

The Ultra line is designed for comfort, support and breathability during physical activity. The fun patterns and mesh panels make them perfect for workouts and athletics.

Comparing Comfort And Fit

One of the most important factors in choosing underwear is comfort and fit. Here’s how Saxx Undercover and Ultra compare:


The seamless, tagless construction of Undercover offers exceptional comfort. The soft modal fabric blend feels great against the skin and provides all-day ease. The hidden waistband prevents pinching or binding. The contoured pouch offers medium support.

However, some may find the body-hugging fit too snug. There is very little stretch to the lightweight material. The low rise briefs and boxer briefs sit close to the body.


With its blend of polyester and spandex, Ultra provides more flex and give than Undercover. The mesh panels add ventilation and breathability where you need it most. The 3D pouch design provides ergonomic support and lift.

The wide logo waistband offers a secure fit during activity. The 9” inseam legs provide more coverage without riding up. The looser boxer brief cut allows more airflow.

For athletic guys that want great freedom of movement and sweat-wicking performance, Ultra is the winner for fit and comfort. But some may prefer the next-to-nothing feel of Undercover’s seamless construction.

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Comparing Style And Design

Saxx Undercover and Ultra have very distinct styles:


With its focus on seamless simplicity, Undercover has an understated, minimalist style. The solid colors and absence of patterns or prints gives them a modern, sleek look. The hidden waistband and tagless design adds to the clean aesthetic.

The low-rise cuts and lightweight material make them ideal for wearing under slim-fit pants or jeans. The muted color palette and soft fabric lends itself to a refined finish. Undercover has a sharp, stealthy edge.


The Ultra line has a sporty, athletic vibe. The colorful patterns like retro camo and Americana-inspired prints make a bold statement. The wide logo waistband and mesh panel accents reinforce the active style.

With its polyester-spandex blend and boxer brief cut, Ultra looks like it’s ready for the gym. The fun patterns and prints provide personality you can’t get from Undercover. Ultra has an energetic, adventurous spirit.

So in terms of style, it depends on your personal taste. If you want a refined, discreet look, go for Undercover. If you like loud, fun underwear, Ultra is your match.

Comparing Price

When it comes to price, Saxx Undercover and Ultra are similarly priced:


  • Briefs – $34
  • Boxer Briefs – $36


  • Boxer Briefs – $32

The pricing is very competitive among high-end underwear brands. And you’re getting innovative design features and premium materials. Sales and promotions can help you save on either line, dropping the prices into the $20 range.

For the features and performance offered, both Saxx Undercover and Ultra provide excellent value. However, Ultra is a slightly better bargain with its lower price point.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which SAXX model is best?

For most guys, we recommend Saxx Ultra as the best overall Saxx model. The Ultra line offers great comfort, support, breathability, style and value. The athletic-inspired boxer briefs are perfect for everyday wear.

What is the difference between Saxx vibe and ultra?

The Saxx Vibe line has a more fashion-forward slim cut compared to the sporty Ultra. Vibe uses softer viscose fabric while Ultra uses polyester for athletic performance. Ultra also has more mesh panels and the 3D hammock pouch, while Vibe has a contour pouch.

What is SAXX Undercover?

Saxx Undercover is the seamless, tagless, ultra-minimalist line from Saxx. The low rise briefs and boxer briefs have no side seams or tags for a barely-there feel. They are made of soft modal fabric.

What is Saxx Ultra?

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The Verdict

Based on our in-depth comparison, Saxx Ultra is the better choice overall for most guys. Here’s a quick recap of the key reasons why Ultra beats out Undercover:

  • More comfortable fit – The 9” boxer briefs have more give and flexibility thanks to the polyester-spandex material. The mesh panels breathe better too.
  • Better athletic support – Ultra’s 3D pouch design provides better support and lift during activity. The wide waistband stays put.
  • Fun, adventurous styling – Guys who want colorful, spirited underwear will appreciate Ultra’s retro camo and flag prints.
  • More affordable – You get awesome features and performance for $2-4 less than Undercover.

Undercover does have its advantages, namely the seamless construction and stealthy minimalist look. But for comfort, support and value, Saxx Ultra is the winner.

However, here are some scenarios where choosing Undercover may make more sense for you:

  • You strictly wear slim fitted trousers and need invisible underwear.
  • You dislike visible branding and want pure simplicity.
  • You prefer low rise cuts and breathable modal fabric.
  • You want muted, neutral colors for a refined look.

So while Ultra is best for most, Undercover still has its niche. Let your personal needs and style guide you.

Hopefully this detailed breakdown makes it easier to decide between Saxx’s Undercover and Ultra underwear lines. Both are premium products with great design. Pick the features and style that match your lifestyle and wardrobe. With Saxx, you really can’t go wrong!

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