Saxx Ultra Vs. Vibe: Which Men’s Underwear Is Best?

When it comes to men’s underwear, two big names stand out: Saxx Ultra and Saxx Vibe. Both offer high-quality underwear with innovative designs, but which one is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Saxx Ultra and Saxx Vibe across a variety of factors like fit, fabric, features and more. By the end, you’ll know exactly which Saxx underwear suits your needs and preferences.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSaxx UltraSaxx Vibe
FitAthletic, snugRelaxed, roomy
SizingRuns smallTrue to size
FabricsLightweight, high-tech, moisture-wickingSoft, breathable, flexible
PouchSupportive 3-panel designComfort-focused U-shape
StylesSporty, minimalistFashion-forward, bold patterns
Pricing$28-$34 per pair$30-$36 per pair
Best ForActive lifestyles, performance fitEveryday wear, comfort

Overview Of Saxx Ultra And Vibe

Saxx Ultra and Vibe are both premium underwear brands from Saxx, a Canadian company founded in 2002.

SAXX Ultra
SAXX Ultra

Saxx Ultra launched in 2016 as the “third generation” of Saxx underwear. It introduced an updated BallPark PouchTM designed for comfort and support. The Ultra line features slick fabrics and sport-inspired designs.

Saxx Vibe, meanwhile, debuted in 2018. It centers around bold colors and patterns for a more fashion-forward look. The Vibe series incorporates the latest BallPark PouchTM along with soft, flexible fabrics.

While both Saxx Ultra and Vibe share some similarities, they have distinct styles and fits. Let’s explore the key differences.

Fit And Sizing

One of the biggest considerations with underwear is fit and sizing. Here’s how Saxx Ultra and Vibe compare:

  • Saxx Ultra offers a body-hugging athletic fit. The waistband and leg openings cling tightly for a secure feel during activity. Sizing runs small/narrow.
  • Saxx Vibe has a roomier, relaxed fit. The waist stretches more, and the legs don’t grip as snug. Sizing runs true to size.

Based on the above, Ultra caters to men seeking a compressive, performance-oriented fit. Vibe suits those wanting a casual, laidback style.

That said, sizing up in Ultra or down in Vibe can result in a similar fit. Try both to determine your optimal Saxx size.

Fabrics And Materials

Saxx Vibe
Saxx Vibe

Let’s now compare the fabrics used in Saxx Ultra and Vibe:

  • Saxx Ultra uses high-tech, lightweight fabrics. Signature options include Ultra Soft fabric with stretch and rapid moisture wicking. The material feels slick and athletic.
  • Saxx Vibe emphasizes softer, flexible fabrics for increased comfort. Popular options include modal and viscose with excellent breathability. The fabrics have more drape and luxury.

In summary, Ultra prioritizes advanced performance fabrics while Vibe opts for natural, breathable materials. Vibe fabrics tend to be softer to the touch.

Consider your needs for moisture management, ventilation and comfort when choosing between the two.

Pouch And Support Technology

The proprietary BallPark PouchTM is what sets Saxx underwear apart from competitors. But there are some differences between Ultra and Vibe:

  • Saxx Ultra uses an updated, sports-focused BallPark PouchTM with a three-panel design. The front panel provides lift and support while side panels prevent chafing.
  • Saxx Vibe incorporates a more relaxed, U-shaped BallPark PouchTM for comfort. There’s extra room and stretch to avoid restriction.

In essence, the Ultra pouch offers more structure and security for active lifestyles. The Vibe pouch focuses on breathability with a looser envelope shape.

Both provide adequate support and anti-chafing protection. It just depends whether you prefer a crossover athletic fit or relaxed everyday wear.

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Style And Design Variety

Saxx offers dozens of unique designs across their Ultra and Vibe lines. Here’s an overview:

  • Saxx Ultra favors bright, dynamic colors and prints. The aesthetics are sporty and modern. Some popular picks are plaid, camo and color block.
  • Saxx Vibe explores bolder, retro-inspired graphics. Expect lots of florals, abstract patterns and tie dye. The vibe is more relaxed and fashion-forward.

There’s substantial overlap in themes between the two. But Ultra trends minimalist while Vibe gets more adventurous with busier designs. Pick your preferred individual style.

Both Saxx lines offer a balanced mix of solids, graphics and color palettes for diverse options. Vibe simply doubles down on statement patterns.

Price And Value Comparison

As premium underwear brands, expect to pay a bit more for Saxx. Here’s how Ultra and Vibe pricing shakes out:

  • Saxx Ultra ranges from $28-$34 per individual pair at full price. Pricing is influenced by fabric, technology and design complexity. Sales around $20 are common.
  • Saxx Vibe costs $30-$36 per pair normally. More intricate patterns and unique fabrics increase the price point. Discounted pairs can be found for $25 and under.

For the features and quality offered, both Saxx Ultra and Vibe deliver good value. Expect 2-3x the cost of mass-market underwear. Invest in the Saxx line that best suits your budget.

On average, Vibe skews slightly more expensive due to the intricate designs. But Ultra isn’t far off for specialized performance fabrics.

Additional Saxx Underwear Lines

Beyond Ultra and Vibe, Saxx offers other popular underwear lines:

  • Saxx Classics – Their original underwear style with an everyday fit. Retail cost of $24-$28 per pair.
  • Saxx Black Sheep – Bold, adventurous patterns and fabrics. $28-$32 per pair normally.
  • Saxx Quest – Focused on natural materials and sustainability. $30-$36 per pair.

The above all share the signature BallPark PouchTM like Ultra and Vibe. Consider branching out once you settle on your favorite Saxx fit and features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Saxx Vibe and Ultra?

Saxx Vibe has a relaxed, roomier fit while Ultra has a tighter, athletic fit. Vibe uses softer, flexible fabrics where Ultra emphasizes performance-oriented materials. The aesthetics also differ with Vibe being more fashion-forward. But they share the signature BallPark PouchTM.

Which Saxx model is best?

It depends on your needs and preferences. Ulta is best for active lifestyles and snug support. Vibe excels at everyday comfort and unique styling. Classics and Black Sheep are also popular for their balance of fit, function and design.

What is Saxx Ultra?

Saxx Ultra is the “third generation” Saxx underwear line launched in 2016. It’s distinguished by its modern, athletic-inspired fit, high-performance fabrics and sporty aesthetics. The updated BallPark Pouch provides lightweight support.

Should I size up or down for Saxx?

Most men find it best to size up in Saxx Ultra for a more relaxed fit or size down in Saxx Vibe for a snugger fit. The Ultra runs smaller while Vibe runs more true to size. Getting a size up or down can help find your ideal fit and comfort in either Saxx line.

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The Verdict

Now for the big question: should you choose Saxx Ultra or Vibe?

It largely comes down to your personal preferences:

  • Saxx Ultra is ideal for active men who desire a supportive performance fit. The slick fabrics and athletic styling also appeal to modern tastes.
  • Saxx Vibe suits laidback guys wanting breathable fabrics and fashion-forward designs. The roomier fit offers next-level comfort during everyday wear.

Both Ultra and Vibe provide quality craftsmanship, innovative pouches and stylish designs. You can’t go wrong with either. Consider your lifestyle, fit needs and design preferences to decide.

Many men also mix and match between several Saxx lines for both performance and style options. Give Ultra and Vibe a test drive to see which one becomes your go-to.

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