Saxx Quest Vs. Ultra: A Detailed Comparison

For men looking for comfortable, high-quality underwear, Saxx is a top choice with its innovative BallPark pouch design. Two of Saxx’s most popular styles are the Quest and Ultra lines. But what exactly sets these underwear apart and which is better for your needs?

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll look at the key differences between Saxx Quest and Ultra underwear across factors like fit, fabric, comfort and more. Read on for a detailed breakdown to help you decide which Saxx underwear is right for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategorySaxx QuestSaxx Ultra
StylesBoxer briefBrief, boxer brief
FabricPolyester blendModal blend
FitTrue to sizeTrue to size
LengthsRegular, longRegular
Pouch designBallPark pouchContoured pouch
SeamsFlatlock stitchingOutward facing
Ideal UseAthletic, everydayEveryday wear
ColorsBrights, neutralsMuted, sophisticated
PatternsBold, funkySubtle, abstract

Overview Of Saxx Quest And Ultra

The Saxx Quest line features the brand’s classic Boxer brief style in a lightweight, breathable fabric. It comes in both longer and shorter inseam options. Key features include:

Saxx Quest
Saxx Quest
  • Boxer brief fit
  • Lightweight, quick-dry fabric
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafing
  • BallPark pouch for extra support

The Saxx Ultra line consists of briefs and boxer briefs constructed from luxuriously soft modal fabric. Key features include:

  • Brief and boxer brief styles
  • Ultra-soft modal fabric
  • Contoured pouch for enhanced comfort
  • Flat outward seams

While both offer the innovative BallPark pouch, the Quest focuses on high performance and breathability while the Ultra prioritizes plush comfort.

Fit And Sizing

The Saxx Quest comes in both standard and long boxer brief options. The standard fits like a typical boxer brief while the long hits just above the knee for additional thigh coverage.

It runs true to size based on underwear sizing charts. For the right balance of support and breathability, it’s best to stick with your normal underwear size. Size down if between sizes.

Saxx Ultra
Saxx Ultra

The Saxx Ultra offers a classic brief and a 6” boxer brief option. The brief hugs the body for a snug fit while the boxer brief offers more leg coverage without going down to the knee.

The Ultra also runs true to size. The plush modal fabric has plenty of stretch for a comfortable custom fit. Stick with your normal underwear size for the best match.

For both the Quest and Ultra lines, Saxx offers a wide range of sizing from XS to XXXL to accommodate most body types.

Fabric And Materials

The Saxx Quest is constructed from a lightweight, breathable polyester blend. The smooth, quick-dry fabric wicks moisture and dries rapidly to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

The Saxx Ultra uses an ultra-soft modal fabric. Modal is a type of rayon made from beechwood that feels luxuriously smooth against the skin. It has a soft, lightweight drape for incredible comfort.

Modal also naturally wicks moisture better than cotton. So while the Ultra prioritizes plush comfort, it still provides moisture management for daily wear.

For both options, Saxx incorporates spandex into the fabric blends for 4-way stretch. This allows the underwear to flex with your body movements.

The fabric contrasts result in the Quest being better for athletic activities while the Ultra excels as an everyday underwear for exceptional comfort.

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Comfort Features

Both the Saxx Quest and Saxx Ultra share some core comfort features:

  • BallPark pouch – This is Saxx’s signature design with an extra panel of fabric for ergonomic support. It keeps everything in place while preventing skin-on-skin contact and chafing.
  • Flat seams – Seams are designed to lay flat against the skin instead of rubbing and chafing. The Quest uses flatlock stitching while the Ultra has an outward facing seam.
  • Stretch waistbands – The soft, stretchy waistbands move with your body to stay in place without digging in.

However, each line also has additional comfort design elements:

  • The Quest incorporates mesh panels for enhanced ventilation and breathability.
  • The Ultra has a 3D pouch for an ergonomic shaping and contouring. The ultra-soft modal also provides a plush feel.

So the Quest offers exceptional breathability while the Ultra excels at luxurious next-to-skin softness.

Style And Design

The Saxx Quest comes in both fun, bright colors and more neutral dark shades like black and grey. It has a sporty, athletic aesthetic that pairs well with activewear.

The Saxx Ultra features more muted and sophisticated tones like navy, brown and maroon. The modal fabric has a refined drape that lays smoothly against the contours of the body. The overall look is classic and stylish.

In terms of patterns and graphics, both Quest and Ultra have some options with allover print designs. These vary by season. But overall, the Quest tends to have bolder, funkier patterns while the Ultra favors more subtle, abstract prints.


The Saxx Quest has a typical retail price of $32 per pair. But prices vary from $20 – $35 depending on the color and print.

The Saxx Ultra underwear costs a bit more at a typical price point of $36 per pair. The price range is $28 – $42 based on specific style and color.

The Ultra commands a higher price due to the luxurious modal fabric which costs more than the Quest’s polyester. For the added comfort, the Ultra offers good value. However, the Quest is more affordable while still providing excellent quality and performance.

Saxx frequently offers sales and bundles that allow you to get either style for less. Signing up for emails and shopping clearance sections can help you save.

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Pros And Cons

To recap the key differences, here are the pros and cons of the Saxx Quest and Saxx Ultra:

Saxx Quest


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Great for athletic activities
  • Dries quickly when wet
  • More affordable price point
  • Fun bright colors and prints


  • Limited to just the boxer brief style
  • Mesh can be prone to holes over time
  • Some may prefer a softer modal fabric

Saxx Ultra


  • Ultra-soft modal fabric
  • Brief and boxer brief options
  • Sophisticated styles and prints
  • Contoured pouch design
  • Ideal for everyday wear


  • Modal shows sweat more than polyester
  • Less breathable than the Quest
  • Higher price point

Choosing Between The Two

When deciding between the Saxx Quest and Saxx Ultra, consider your priorities in terms of fit, comfort, and price:

The Quest is the better choice if you want an athletic boxer brief that stays cool and dry. It also works well as an everyday underwear thanks to the comfortable pouch and reasonable price.

The Ultra is ideal if you prioritize luxuriously soft fabric and want a brief or shorter boxer brief option. The plush modal will keep you comfortable all day long despite the higher price.

Both are excellent options that come down to personal preferences in fabrics, styles, and budget. You can also try one of each to mix and match based on your daily needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which SAXX model is best?

There is no definitive “best” Saxx model – it depends on your needs and preferences. The Quest and Ultra are among the most popular for good reason. The Quest is ideal if you want great breathability and support for an active lifestyle. The Ultra is the best choice if you want an ultra-soft fabric for exceptional everyday comfort.

What is the difference between Saxx Ultra and Saxx vibe?

The key differences between the Saxx Ultra and Saxx Vibe are the fabric and design details:
Ultra uses modal fabric; Vibe uses a polyester blend
Ultra has a contoured pouch panel; Vibe has a standard BallPark pouch
Vibe incorporates mesh panels for ventilation
Vibe has more sporty colors and graphics
So the Ultra prioritizes luxuriously soft fabric while the Vibe focuses more on high performance, breathability and eye-catching style.

What are the different types of SAXX underwear?

Saxx offers several main underwear lines:
Quest – Boxer brief in lightweight polyester
Ultra – Brief and boxer brief in soft modal
Vibe – Boxer brief with mesh panels
Kinetic – Active boxer brief with seamless design
Platinum – Luxury brief and boxer brief in Pima cotton
Black Sheep – Brief and boxer in merino wool
Within each line, there are different colors, prints, lengths and details like fly openings. But the main differences come down to the fabric type and overall design aesthetic of each collection.

Should I size up or down for SAXX?

Most guys can stick with their normal underwear size in Saxx. The brand tends to run true-to-size. However, some tips for the best fit:
Size down if between sizes to get a snugger fit
Size up if you prefer a roomier fit through the legs and pouch
Long boxer briefs may need 1 size up for taller guys
Certain fabrics like wool sizes small, so size up for Black Sheep
Read size charts closely as sizing varies slightly by style
Try your typical size first. Exchange only if the fit is off based on your preferences. Proper sizing is key to Saxx’s signature comfort and support.

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The Bottom Line

When comparing Saxx Quest and Saxx Ultra underwear, it largely comes down to performance polyester Vs. plush modal fabric. But both deliver outstanding comfort through innovative features like the BallPark pouch and stretch construction.

Consider your priorities for activity levels, desired styles, and budget. With its breathability and support, the Quest works well for athletics and everyday wear alike. For those seeking a pampered feel, the Ultra brings exceptional softness to briefs and boxer briefs.

With either option, you can’t go wrong with Saxx for premium underwear that keeps you comfortable and supported all day long.

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