Poly & Bark Vs. Joybird: Battle Of The Modern Furniture Brands

The world of online furniture shopping has exploded in recent years. No longer do you have to trek to a dozen furniture stores to find that perfect couch or dining set.

With just a few clicks you can have stylish, high-quality furniture delivered right to your door.

Two brands leading the way in modern online furniture are Poly & Bark and Joybird. But which one is right for you? Let’s take an in-depth look at the pros, cons and key differences between Poly & Bark and Joybird.

A Brief Comparison Table:

FeaturePoly & BarkJoybird
PriceMore budget-friendly, lower pricingPricier, higher-end pricing
Style SelectionWide range of modern aestheticsFocused on mid-century styles
CustomizationSome options like fabric and finishExtensive customization available
Shipping Time1-3 weeks standard delivery3-4 weeks standard delivery
QualityDurable materials and constructionEqually well-made with quality materials
Eco-FriendlyMade in eco-friendly factoriesSustainable woods and low VOC finishes

Overview Of Poly & Bark

Founded in 2013, Poly & Bark has quickly become a premier destination for contemporary, affordable furniture. Their product line includes sofas, sectionals, chairs, tables, beds, dressers, shelves, office furniture and more.

Some key highlights of Poly & Bark:

Poly and Bark
Poly and Bark
  • Wide range of styles – From mid-century modern to industrial, coastal and more – Poly & Bark has tons of options to match your home’s aesthetic. Their sofas and sectionals come in different configurations, fabrics and colors to fit any space.
  • Quality materials – Poly & Bark uses high-end materials like kiln-dried hardwood frames, memory foam cushions and durable fabrics. Products are built to last.
  • Budget-friendly pricing – Considering the quality, Poly & Bark’s prices are very reasonable. Couches start at just $699.
  • Quick shipping – Standard shipping takes just 1-3 weeks. White glove delivery is available for large items.
  • Strong reviews – Poly & Bark has over 28,000 reviews on its site with an average 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Customers consistently praise their quality, value and style.

Overview Of Joybird

Joybird was founded in 2014 and has become known for its customizable, mid-century modern style furniture.

Some benefits of Joybird include:

  • Unique customization – Joybird allows you to customize everything from dimensions, configurations, fabrics, colors and wood stains on many of their pieces. Great for getting an exact fit.
  • Vintage mid-century vibe – Joybird excels at trendy mid-century styles reminiscent of the 1950s-60s. Their sleek silhouettes and retro details are very on-trend.
  • Quality craftsmanship – From their solid wood frames to high-density foams, Joybird furniture is made to last thanks to superior construction.
  • Responsible production – Joybird uses sustainably-sourced woods and low VOC finishes. Their factories are certified safe and eco-friendly.
  • Strong reputation – They have over 14,000 reviews on their site with a 4.8 out of 5 star average rating. Their beautiful, customizable furniture has clearly made an impression on customers.

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Poly & Bark Vs. Joybird: Key Differences

Now that you know the basics, let’s directly compare some of the key features of Poly & Bark and Joybird.

Price – Joybird is definitely the pricier of the two, with couches starting around $1,349. With more budget-friendly pricing, Poly & Bark wins in the value category.


Customization – Joybird’s wide range of customization options give them the edge here. Poly & Bark has some customizable elements, but not to the extent of Joybird.

Style selection – Both brands offer modern stylish furniture. However, Poly & Bark has a much wider range of contemporary aesthetics to choose from. Joybird focuses specifically on mid-century styles.

Shipping – Poly & Bark offers faster standard shipping of just 1-3 weeks compared to 3-4 weeks for Joybird. Both offer white glove delivery for large items.

Performance – When it comes to factors like quality, durability and reputation – both brands excel equally. Customers rave about them!

Eco-friendly – Joybird has more responsible sourcing and manufacturing standards in place. This gives them a slight upper hand in the eco-department.

Poly & Bark Vs. Joybird: Which Is Better For You?

So when considering between these two modern brands, which is right for you? Here are a few key factors to consider:

If you’re on a budget – Poly & Bark is likely the better choice. You can get stylish, quality furniture at a fraction of the price.

If customization is important – The flexibility of Joybird’s made-to-order options can’t be beaten. Tailor your furniture to your unique space.

If you have a mid-century style – Joybird’s signature mid-mod aesthetic is perfect for this look. Poly & Bark has more variety.

If you want fast shipping – Poly & Bark’s quicker turnaround can get your furniture delivered in just 1-3 weeks.

If eco-friendly is a priority – Joybird has more responsible manufacturing practices in place.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either of these trendy, modern brands. Poly & Bark and Joybird both make stunning furniture built to last. It just comes down to your specific style, budget and needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Joybird couches nice?

Yes, Joybird couches are very high-quality and comfortable. They use premium materials like kiln-dried hardwood, steel springs and high-density foam cushions. Customers consistently praise their durability, comfort and appearance.

Where is Poly and Bark furniture made?

Poly and Bark sources their furniture from manufacturers in China, Vietnam and Malaysia. They use eco-friendly factories with safe working conditions.

Why is Apt2b so expensive?

Apt2b furniture is pricier because they use higher-end materials like Italian leather and imported hardware. Their unique modern designs and custom pieces also come at a premium.

Which sofas last the longest?

Look for couches made with a kiln-dried hardwood frame, quality joinery, 8-way hand tied springs and thick cushions made of high-density foam. These features indicate durability and are found on brands like Joybird and Poly & Bark.

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The Verdict

In the world of online furniture, both Poly & Bark and Joybird stand out as leaders in contemporary style, quality and value. With Poly & Bark you’ll get tons of trendy styles at budget-friendly prices. Joybird excels at beautiful mid-century designs with customization options.

Whichever brand you choose, you can feel confident you’re getting a well-made, stylish piece built to last. Your dream furniture is just a few clicks away!

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