Apt2B Vs. Joybird Furniture: Better Online Retailers

If you’re seeking stylish, modern furniture for your home, Apt2B and Joybird are two top choices for online ordering.

But how do these two retailers stack up when it comes to pricing, quality, customization, and overall buying experience?

This detailed guide examines the pros and cons of Apt2B and Joybird to help you decide which is best for your furniture needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

QualityPremium materials and constructionDurable quality for the price
StyleContemporary, modern aestheticMid-century modern designs
CustomizationLimited but available on select itemsAll pieces are made-to-order
Pricing$300 – $4,000+ for high-end$499 – $3,500 for affordable to mid
Shipping$69 curbside or $129 white gloveFree standard or $199 white glove
Warranty1 year warrantyLifetime warranty on all items
ManufacturingUSA, Canada, and Europe workshopsAsia manufacturing

Overview of Apt2B


Apt2B is an online furniture company founded in 2013 that sells contemporary, midcentury, and industrial style furnishings. Some key details about Apt2B:

  • Stylish original designs: Apt2B designs and sources their own unique furniture collections.
  • Customizable configurations: Many sofas, beds, dressers, desks, and more can be customized with different colors, materials, and sizes.
  • Higher end pricing: Price points range from affordable to premium for distinct designer furniture.
  • White glove delivery: Optional in-home assembly and furniture setup by delivery teams upon request.
  • Site-wide sales: Frequent sales drop prices up to 30% off across the entire catalog.

Overview of Joybird

Joybird is an online-first furniture brand that sells directly to consumers. Here’s an introduction to Joybird:

  • Made-to-order: All furniture is made to order and customized to your preference.
  • Unique contemporary styles: From sofas to lighting, Joybird’s in-house designers create exclusive pieces.
  • Customization: Choose from different colors, fabrics, orientations, and configurations on many items.
  • Lower pricing: Joybird positions itself in the affordable and mid-priced bracket starting at $499.
  • Lifetime warranty: All Joybird furniture comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

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Comparison Between Apt2B and Joybird

Quality and Materials

Both Apt2B and Joybird use high-quality materials like solid wood frames, premium upholstery fabrics, and durable finishes. Customers report long-lasting durability from both brands with solid construction that looks good over time.

Apt2B offers some higher end options like top grain Italian leather. But most of Joybird’s affordable bonded leather and polyester options still impress for the low prices.

When it comes to consistent quality and craftsmanship, these two brands are on par based on customer experiences. Both represent solid quality furniture purchases.

Winner: Tie

Style and Design Aesthetic


The style of each furniture company comes down to personal preference. Apt2B excels at sleek contemporary looks in wood, leather, velvet, and clear acrylic. Joybird has cornered the mid-century modern market with retro inspired silhouettes.

Those wanting a trendy, more unique appearance fit for an urban loft will gravitate to Apt2B’s aesthetic. Joybird appeals to lovers of vintage-influenced, charming Americana designs.

For on-trend contemporary, Apt2B has an edge. But design tastes are subjective. Joybird also offers consistent style true to their artistic vision.

Winner: Tie

Customization Options

Both retailers allow customers to tailor furniture to their liking during the ordering process. Joybird offers more innate flexibility, as all their pieces are made-to-order to your custom specifications.

Apt2B provides modification options on select pieces, like changing the size or upholstery on sofas. But the ability to personalize is more limited compared to Joybird’s universal customization.

For the widest array of modification options, from dimensions to fabrics to orientations, Joybird comes out ahead here.

Winner: Joybird

Price and Value

When it comes to pricing, Joybird furniture consistently costs less than similar Apt2B items. Joybird’s mid-century designs start around $499 and max out around $3,500 for top-tier configurations.

Apt2B’s prices skew higher, ranging from affordable accent chairs under $300 to designer sofas over $4,000. The premium quality of Apt2B comes at a price.

Of course, frequent Apt2B sales help offset some of the pricing gaps. But dollar-for-dollar, Joybird products provide greater value across categories. The savings add up.

Winner: Joybird

Delivery and Setup

Apt2B offers white glove delivery starting at $129, bringing your furniture inside, assembling, and removing all packaging. Joybird charges $199 for the same premium delivery and assembly.

For standard curbside delivery, Joybird has a slight edge by offering the service free. Apt2B charges $69 for basic curbside drop-off.

Both companies have streamlined purchasing experiences, but Joybird gets a small win for wider availability of fast, free shipping.

Winner: Joybird

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Warranties and Return Policy

Joybird provides exceptional after-sale policies that surpass Apt2B’s protections. All Joybird furniture is backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty, covering repairs for defects.

Apt2B provides a standard 1 year warranty. And returns are subject to a $75+ restocking fee if the furniture has been assembled or used, which limits flexibility.

For the best coverage against defects and changes of heart, Joybird’s lifetime warranty and 30 day returns are superior.

Winner: Joybird

Pros and Cons Summary



  • Trendy, contemporary designer aesthetic
  • Quality high-end materials and construction
  • White glove delivery with assembly


  • Expensive, premium pricing
  • Limited customization compared to Joybird
  • Restocking fees applied to returns



  • Affordable pricing for mid-century modern designs
  • All items have extensive customization
  • Free standard shipping and lifetime warranty


  • Less unique than Apt2B’s modern collections
  • Longer 3 month turnaround on orders
  • Styling not suited for all tastes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Apt2B Furniture More Expensive?

There are a few key reasons why Apt2B furniture commands higher price points:
Original designs – The costs of in-house designers and developing proprietary collections raises prices.
Premium materials – Top grain leathers, solid woods, and performance fabrics increase materials costs.
Manufacturing – Lower volume production in the US and Europe increases labor overhead.
Logistics – Apt2B operates its own warehouses and offers white glove delivery options.
Brand positioning – The modern, luxe Apt2B image attracts shoppers willing to pay more for designer furniture.
While the prices are steeper, Apt2B’s focus is delivering a high-end contemporary furniture brand. The costs reflect their positioning and investments into quality.

Is Apt2B a Good, Reputable Furniture Company?

Yes, by all accounts Apt2B is considered a good, reliable online furniture retailer. They have an A+ BBB rating, 4.5 stars across over 2,400 Google reviews, and many loyal repeat customers.
Reviews consistently praise the trendy designs, material quality, and comfortable construction of Apt2B furniture. Customers report stellar experiences despite the higher price points.
With great customer service and transparent business practices, Apt2B is regarded as a reputable contemporary furniture brand. Their furniture delivers on style and quality to back up the higher prices.

Where is Apt2B Furniture Manufactured?

Apt2B utilizes manufacturing partners predominantly in the United States, Canada, and Europe. They disclose that upholstered items are made in the USA, while other collections originate from Canada or the EU.
By using local workshops and artisans in these regions, Apt2B maintains better quality control, environmental standards, and working conditions compared to outsourcing production overseas. The focus on domestic manufacturing supports the premium pricing of their products.

Where are Apt2B Sofas and Couches Made?

As disclosed on their website, all Apt2B upholstered seating like sofas, loveseats, and sectionals are made locally in the United States. Apt2B partners with family-owned, third generation workshops in southern California and North Carolina for USA-made upholstery manufacturing.
The costs and environmental footprint of domestic production are higher. But Apt2B absorbs these expenses to deliver higher quality sofas while supporting American manufacturing jobs.

Watch the review video of Joybird!


Overall, Joybird emerges as the better option vs Apt2B for most furniture shoppers based on:

  • Quality – Joybird uses higher-end materials and construction for better durability. Apt2B is prone to quality inconsistencies.
  • Customization – Joybird offers unmatched customization from dimensions to fabrics to finishes. Apt2B has minimal options.
  • Style – Both are contemporary styled but Joybird has many more unique, mid-century inspired designs.
  • Value – Joybird pricing is justified by quality while Apt2B’s lower prices reflect inconsistencies.
  • Delivery – Joybird handles their own delivery reliably. Apt2B has a record of delivery issues.
  • Support – Joybird provides superior support and service quality. Apt2B support is lacking.

The only advantages of Apt2B are lower prices and faster shipping. But for premium customizable furniture built to last, Joybird is worth the higher cost for their consistent quality, service, and expansive style selection.

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