Lovesac Vs. Joybird: Battle Of The Modular Furniture Brands

When it comes to modular furniture, two brands stand out from the crowd: Lovesac and Joybird. Both offer customizable sectional sofas, chairs, ottomans and more that can be arranged and rearranged to fit your space. But which one should you choose for your home?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Lovesac Vs. Joybird to highlight the pros, cons and key differences between these modular furniture giants.

A Brief Comparison Table Of Lovesac And Joybird:

Price$$$$ (Luxury)$$ (Affordable)
QualityHigh, lifetime warrantyMedium, shorter warranties
CustomizationMaximum modularityGood modularity
FabricsLimited selection50+ fabric choices
Eco-FriendlyYes, recycled insertsMixed, some bonded leather
Delivery Time4+ weeks1-3 weeks
SetupIncludes debris removalAssembly only

Overview Of Lovesac

Founded in 1995, Lovesac has been a pioneer in modular furniture for over 25 years. Their signature product is a washable, changeable and recyclable seat called a “sac” that can be configured into sectionals, deep seating arrangements and more.

Here are some of the pros of Lovesac modular furniture:

  • Total customization – Choose your preferred layout, fabric, size and more to design your perfect sectional. Get creative with numerous configurations to fit your space.
  • Machine washable covers – All covers are machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lifetime foam warranty – Lovesac offers a lifetime warranty on their premium densified polyurethane foam fill.
  • Made in the USA – Lovesac furniture is designed and ethically made in the USA.
  • Eco-friendly – With recyclable sac inserts and reusable covers, Lovesac is an eco-conscious choice.

Potential downsides of Lovesac include:

  • Premium pricing – Price tags are on the luxury end, from $1,000 for a single seat up to over $4,000+ for a large sectional.
  • Limited fabric options – Although custom, fabric choices are not as varied as other brands.
  • Firmness not adjustable – Foam softness cannot be modified, which may not suit some preferences.

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Overview Of Joybird

Founded in 2014, Joybird is a newer direct-to-consumer furniture brand that also focuses on modular, contemporary designs. They offer both modular sectionals as well as stand-alone sofas, chairs and ottomans.


Here are some benefits of Joybird modular furniture:

  • Affordable custom furniture – Compared to Lovesac, Joybird is far more budget-friendly for customizable furniture. Sectionals start at $799.
  • Broad fabric selection – From rich velvets to family-friendly performance fabrics, Joybird has over 50 fabric choices.
  • Multiple configurations – Create L-shaped, U-shaped and linear sectionals with chaise lounges, ottomans and more.
  • Easy online ordering – Conveniently design and order your modular furniture 100% online.

Some potential Joybird downsides:

  • Shorter warranties – Warranties are 1 year on manufacturing defects and 3 years on frames and cushions. Lovesac offers lifetime foam warranty.
  • Fewer modular pieces – Modular components are not quite as versatile as Lovesac sacs.
  • Limited customization – Fewer options to personalize accessories like drink holders, blankets, pillows etc.
  • Mixed reviews on quality – Some reviews mention furniture breaking down after 1-2 years.

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Lovesac Vs. Joybird: Direct Comparison

Now let’s directly compare some key factors when choosing between these two modular furniture brands.


When it comes to price, Joybird is the clear winner for budget-friendly customizable furniture. Their sectionals start at $799, chairs at $349 and ottomans at $199.

Lovesac commands luxury premium prices starting at $1,000 per seat. A 6-seat sectional will cost over $4,000.


Both brands offer mid to high-tier quality furniture. However, Lovesac excels when it comes to warranties and guaranteed longevity. Their lifetime foam warranty is outstanding, showing confidence in their manufacturing process.

Joybird’s shorter 1-3 year warranties raise some questions around long term durability and quality. Some reviewers complain of Joybird furniture breaking after a year or two.

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Lovesac edges out Joybird when it comes to modularity and customization options. Their unique sac inserts allow for unlimited configurations, letting you easily tweak your layout anytime. Joybird sectionals have fewer interchangeable pieces.

Lovesac also has more accessory add-ons like drink holders, tech charging ports, mountable reading lights and more. Their offerings feel more flexible overall.

Fabric Selection

Joybird has the upper hand when it comes to fabric choices. With over 50 fabric types in different colors and patterns, they edge out Lovesac’s more limited selection.


Lovesac’s recyclable sacs and removable/washable covers make them a greener choice over the bonded leather and wood frames used in some Joybird furniture.

Delivery and Setup

Joybird offers speedier delivery times of just 1-3 weeks for in-stock items. Lovesac deliveries can take 4+ weeks.

Both brands ship nationwide and offer in-home setup and assembly. Lovesac will remove packaging debris while Joybird does not.

Watch the video to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Lovesac and Joybird

What is comparable to Lovesac?

The closest comparable brand to Lovesac is Burrow – they offer high-quality modular sofas and customizable seating arrangements. However, Burrow does not have washable covers or recycled seat inserts like Lovesac.

Are Joybird couches nice?

Yes, Joybird makes nice looking couches and sectionals with great contemporary style. However, there are some quality concerns from reviewers around durability beyond 1-2 years.

Is Joybird furniture made in China?

No, all Joybird furniture is designed in California and manufactured in Mexico and the USA. Lovesac products are also made in America.

Who manufactures Joybird furniture?

Joybird partners with several manufacturers in Mexico and the United States to produce their furniture ranges. This allows large-scale production while still maintaining quality control.

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Conclusion: Which Is Better – Lovesac Or Joybird?

When choosing between these two, it really comes down to your priorities:

For unlimited modular configurations, top-tier quality and eco-conscious materials, Lovesac is worth the premium investment. Their products are built to last a lifetime.

For great style at affordable prices, Joybird enables you to customize sectionals on a budget. Just be aware you may compromise some quality.

Overall Lovesac is the winner if you have the budget and want maximum flexibility, customization and quality materials. For modular furniture under $1,000, Joybird offers solid mid-tier quality and contemporary style.

Hopefully this detailed comparison helps provide clarity on which of these brands is best for your modular furniture needs!

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