Parkwhiz Vs. Spothero: Finding The Best Parking App

Finding parking can be a frustrating experience, especially in major cities. Luckily, apps like ParkWhiz and SpotHero aim to make parking easier by allowing drivers to reserve and pay for spots in advance.

But which app is better? Here’s an in-depth comparison of ParkWhiz and SpotHero to help you decide which parking app is right for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table Of Parkwhiz And Spothero:

Parking Network5,000+ locations in North America6,000+ locations in North America
AvailabilityMajor cities across USConcentrated in major metro areas
Reservation SystemEasy app bookingApp booking and Instant Book for on-the-go
Contactless EntryYesYes
Parking RatesConsistent pricingDynamic pricing with discounts
Service FeesUp to 20% of parking rateUp to 35% of parking rate
Ease of UseSimple, clean interfaceBusy interface, more clicks
Special FeaturesRewards program, corporate accountsReferral program, partners

Overview Of Parkwhiz

ParkWhiz is an app and website that allows drivers to search for, reserve, and pay for parking spots in cities across North America. With ParkWhiz, you can reserve parking in garages, lots, valets, and even driveways.

Some key features and benefits of ParkWhiz include:

  • Huge network of 5,000+ partner parking locations across North America
  • Ability to reserve guaranteed parking spots in advance
  • Contactless entry and exit with mobile pass
  • Real-time parking availability and ability to reserve on-the-go
  • Price sorting to find the best daily and hourly parking rates
  • Rewards program for discounts on future parking

ParkWhiz aims to save drivers time and stress by allowing them to lock in parking ahead of time. The app is free to download and a service fee of up to 20% is added to the parking rates.

Overview Of Spothero

SpotHero is another parking app that lets drivers find, book, and pay for parking through their mobile device. With 6,000+ partner parking locations, SpotHero covers major metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada.


Key features and perks of SpotHero include:

  • Huge network of parking garages, lots, valets, and select driveways
  • Ability to compare parking rates and reserve a guaranteed spot
  • Contactless entry and exit with mobile pass
  • Real-time availability showing open spots
  • Discount badges for savings on select spots
  • Referral program to earn parking credit

Like ParkWhiz, SpotHero aims to eliminate the stress of finding parking by allowing drivers to secure a spot in advance. The SpotHero app is free to download and service fees of up to 35% are added to the parking rates.

Comparison Of Key Features Of Parkwhiz And Spothero

Comparing Parking Networks

One of the most important factors when choosing a parking app is coverage. Both ParkWhiz and SpotHero have robust parking networks, but there are some differences in scale and geography.

ParkWhiz has partnerships with over 5,000 parking locations across North America. The ParkWhiz app covers major cities like New York, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles. ParkWhiz is especially dominant in the Northeast.

Meanwhile, SpotHero boasts over 6,000 partner parking spots concentrated in major metro areas like New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, and Boston. SpotHero has a strong presence in tech-centric cities on the West Coast.

For most major cities, both apps offer decent parking coverage. However, ParkWhiz may have better inventory in places like New York and Philadelphia, while SpotHero could have an edge in tech hubs like San Francisco. Checking app availability before your trip can give you an idea of which has better parking coverage for your destination.

Reserving and Paying for Parking

Reservation functionality is essential for a seamless parking experience. Both ParkWhiz and SpotHero make it easy to book guaranteed parking in just a few taps.

To reserve a spot, simply open the app and search for parking near your destination. Filter by location, price, and availability to compare options. Once you select a spot, you can reserve it by creating an account, entering payment details, and confirming the reservation. Both apps also let you extend or cancel reservations if needed.

ParkWhiz and SpotHero also offer contactless check-in and check-out. When you arrive, just tap the “Park” button in the app – no need to take a ticket. To exit, tap “I’m Leaving” and go. You’ll receive an email receipt confirming the parking duration and fees.

One advantage of SpotHero is the ability to book parking on-the-go through Instant Book. With Instant Book, you don’t have to pre-reserve a spot – just tap to find and book parking as you’re driving without creating an account. ParkWhiz currently does not offer on-the-go booking.

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Comparing Parking Rates and Discounts

Parking rates and discounts may also help choose between the apps. Both ParkWhiz and SpotHero partner with parking providers to offer discounted rates for advance reservations. However, pricing and deals can vary.

In general, SpotHero tends to offer better discounts, especially through Discount Badges which unlock lower rates at select garages. ParkWhiz provides some deals, but pricing is more consistent without as many incentives.

Both apps clearly display hourly and daily rates so you can compare options. ParkWhiz makes it easy to sort spots from lowest to highest price. SpotHero shows a price range, but you have to click into each parking listing to see the exact rate.

When it comes to reservations, SpotHero tacks on a service fee up to 35% of the total parking cost. ParkWhiz fees are lower at 20% of the rate. So while SpotHero may offer better discounts, the lower service fees at ParkWhiz could balance out the pricing.

Ease of Use

Simplicity and user experience are also key factors for parking apps. Complicated interfaces lead to frustration, not faster parking.

Both SpotHero and ParkWhiz offer user-friendly apps that make reserving, paying for, and checking into parking a breeze. However, ParkWhiz has a slight edge when it comes to simplicity.

The ParkWhiz app has a clean, uncluttered interface that is very intuitive. Searches return a map clearly displaying parking locations and availability. Reservations are straightforward with just a few taps. In contrast, SpotHero has a busier interface that can feel more confusing to navigate when searching for and selecting parking.

ParkWhiz also provides clear pricing upfront, while SpotHero shows price ranges until you select a specific spot. For a smooth and stress-free experience, ParkWhiz wins in terms of ease of use.

Special Features

Parking apps compete on value-added features beyond just reserving spots. ParkWhiz and SpotHero both provide some nice extra perks.

With ParkWhiz, you can earn Rewards Points that add up towards free parking credits. The company also offers corporate accounts for businesses to manage parking across employees.

SpotHero has a refer-a-friend program where you earn credits for each friend that tries the app. The company also partners with select mobility services like car rentals and taxis to centralize transportation through the app.

Both apps provide promo codes that can be applied towards future parking. SpotHero tends to offer more standalone deals and discounts. The SpotHero blog also contains tips on finding cheap parking options without the app.

Overall, the value-added features are nice add-ons, but likely won’t make or break your decision. For most users, the parking search, reservation, and payment functionality will matter far more than peripheral perks.

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ParkWhiz Vs. SpotHero: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it cheaper to use SpotHero?

Overall, parking rates on SpotHero are often cheaper compared to ParkWhiz. SpotHero partners with garages and lots to offer discounted prices, especially through their Discount Badges program. ParkWhiz also offers some deals, but pricing tends to be more static.
However, SpotHero tacks on higher service fees of up to 35% of the total parking cost. ParkWhiz has lower fees at 20%. So the cheaper SpotHero rates can be negated somewhat by the higher fees. Comparing total pricing for your specific parking needs is recommended.

How trustworthy is SpotHero?

SpotHero is very trustworthy for reserving and paying for parking. They partner with reputable national parking providers like LAZ Parking and Towne Park. User reviews of SpotHero are overwhelmingly positive regarding fulfillment of reservations.
Some users complain that the SpotHero map can show spots as available even after they’re booked. But the app won’t let you complete a reservation for an unavailable spot. As long as you get a booking confirmation, you can trust your reservation is guaranteed.

Does SpotHero guarantee a spot?

Yes, any parking reservation confirmed through the SpotHero app is guaranteed. If you don’t receive a booking confirmation, then the reservation was unsuccessful and you won’t be charged. As long as you get a confirmation, the spot is yours even if the garage appears full upon arrival.
In the very rare case that a confirmed reservation is unavailable, SpotHero will refund the reservation cost and parking fee. The app also provides support via phone and email to handle any parking issues.

What company is SpotHero?

SpotHero was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Mark Lawrence, Jeremy Smith, and Larry Kiss. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
SpotHero has raised over $57 million in funding from investors like Macquarie Capital, Draper Associates, and Battery Ventures. The company uses this funding to expand its parking network and improve services.
As of 2022, SpotHero employs approximately 165 people and facilitates over 1 million parking reservations per month. The company continues developing partnerships and technology to provide more parking access through mobile devices.

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Parkwhiz Vs. Spothero: Which Is Best For You?

So which parking app comes out on top – ParkWhiz or SpotHero? The best option depends on your location and parking priorities.

Drivers who want the absolute lowest rates should go with SpotHero, thanks to discounts and promotion badges that unlock cheaper prices. Just keep in mind the higher service fees.

For an easy, fuss-free experience, ParkWhiz is harder to beat. The clean interface, upfront pricing, and lower service fees make parking reservations almost painless.

Frequent parkers in major cities like New York and Chicago are well served by both apps. ParkWhiz may have better coverage on the East Coast, while SpotHero dominates out West. Checking spot availability beforehand is advised.

Business travelers who need to book parking across multiple employees may benefit from ParkWhiz’s corporate accounts. But both apps work for personal and professional parking.

Overall, ParkWhiz and SpotHero are the two top contenders for parking apps. Downloading both apps to compare rates, availability, and ease of use can help you determine the best fit.

With either option, you’ll save time, money, and headache. Happy parking!

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