Origin PC Vs. Maingear: Which Custom Gaming PC To Pick?

For gamers and power users looking to buy a pre-built high-end desktop, Origin PC and Maingear are two of the most well-known and respected brands. Both companies offer customized, hand-built systems with top-of-the-line components and excellent craftsmanship.

But which one is better for your needs?

In this detailed comparison guide, we’ll examine the key differences between Origin PC and Maingear to help you decide which custom gaming PC is the right fit.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureOrigin PCMaingear
Price Range$900 – $7000$1200 – $10,000+
Component SelectionBroad selection from budget to high-endFocused on premium, high-end parts
CraftsmanshipExcellent build qualityImmaculate attention to detail
AestheticsVibrant, customizable gaming lookUnderstated and classy
Performance CoolingVery good, optimized airflowExcellent liquid cooling solutions
WarrantyLifetime US supportUp to 7 years
CustomizationExtensive customization availableHighly customizable
Build ExperienceGreat boutique experienceUltra-premium concierge service

Overview of Origin PC

Origin PC

Founded in 2009, Origin PC is a veteran in the pre-built gaming desktop market.

They are now owned by Corsair but operate independently.

Origin PC systems are assembled in the USA and the company prides itself on providing unmatched customization options and boutique-level personalized service.

From selecting each individual component to custom paint jobs and personalized laser etching, Origin gives you fine-grained control over every aspect of your new machine.

Origin offers a wide selection of systems for different needs and budgets, from entry-level to extreme high-end builds packed with multiple GPUs and the latest hardware. Their award-winning PC designs feature excellent cooling and craftsmanship for stability and longevity under heavy loads.

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Overview of Maingear

Maingear is another trusted gaming PC brand that has been hand-building custom desktops since 2002. Based in New Jersey, Maingear positions themselves as an ultra-premium boutique builder that offers high-end, finely-tuned systems.

Maingear PC

Like Origin, Maingear allows you to fully customize and personalize your PC with custom paint, etching, cabling, and component selection from the ground up.

Their systems feature immaculate cable management and craftsmanship with up to 7-year warranties.

Maingear focuses more on high-end systems packed with the latest and greatest hardware rather than budget builds.

They have a reputation for excellent customer support from start to finish.

Key Differences Between Origin PC And Maingear Gaming PC

  • Customization and Components

Both Origin PC and Maingear allow for an incredible degree of customization during the ordering process. You can select each individual internal component like GPUs, CPUs, RAM, storage, etc. based on your budget and needs.

This gives you flexibility to get the perfect configuration tailored to you.

In terms of component selection, Origin PC and Maingear give you access to all the major brands like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ASUS, MSI, Corsair, Samsung, Seagate, and more. Both builders only use brand new, quality components rather than refurbished or used parts.

Maingear has a somewhat more limited selection focused on high-end parts. Origin lets you scale down a bit more for budget-focused builds. Overall though, both offer top tier components to choose from.

  • Craftsmanship and Build Quality

A key strength of both Origin PC and Maingear is their exceptional build quality and craftsmanship. As boutique PC builders, they adhere to high standards for cable management, component installation, and overall system construction.

Origin PC systems go through extensive stress testing and quality control checks before shipment. Cable routing is meticulous and the interior layouts are very well planned for cooling and upgrades. Even base systems come with excellent build quality.

Maingear is similar – their hand-built systems are immaculate inside and out. The craftsmanship is arguably better than Origin with even more attention to detail on cable management. Between the two, Maingear has a slight edge in build precision.

  • Design and Aesthetics
Origin PC
Origin PC

You’ll be proud to display either an Origin PC or Maingear desktop thanks to the fantastic externals and design options available.

Origin lets you customize colors, paint jobs, laser etching, decorative lighting, and more for a truly personalized look.

From sleek, professional designs to flashy, RGB-lit gaming towers, you can configure your system to match your style.

Maingear also offers custom automotive quality paint jobs and personalized etching.

They focus a bit more on classy, clean aesthetics rather than flashy gamer designs. Both companies can match color schemes to your preference.

For aesthetics, it comes down more to taste – Origin has more colorful options while Maingear focuses on elegant and understated looks.

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  • Performance and Cooling

With top-shelf components and knowledgeable builders assembling your system, both Origin PC and Maingear yield excellent performance optimized for your usage – especially with the higher end configurations.

For cooling, Origin packs their desktops with name brand liquid CPU coolers and ample case fans to keep temperatures low. Their case designs prioritize airflow and heat dissipation from high-end hardware. Overclocking headroom is also quite good when enabled.

Maingear also incorporates high-end cooling solutions like custom liquid cooling loops and carefully directed airflow patterns in their designs. Their performance tuning expertise guarantees you get the most out of your hardware.

Temps tend to run slightly cooler than Origin on average.

  • Customer Service and Support

A big consideration with any PC purchase is the level of customer service and tech support available if any issues crop up. Both companies pride themselves on high-quality after-sale support.

Origin PC offers lifetime US-based tech support by phone and email. Their reps are very knowledgeable about troubleshooting the systems they build. Warranty service includes replacing damaged components and free return shipping.

Maingear also delivers excellent customer service starting with your initial sales rep through any support needed later on. Their warranties cover up to 7 years, demonstrating confidence in their workmanship. Their support team aims to respond quickly and resolve issues for the life of your system.

Overall, both companies get high marks for helpful and responsive support. Maingear Warranties tend to be a bit longer on average.

  • Costs and Pricing

As premium custom PC builders, both Origin and Maingear command somewhat higher prices than competitors. However, you get what you pay for in terms of service, support, reliability, and craftsmanship.

Entry-level Maingear desktops start around $1,200 while Origin PC’s begin around $900. On the extreme high-end, Maingear systems can exceed $10,000 for the very best hardware. Origin tops out around $7,000 for heavily overclocked dual GPU systems.

Maingear has a reputation for commanding about a 10-15% price premium over Origin PC for similarly configured systems. Keep in mind Maingear focuses more on high-end hardware while Origin has greater range at lower price points.

For the best value especially at lower budgets, Origin PC tends to come out slightly ahead. But Maingear excels if you want the very highest quality components in a finely-tuned rig.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does MAINGEAR make good PCS?

Yes, Maingear is renowned for making extremely high-quality, high-performance custom gaming PCs. Their hand-built systems feature immaculate craftsmanship and the most premium components money can buy. Maingear PCs are capable of running the latest games and intensive workstation tasks with ease.

Who are MAINGEAR competitors?

Some of Maingear’s main competitors in the boutique custom gaming PC space include Origin PC, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, Puget Systems, and CyberPower PC. Each company has different strengths, prices, and focuses while aiming to provide a personalized, high-end computing experience.

What is the alternative to Originpc?

Some good alternatives to Origin PC for purchasing a premium custom gaming desktop include Maingear, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, CLX Gaming, and IBuyPower. Each builder offers extensive customization and high-quality craftsmanship to rival Origin PC’s offerings. Maingear is probably the closest direct alternative.


Maingear remains an independently owned and operated company based in New Jersey that was founded in 2002. The company has not been acquired by any larger corporation and is still owned and managed by Wallace Santos, the founder and CEO. This gives Maingear autonomy to maintain their high standards for custom system building.

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either Origin PC or Maingear for a powerful, lovingly hand-crafted gaming desktop. Both permit extensive customization and use high quality components.

Some key differences:

  • Origin PC offers greater flexibility for budget-oriented builds starting at lower prices. Build quality is excellent and their colorful designs appeal to gamers.
  • Maingear focuses on ultra-premium builds with immaculate attention to detail. Aesthetics are more understated and pricing is higher, but craftsmanship is second to none.

If you want more affordable performance, Origin PC likely offers the best bang for buck. Enthusiasts focused exclusively on maxed out specs and record-setting power would be wise to choose Maingear.

Both builders provide an incredible custom PC buying experience from start to finish. For most shoppers, you can confidently pull the trigger on either brand and be more than happy with your absurdly powerful new rig!

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