Maingear Vs. Falcon Northwest: Which Gaming PC To Pick?

For serious gamers and power users looking for a high-performance pre-built desktop, Maingear and Falcon Northwest are two of the top contenders. Both companies have been making waves in the boutique PC market for over two decades, garnering glowing reviews and enthusiasts’ praise.

But which one offers the best combination of cutting-edge hardware, craftsmanship, customizability and value for your hard-earned dollar?

This comprehensive guide breaks down the key strengths and weaknesses of Maingear and Falcon Northwest gaming PCs to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsMaingearFalcon Northwest
Gaming PerformanceExcellent – Optimized for max FPSVery good – Focused on stability
Design & AestheticsHighly customizable case designs and paint jobsUnderstated and elegant styling
Build QualityTop notch hand-crafted qualityEqually excellent craftsmanship
Customer SupportPhenomenal direct supportAlso excellent
Customization OptionsExtremely flexible component selectionGood options but less mix-and-match flexibility
WarrantyLifetime labor, 1 year parts, 2-3 year depot service3 years parts & labor, lifetime email support
PricingStarts around $1,800. Good value for performance.Starts around $3,000. Higher cost than Maingear.

Overview of Maingear and Falcon Northwest


Maingear PC

Founded in 2002, New Jersey-based Maingear has earned a sterling reputation for building exceptionally fast, finely-tuned gaming rigs.

They pride themselves on quality American craftsmanship and offer unmatched customization options that let you tailor everything from the paint job to the internal components.

Maingear caters mainly to high-performance gamers, overclockers and PC enthusiasts who want the absolute best hardware optimized for speed.

While not cheap, their PCs are competitively priced for the premium level components you get.

Falcon Northwest

Based in Medford, Oregon, Falcon Northwest has been hand-building high-end desktops since 1992. They were one of the original boutique PC makers that offered personalized custom gaming machines before it became commonplace.

Falcon focuses on overall perfection and stability, choosing proven reliable components and painstakingly assembling each machine to run flawlessly for years. Their systems run quietly and cool even under heavy loads. Build quality and customer support are also top-notch.

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Differences Between Maingear and Falcon Northwest PC

  • Gaming Performance

When it comes to gaming fps, both Maingear and Falcon Northwest PCs pack an incredible punch thanks to supporting the latest processors and graphics cards. However, Maingear rigs eke out a slight performance advantage when similarly configured.

Maingear squeezes every last drop of speed out of components to push frame rates as high as possible. Their craftsmen are experts at tuning settings like CPU overclocks, GPU clock speeds, memory timings and cooling profiles so everything works in harmony together. Systems ship already extensively benchmarked and stress tested.

Falcon Northwest also utilizes top-tier parts and verifies stability, but generally doesn’t overclock CPUs and GPUs quite as aggressively as Maingear out of the box. Their machines emphasize flawless operation for many years over max theoretical performance.

But with a few tweaks, you can still enjoy buttery smooth high fps gameplay.

Winner: Maingear – for hardcore gamers who want to squeeze out every frame.

  • Design & Aesthetics

Maingear and Falcon Northwest both offer uniquely personalized case designs to help your new rig stand out.

Falcon Northwest PC

Maingear has really expanded the level of customization available lately.

Their standard “off the shelf” models feature sleek, understated looks with customizable paint jobs and lighting.

But you also have the option to truly design your own one-of-a-kind chassis with custom paint, graphics, materials and more.

Falcon Northwest cases boast elegant, refined styling with classy paint schemes and subtle lighting.

They look beautiful sitting on or under your desk. While their standard design options are more limited than Maingear’s, Falcon does offer some nice higher end case upgrades.

If having a desktop that looks as amazing as it performs is a priority, Maingear’s almost limitless possibilities give them the edge. But Falcon Northwest systems have an understated beauty all their own.

Winner: Maingear – for the widest range of aesthetic customization.

  • Build Quality & Craftsmanship

With boutique gaming PCs at this premium price point, you expect immaculate hand-crafted construction – and both companies deliver.

Maingear uses all high quality American-made components. Each system is hand assembled and tested by their experienced technicians. The craftsmanship lives up to the price, from the meticulous wire routing to painstaking attention to small details.

Likewise, every Falcon Northwest machine is a work of art. Their experienced builders pay incredible attention to every aspect of construction from start to finish. Faultless craftsmanship is a point of pride.

These systems are Works of art from the organized interior layouts to the flawless exterior paint jobs.

When it comes to build quality, both Maingear’s and Falcon Northwest’s standards are second to none. You really can’t go wrong here.

Winner: Tie. Both offer exceptional hand-crafted quality.

  • Customer Service & Support

Beyond the hardware itself, good customer service can make all the difference in your experience. Both Maingear and Falcon Northwest aim to provide top-notch support.

Maingear prides itself on bending over backwards for customers. Their small company structure and direct access to builders helps facilitate amazing support. You even get US-based phone support which is a rarity these days. Owners rave about prompt, thoughtful help resolving any issues.

Falcon Northwest also draws consistent praise for stellar post-sales assistance. Their experienced in-house support staff rapidly diagnose and fix any problems that pop up. Phone and email queries are handled promptly by knowledgeable representatives who treat you like family.

When investing thousands in a new computer, it’s reassuring to know each company has your back. Maingear and Falcon Northwest both earn glowing marks here.

Winner: Tie. Both Maingear and Falcon Northwest offer excellent customer service.

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  • Configuration & Customization Options

One of the major benefits of a boutique builder is the ability to fully customize your perfect PC. Both companies give you lots of options, but Maingear leads the pack when it comes to total flexibility.

With Maingear, you can hand pick every single component from the case down to the SSD. If a specific GPU, CPU, motherboard or memory configuration would complete your dream build, they will make it happen. You can even provide your own parts if desired.

Falcon Northwest also offers ample quality component choices including multiple case options, CPUs, GPUs and storage drives to get the performance you want. However, Maingear gives you more flexibility to mix and match a wider array of individual parts.

Maingear also specializes in truly one-off custom paint jobs, graphics and laser etching to make your desktop a work of art. Falcon Northwest design upgrades are more limited.

Winner: Maingear offers unmatched customizability and personalization options.

  • Warranties

It’s important for such a major purchase to have strong warranty protection. Both companies provide excellent coverage to safeguard your investment:

  • Maingear PC’s include lifetime labor and phone support, 1 year part replacement, and 2-3 years depot warranty service depending on model. Lifetime support is exceptional.
  • Falcon Northwest provides a 3-year parts & labor warranty along with lifetime technical support via email. 2-3 years of coverage is the industry standard for boutique builders.

Maingear wins out here with outstanding lifetime labor on all systems plus more flexible phone support. But Falcon Northwest also provides great coverage that stacks up well versus competitors.

Winner: Maingear thanks to lifetime labor coverage and phone support

  • Pricing & Value

Neither Maingear or Falcon Northwest machines come cheap. You’ll pay a premium over DIY builds, but the expertise, support, construction quality and customization options help justify the price.

Maingear PCs start around $1,800 for a decent gaming rig with high-end models easily exceeding $5K and up. While not inexpensive, they represent a good value compared to competitors when hardware specs are closely matched. You get tons of customization for the money.

Falcon Northwest systems typically range from $3,000 on the low end to $10,000+ for an extreme dream machine loaded with the best of everything. Given the similar quality components and craftsmanship, Falcon Northwest rigs tend to cost a bit more than Maingear pound for pound.

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For the utmost in gaming performance and customization without blowing your budget, Maingear gives you more for your money overall. But Falcon Northwest machines hold value incredibly well over time if upgradability and longevity are priorities.

Winner: Maingear provides better overall value and price-to-performance ratio.

Quick Pros & Cons Overview

Maingear Pros:

  • Amazing gaming performance pushes max fps
  • Unmatched personalization and customization options
  • Great customer support and lifetime labor warranty
  • Good value and price-to-performance ratio

Maingear Cons:

  • Can run hotter and louder than Falcon at max load
  • Limited case aesthetic upgrade options

Falcon Northwest


  • Understated elegant design and styling
  • Runs extremely cool and quiet
  • Craftsmanship on par with Maingear
  • Holds value incredibly well long-term


  • Slightly lower gaming fps than Maingear
  • Less flexible component selection
  • Higher starting prices than Maingear

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Falcon Northwest still good?

Yes, Falcon Northwest remains one of the premier boutique gaming PC builders. Their systems still feature incredible craftsmanship, top tier components, and a flawless reliability record built up over decades. Falcon Northwest continues to garner glowing reviews from enthusiasts and publications alike. They remain an excellent choice for a hassle-free high performance rig.

What is similar to Maingear?

Some boutique PC builders with offerings comparable to Maingear include Origin PC, Digital Storm, CLX Gaming, AVADirect, and CyberPower PC. Each company has its own strengths. But none match the extent of personalization and broad component selection Maingear provides. They really stand at the top of the market for gaming performance and customization flexibility.

Where are Falcon Northwest made?

Falcon Northwest designs, builds and supports all their desktops locally from their headquarters in Medford, Oregon USA. Their expert craftsmen hand-assemble each system in-house from start to finish. Every component install and wire routing is completed meticulously within their facility. Then machines undergo extensive testing before shipment.

Who is the founder of Falcon Northwest?

Falcon Northwest was founded in 1992 by Kelt Reeves. As an aircraft mechanic, his high standards for impeccable precision and reliability translated over to building high-end PCs. Reeves personally crafted and supported every early machine the company produced. He set the standard for boutique quality and customer service that Falcon Northwest upholds even today.

Final Thoughts

So when choosing between these two titans of boutique PC building, which comes out on top?

For those who play competitive esports titles and want every last frame rendered, Maingear is your best pick. Their finely-tuned systems push gaming performance to the limits out of the box.

Unrivaled configuration options let you customize your dream machine. And lifetime support provides peace of mind.

Gamers who value rock-solid stability, quiet operation, and refined style should choose Falcon Northwest. Their systems’ flawless craftsmanship and near silent acoustics immerse you fully in games. Plus long term reliability keeps you gaming happily for years.

Either way, you really can’t make a bad choice. Both Maingear and Falcon Northwest stand at the pinnacle of pre-built gaming PCs, combining cutting-edge hardware with impeccable craftsmanship and stellar support.

Your new powerhouse rig will provide countless hours of gaming glory for years to come.

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