Neato D7 Vs. D8: A Detailed Comparison To Find The Right Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums have exploded in popularity thanks to their convenience and effectiveness in keeping floors clean. Two of Neato’s top models are the D7 and D8.

But what’s different about these two, and how do you choose between them? Let’s compare the key features in detail.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesNeato D7Neato D8
Suction Power1500Pa1500Pa
Battery LifeUp to 120 minUp to 150 min
Runtime75 min avg90 min avg
Dustbin Size0.7L0.7L
FiltersUltra PerformanceUltra Performance
Brushes1 Combo2 Combo + 1 Side
No-Go LinesYesYes
App/Voice ControlYesYes
Warranty1 Year1 Year

In-Depth Look at the Neato D7

The Neato D7 sits in the middle of the brand’s robot vacuum lineup. It uses Neato’s signature D-shape and corner-clearing design to provide edge-to-edge cleaning.

Neato D7
Neato D7

The vacuum is equipped with strong 1500Pa of suction power to lift dirt, debris, pet hair and more from carpets and hard floors. It utilizes Neato’s powerful turbine technology and centrifugal force to maintain consistent suction.

For navigation, the D7 maps out floor plans using advanced laser scanning and tracking. You can view and edit maps via the Neato app to set no-go zones. It methodically cleans in neat rows for thorough coverage.

The NiMH battery provides up to 120 minutes of max runtime. Actual average runtime is 60-75 minutes, allowing the D7 to cover large spaces in a single cleaning cycle. It will automatically recharge and resume if the battery gets low mid-cycle.

Other key features include app and voice control compatibility, ultra performance filtration, and useful scheduling options. Overall, the D7 delivers strong cleaning and convenience in an intuitive package.

Overview of the Neato D8 Robot Vacuum

As a premium model, the Neato D8 includes several upgrades and additions for improved performance. It uses the same D-shape design and 1500Pa suction system as the D7.

However, the D8’s battery has been enhanced to offer up to 150 minutes of max runtime. Real-world usage still averages around 90 minutes per charge. But the extra runtime allows the D8 to cover more ground before automatically recharging.

Instead of one combo brush, the D8 features two large combo brushes to speed up cleaning coverage. It also adds a silicone side brush specifically for sweeping debris away from edges and walls.

The D8 comes with Neato’s ultra performance filter to trap more microscopic allergens. This keeps more dust and dander out of the air for improved indoor air quality.

Mapping, navigation, app control, scheduling, and voice compatibility match the D7’s capabilities. But the D8’s upgrades make it the superior cleaning performer.

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Key Differences Between the Neato D7 and D8

Understanding the differences between the Neato D7 and D8 robotic vacuums is essential for making an informed choice. Let’s delve deeper into the details that set these two models apart.

  • Battery Life and Runtime

Starting Statement: The battery life of a vacuum is crucial for continuous cleaning, especially in larger homes.

Neato D8
Neato D8

Both Neato D7 and D8 are renowned for their impressive battery lives, allowing them to run for over 2 hours at maximum capacity. But what’s the real difference?

The D8 boasts a more substantial battery pack compared to the D7. While it might seem like a minor tweak, this enhancement actually grants the D8 about 15 minutes of additional runtime. Imagine being able to clean an extra room or a larger hallway without stopping! That’s the benefit here.

For people with extensive homes or spaces, this extra time matters. Think of it like running a marathon; every extra mile you can run without stopping gives you an advantage.

The D7 might occasionally need to pause, recharge, and then resume cleaning for particularly large spaces. This could mean waiting a bit longer for your entire home to be spick and span.

  • Brush System

Starting Statement: The brush system determines how efficiently a vacuum picks up dirt and debris.

Let’s visualize the D7’s brush system like a single comb going through your hair, ensuring it’s neat and clean. The D7 employs one high-performance spiral combo brush to do the cleaning. This brush works great at picking up dust, dirt, and debris from your floor.

Now, let’s talk about the D8. Imagine you have two combs going through your hair at once – that’s double the cleaning power! The D8 introduces two bigger combo brushes that are spaced out.

This design enables it to cover a wider cleaning path in one go, which naturally means faster cleaning. Picture trying to clean your room’s floor with one big mop versus two; the latter gets the job done quicker, right?

Moreover, the D8 has an added side brush which acts like a little helper, specially designed to sweep away the dirt hiding near the walls or lurking around the edges. If the D7’s brush is good, then the D8’s is undeniably superior.

  • Filters

Starting Statement: Filters play a pivotal role in ensuring the air in our homes is clean and free of allergens.

Interestingly, both the Neato D7 and D8 use the same kind of filter, which is the Ultra Performance filter. But why is this filter so special? Think of it like a superhero mask that traps the bad guys. The filter captures tiny particles, ones so small that you can’t even see them, like pet dander, mold, and other allergens.

For anyone who sneezes a lot or has a sensitive nose, a good filter in a vacuum is a blessing. Since both models have the same filter, you’re assured of fantastic air purification whether you go for the D7 or D8. So, if clean air is a top priority for you, you’re in good hands with either choice.

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  • Scheduling and Zone Cleaning

Starting Statement: Modern robotic vacuums aren’t just about cleaning; they’re about cleaning smartly.

Thanks to technology, both the D7 and D8 can be programmed via the Neato app. This means you can set a schedule for them, like asking them to clean every Saturday morning while you enjoy your coffee. Imagine having a little robot helper that knows when to start and where to go!

Additionally, both models allow you to set up ‘no-go zones’. Let’s say you have a room filled with toys or a section with delicate decor; you can instruct the vacuums not to enter these zones. It’s like setting boundaries for a pet, ensuring they don’t venture into forbidden territories.

Given that both models offer these smart features, it’s a tie in this category. Whether you pick the D7 or the D8, you’re getting a smart assistant ready to obey your commands.

  • Price Difference

Starting Statement: Just like choosing a car or a phone, price is always a significant factor when picking a robotic vacuum.

With all the enhanced features, it’s logical that the D8 comes with a heftier price tag than the D7. It’s like choosing between a regular car and one with extra features; the latter will always be pricier.

The D7 usually hovers around the $500 mark. In contrast, the D8 dances between $700-$800. It’s essential to weigh the benefits against the costs.

Would you pay extra for a longer battery life and a superior brush system? Only you can decide if those upgrades justify the steeper price.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between the Neato D7 and D8?

The main differences are the D8’s larger battery for longer runtime, upgraded brush system with dual combo brushes + side brush, and slightly stronger cleaning performance. The D7 offers excellent mid-range power at a lower price point.

Who is the manufacturer of Neato?

Neato Robotics is the manufacturer behind Neato robot vacuums. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Newark, California. All Neato vacuums are designed and assembled in the United States.

Can you use Neato without the app?

Yes, Neato vacuums can work independently without the app. You simply won’t have access to features like scheduling, cleaning maps, zone cleaning and software updates. The robot will still navigate and clean floors effectively.

Why is my Neato d7 blinking red?

A blinking red light typically signals an issue with the D7. Possible causes include an empty dustbin that needs emptied, tangled brushes that need cleaned, or a stuck wheel or sensor that requires troubleshooting. Refer to the owner’s manual for step-by-step diagnosis.

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Final Thoughts

When comparing the Neato D7 and D8, the choice depends largely on your budget and cleaning needs. The D7 delivers strong mid-range performance at an affordable price point. It’s ideal for smaller homes without plush carpeting.

For large spaces and thick carpets, the D8 is likely the better investment. The added runtime, superior brush system, and overall enhanced performance justify the higher cost for some buyers.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either Neato model. Analyze the strengths and differences to determine the best vacuum for your floors. Both options provide an effective convenient cleaning solution using advanced technologies.

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