Mountain Mike’s Vs. Round Table: Battle of the Pizza Chains

The pizza wars rage on in California, with Mountain Mike’s and Round Table as two of the top contenders vying for pizza supremacy. These chains have been serving up piping hot pies for decades, becoming staples for families, friends, and pizza lovers across the state.

But with so many locations to choose from, how do you decide which pizza parlor to patronize?

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryMountain Mike’sRound Table
CrustThick, crunchy golden crustThin, crispy crust
SauceSavory, zesty red sauceSweet tomato sauce
CheeseOoey, gooey mozzarellaMelty mozzarella
ToppingsPiled highGenerous portions
Specialty PizzasChicken Bacon Ranch, Chili Verde ChickenBBQ Chicken, Thai One On
WingsYes, bone-in or bonelessNo wings
SaladsHouse, CaesarChicken, taco, more variety
DessertsCinnamon knots, garlic knotsMolten cake, brownies
Dining ExperienceFamily-friendly, livelyMedieval theme, unique ambiance

Key Differences Between Mountain Mike’s And Round Table Pizza

Here’s a detailed comparison of Mountain Mike’s and Round Table to help you determine the best fit for your next pizza night or party:

  • Overview
Mountain Mike's Pizza

Mountain Mike’s

Founded in Palo Alto in 1978, Mountain Mike’s has grown to over 200 locations throughout California, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada.

They specialize in hearty, mountain-sized pizzas loaded with all your favorite toppings.

Their pizzas have a signature crispy golden crust, zesty red sauce, and mounds of mozzarella cheese.

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Round Table Pizza

Round Table opened its first pizzeria in Menlo Park in 1959, making it one of California’s original pizza chains. Now with over 500 restaurants, Round Table is known for its medieval castle theme and vast array of pizzas, pastas, salads, and desserts.

Their pizzas have a thin and crispy crust with sweet tomato sauce and generous portions of cheese and toppings.

  • Pizza


Mountain Mike’s is all about those large, crunchy golden crusts that can support piles of toppings. Their hand-tossed pizzas are made fresh daily from scratch. Round Table features a thinner crust with a crispy bite and just the right amount of chewiness. It’s also freshly made in-house daily.


The zesty red sauce at Mountain Mike’s provides a tangy backdrop to each pie. Round Table uses a sweeter tomato sauce that complements the array of flavored pizzas on their menu.


You can’t go wrong with the ooey, gooey melted mozzarella at Mountain Mike’s, covering every bite from edge to edge. Round Table doesn’t skimp on the cheese either, with plenty of melty mozzarella on each pie.


With a wide selection of meats, veggies, and other toppings, you can create a fully customized pizza at either chain. Mountain Mike’s loads on the toppings, so you may have to fold your slice New York-style.

Round Table provides generous portions as well, though their toppings are spread a bit more evenly to accommodate the thinner crust.

Specialty Pizzas

Round Table Pizza

In addition to build-your-own options, both chains offer signature pizzas for something new.

Mountain Mike’s is known for pies like the Chicken Bacon Ranch and Chili Verde Chicken. Round Table has specialty pizzas like BBQ Chicken and Thai One On.


Mountain Mike’s offers a heartier, more filling pizza with each bite, while Round Table’s thinner crust gives a lighter, crisper pizza experience.

In terms of flavor profiles, Mountain Mike’s leans more savory while Round Table is a bit sweeter.

  • Sides


If you’re craving drumettes and flats, Mountain Mike’s has a variety of big, meaty wings available bone-in or boneless. Round Table doesn’t offer wings.


Fresh greens and crunchy veggies abound with the house and Caesar salads at Mountain Mike’s. Round Table goes beyond just salads, with options like Chinese chicken and taco salads on the menu. Here is why people love Round Table pizza!

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While Mountain Mike’s sticks to basics like cinnamon and garlic knots, Round Table tempts with sweets like molten chocolate cake and brownies.


You’ll find all the expected soda and drink choices at both pizza joints. Mountain Mike’s also offers a selection of beer and wine to accompany your meal.

  • Dine-In Experience

The family-friendly dining rooms at Mountain Mike’s are bright and lively, with games to keep kids entertained. Round Table leans into its medieval theme inside, making you feel like you’ve stepped back into the age of kings and castles while you dine.

  • Price

Mountain Mike’s and Round Table are similarly priced, with deals under $10 for one topping pizzas and lunch specials. Expect to pay $2-3 more for specialty pizzas and extra toppings. Sides like wings and salads cost in the $6-12 range.

Overall, Round Table may be slightly pricier, especially if you take advantage of their abundant dessert options. With regular coupons and specials at both, you can enjoy wallet-friendly meals at either pizza purveyor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What pizza is most like Round Table?

Mountain Mike’s comes closest to matching the thin crust and sweet tomato sauce of a Round Table pizza. Other chains with a similar style include Pizza Hut, Papa Murphy’s, and Little Caesars. Local pizzerias may also emulate the Round Table taste and texture.

Why is Round Table so expensive?

Round Table positions itself as a step above typical pizza chains, with higher quality ingredients and extensive menu options beyond just pizza. Their dining atmosphere and table service also add to the higher check averages. The convenience of delivery and advertising/marketing costs contribute to pricing as well. However, regular specials and coupons help make Round Table more affordable for the average pizza lover.

What is the difference between Mountain Mike’s medium and large pizzas?

The main difference is the size and number of slices. A medium pizza at Mountain Mike’s is 14 inches across, cut into 8 slices. A large is 16 inches across and cut into 10 slices. The large will serve more people with its bigger overall size and extra slices. Other than that, you can customize medium and large pizzas with the same toppings and crust options.

What’s the diameter of a large Mountain Mike’s pizza?

A large pizza from Mountain Mike’s measures 16 inches in diameter. With an extra 2 inches of width compared to their medium pizzas, the large size can handle more toppings and thicker crust while still cooking evenly. The 16-inch large fits most pizza pans and boxes as a typical large pizza size.


When choosing between pizza titans Mountain Mike’s and Round Table, it’s hard to go wrong. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Mountain Mike’s is the choice for hearty crust and piles of toppings to satisfy big appetites. Go for the zesty red sauce and crunchy, golden crust.
  • Round Table shines with a wider variety of pizzas, salads, and desserts. Opt for the thinner, crisper crust and sweet tomato sauce.
  • Families will appreciate the spacious dining rooms and arcade games at Mountain Mike’s.
  • For a unique medieval ambiance, sit down and dine at your local Round Table castle.
  • Grab Mountain Mike’s wings and garlic knots to round out your pizza night.
  • Order Round Table’s molten cake or brownies to end your meal on a sweet note.

The good news is that whichever you choose, you can expect fresh, quality ingredients and excellent service at both California pizza institutions. The pizza rivalry lives on, with Mountain Mike’s and Round Table each providing palate-pleasing pies to please the pizza connoisseur in you.

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