HOTWORX Vs. OrangeTheory Fitness: Which Is Better For You?

If you’re looking to amp up your workout routine, you may be considering boutique studios like HOTWORX and OrangeTheory Fitness. These studios offer high-intensity workouts in a group setting, but they each have their own unique approach.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key differences between HOTWORX and OrangeTheory to help you decide which one is a better match for your fitness goals and preferences.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsHOTWORXOrangeTheory Fitness
FocusHeated, infrared sauna workoutsHeart rate-based interval training
Temperature120°F – 140°F heatNormal indoor studio temperature
Class Length24 or 36 minutes60 minutes
Workout TypesHot yoga, Pilates, cycling, barre, HIITTreadmill, rowing machine, floor exercises
Training StyleIsometric holds, flexibility, calorie burnCardiovascular endurance, strength, calorie burn
CoachingInstructors lead/demonstrateCoaches guide throughout class
Heart Rate MonitoringOptionalRequired with live display
Membership Cost~$50-$100 per month~$159-$199 per month

What is HOTWORX?

HOTWORX is a fitness studio that offers infrared sauna workouts. The main draw of HOTWORX is combining intense heat with exercise.

Here’s a quick rundown of how HOTWORX works:

  • Workouts take place inside infrared saunas heated to between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. The high heat makes your body work harder.
  • Classes last either 24 or 36 minutes. They involve cardio, strength training, flexibility and recovery stretching.
  • Some locations have VR headsets so you can get immersed in virtual reality during your workout.
  • There are 10 different HOTWORX workout types including Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Barre and Hot Cycle.
  • Most studios have changing rooms with showers. Some also have hydromassage beds for post-workout recovery.
  • Membership options include monthly memberships, class packages and drop-in classes. Pricing varies by location.

The benefits of HOTWORX include increased calorie burn, detoxification through sweating, injury prevention and stress relief. The heat adds an extra challenge and takes your workout to the next level.

What is OrangeTheory Fitness?

OrangeTheory Fitness (OTF) is focused on interval training and heart rate-based workouts. The name comes from their claim that intense interval workouts give you the “Orange Effect,” which burns more calories post-workout.

Here are the basics of OTF:

  • One-hour HIIT (high-intensity interval training) style workouts that combine treadmill running/walking, indoor rowing and weightlifting.
  • Sessions are led by coaches who guide you through numbered “stations” and keep you motivated.
  • You wear a heart rate monitor during class that displays your live heart rate on a big screen. The goal is to get your heart rate into different color-coded zones for certain intervals.
  • The workouts focus on getting at least 12 minutes of training in the “orange zone,” which is 84-91% of your maximum heart rate. This supposedly causes an “afterburn” that makes you continue burning extra calories after your workout.
  • Most locations have changing rooms, showers and accessories like heart rate monitors available.
  • Pricing is around $159-$199 per month for an elite membership with unlimited classes. Other membership options and class packs are available.

The main benefit of OTF is getting a customized, high-energy cardio and strength training workout from their expert coaches. The heart rate feedback helps push you to your maximum effort.

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HOTWORX vs. OrangeTheory: Key Differences

Now that you know the basics of each studio, let’s compare some of the biggest differences between HOTWORX and OrangeTheory side-by-side:

In above table you can see, the biggest differences come down to the heat, workout style and pricing.

HOTWORX combines heat therapy with multi-dimensional workouts focused on functional fitness. The heat provides additional health benefits and increases the workout’s intensity.

OrangeTheory uses heart rate tracking to push you to your max during high-energy cardio and strength training intervals. With more of a gym-style workout, it focuses on endurance and athletic performance.

Membership at HOTWORX tends to cost significantly less than OrangeTheory on a monthly basis. Both offer class packages as well for more flexibility.

HOTWORX Pros and Cons

Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of HOTWORX:


  • Infrared heat increase calorie burn and sweating. This provides cardiovascular benefits, detoxification and potential anti-aging effects.
  • Variety of workout formats (yoga, Pilates, barre, cycling, HIIT) keeps your routine fresh and interesting.
  • Isometric holds and stretches improve flexibility, mobility and muscle recovery.
  • Lower monthly membership fees than OrangeTheory.
  • VR headsets make workouts more engaging and distracting.


  • The heat makes workouts very intense and challenging, especially for beginners. It can take time to adjust.
  • Lack of coaching can make it harder to optimize your exercise techniques and effort level.
  • Limited equipment and floor space compared to larger gyms.
  • Despite the infrared heat, hot yoga and Pilates may not provide a strong enough cardio workout for some.

Overall, HOTWORX is best for people who like variety, functional training, heat therapy benefits and motivating tech tools like VR. The challenging heat helps kick your workout up a notch. Just know it may take time to acclimate.

OrangeTheory Pros and Cons

For OrangeTheory, the biggest advantages and disadvantages are:


  • Live heart rate monitoring and target heart rate zones push you to your max effort and cardio capacity.
  • Highly structured HIIT-style workouts optimize intervals to increase calorie burn.
  • Expert coaching throughout class provides motivation, technique guidance and workout modifications.
  • Treadmills, rowing machines and floor exercises provide efficient, full-body cardio and strength training.
  • Music and group energy make workouts more fun.
  • Locations are widespread across the US.
Orange Theory Fitness


  • Price is higher than most gym memberships and significantly higher than HOTWORX.
  • Structured intervals leave little room for customization or doing your own thing.
  • Focus is more on cardio endurance and athletic performance vs. holistic functional fitness.
  • Heart rate monitors are required and can feel uncomfortable for some people during intense training.
  • Classes follow a set script each time, which some find repetitive.

Overall, OrangeTheory is ideal for people focused on cardiovascular health, endurance and performance. The heart rate tracking, coaching and structured intervals optimize HIIT workouts. Just be prepared for the higher monthly fees.

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Is One Better For Weight Loss?

Both HOTWORX and OrangeTheory can support weight loss through calorie burning. On average, you can expect to burn:

  • HOTWORX: 300-500 calories per 30 minute session
  • OrangeTheory: 500-1000+ calories per 60 minute session

With more time spent in high heart rate zones, longer workout duration, and use of treadmills/rowing machines, OrangeTheory offers greater potential for high calorie burn.

However, HOTWORX may help with weight loss in other ways. Infrared heat is thought to stimulate the release of growth hormones that support fat loss. And by targeting functional fitness, HOTWORX builds strength to raise your metabolism.

For the best weight loss results, experts recommend combining 2-4 HIIT workouts like OrangeTheory each week with 2-3 sculpting/strengthening sessions like HOTWORX.

Which Is Better For You? Key Questions To Consider

There are a few key questions to ask yourself when deciding between HOTWORX and OrangeTheory:

  • What are your fitness goals? If cardiovascular endurance is your main goal, OrangeTheory provides optimized HIIT training for this. For functional fitness, flexibility and mild heat therapy, HOTWORX has more benefits.
  • Do you like intense cardio sessions or varied strength workouts? OrangeTheory is focused on intense cardio intervals between stations. HOTWORX offers more cross-training with yoga, Pilates, barre and cycling focused workouts.
  • How do you feel about structured vs. self-directed workouts? With coaches guiding you and monitoring your heart rate, OrangeTheory offers more oversight and motivation. HOTWORX gives you more freedom to work at your own pace.
  • What workout environment do you prefer? For a high-energy, gym-like setting, OrangeTheory is ideal. If you want a focused, spa-like infrared sauna experience, chose HOTWORX.
  • What is your budget? HOTWORX memberships tend to cost significantly less than OrangeTheory’s monthly fees.

Think about your answers to these questions. This will point you towards the studio that best fits your preferences and goals. Don’t be afraid to try out free intro classes at each one too.

Our Recommendetion: Which Is Better Overall?

In the end, is one of these studios clearly better overall than the other?

The answer is that it depends. Both HOTWORX and OrangeTheory offer excellent workouts with research-backed benefits. But which you’ll prefer comes down to your individual fitness goals and workout style preferences.

If intense interval training optimized for cardio endurance is your main goal, OrangeTheory is likely the better overall option. The detailed heart rate tracking and coaching guide you to get the most out of each HIIT session.

For people who like heat therapy benefits, functional strength training, flexibility and a more spa-like workout environment, HOTWORX provides a better overall experience. The infrared heat adds new challenges and health perks you won’t get at most gyms.

Ultimately you can receive amazing benefits from both studios. It just comes down to deciding your top priorities and which workout style and environment suits you best. If budget is a main factor, keep in mind HOTWORX tends to be the more affordable option for monthly memberships.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is HOTWORX actually good?

Yes, HOTWORX provides excellent benefits, especially for people who enjoy heated workouts and functional fitness training. The infrared heat boosts your heart rate, circulation and calorie burn while the isometric holds and stretches enhance mobility and flexibility. It also provides a change of pace from normal gym workouts. Just know the heat takes some getting used to. Stay hydrated and ease in to avoid overdoing it.

Why is HOTWORX popular?

HOTWORX has grown popular because it combines the benefits of heat therapy with fun, multi-dimensional workouts. The infrared heat ramps up intensity while providing detox and anti-aging perks. Classes like hot yoga, Pilates and barre keep your routine fresh. The option to use VR headsets also makes HOTWORX an immersive, high-tech workout experience you can’t get elsewhere. The affordable membership pricing is another plus.

Is F45 or Orangetheory better?

Both F45 and Orangetheory are excellent choices for HIIT workouts. F45 focuses more on functional strength training circuits while Orangetheory specializes in treadmill-based cardio training guided by your heart rate zones. F45 is great if you want to improve overall fitness across modalities. Orangetheory gives you more optimized cardio and endurance training. Try out both studios if possible, since preferences vary by individual.

Is HOTWORX good for weight loss?

Yes, the challenging infrared heat and calorie burn from HOTWORX classes can support weight loss goals. However, diet and nutrition choices remain most important for sustainable fat loss. For best results, experts suggest combining 2-3 HIIT sessions like OrangeTheory for max calorie burn with 2-3 sculpting workouts at HOTWORX for strength/flexibility. The sauna heat may provide additional metabolic benefits. Just remember results require consistency, hard work and a healthy diet.

Putting It All Together

HOTWORX and OrangeTheory Fitness take two very different approaches to group fitness classes. But they both offer effective workouts with science-backed benefits.

Choose OrangeTheory if your main goal is boosting cardiovascular endurance and performance through intense, heart rate-driven HIIT training. Opt for HOTWORX if you want more variety with heated strength training, Pilates, yoga and cycling focused workouts.

Beyond your goals, consider your budget, workout style preferences and what environment will motivate you most. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Finding the studio that best aligns with your individual needs and preferences will ensure you receive the maximum benefits on your fitness journey.

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