Rumblex 4D Vs. Rumblex Plus 4D: A Detailed Comparison

Vibration plates like the Rumblex 4D and Rumblex Plus 4D use vibration technology to provide users with a quick and effective full body workout. But with several models now available from LifePro, it can be tricky to know which is the right one for your needs and budget.

This article provides a detailed comparison of the Rumblex 4D and Rumblex Plus 4D, looking at the key features, similarities, differences and pros and cons of each model. Read on to find out which Rumblex plate offers the best value for money and suits your requirements.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureRumblex 4DRumblex Plus 4D
Vibration Types3D, 4D3D, 4D
Motor Power3000W4000W
Vibration SpeedUp to 12mmUp to 16mm
Weight Capacity330lbs400lbs
Accessories IncludedBands, remote, matBands, remote, mat, split pads, core straps
Warranty3 years5 years
Dimensions27.5” x 28.75” x 52”31” x 28.5” x 55”

Overview of the Rumblex 4D

The Rumblex 4D is one of LifePro’s mid-range models. It provides both 3D and 4D motions to offer omni-directional vibrations that target all muscle groups.

Rumblex 4D
Rumblex 4D

Key features include:

  • 3D and 4D motions – Combines vertical with oscillating motions for complete muscle stimulation.
  • 3000W motor – Provides enough power for up to 12mm vibrations.
  • 10 speed settings – Let you customize intensity from gentle to maximal.
  • 330lb weight capacity – Accommodates most users.
  • Easy transport wheels – For moving the 80lb plate around.
  • Remote control – Quickly change settings without getting off the plate.
  • 3 year warranty – Good for a mid-range model.

The Rumblex 4D comes with resistance bands, a remote control, and non-slip mat. Multiple users can create their own personalized programs. It offers a good mid-range option for full-body vibrations and muscle toning at home.

Overview of the Rumblex Plus 4D

Stepping up in LifePro’s range, the Rumblex Plus 4D adds more power and features. It combines 3D and 4D motions like the standard Rumblex 4D but has a more powerful 4000W motor.

Key features of the Rumblex Plus 4D:

  • 3D and 4D Technology – Complete omni-directional muscle targeting.
  • 4000W motor – For stronger 16mm vibrations.
  • 10 speed settings – Fully adjustable intensity.
  • 400lb weight capacity – Accommodates heavier users.
  • Transport wheels – For moving the 140lb unit.
  • 5 year warranty – Good for a higher end model.
  • Accessories included – Bands, remote, mat, split pads, core straps.

The Rumblex Plus 4D includes all accessories you need to target different muscle groups. The split pads and core straps let you isolate abs and lower body. It offers more power and versatility for a complete high-intensity home workout.

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Key Differences Between the Rumblex 4D and Rumblex Plus 4D

While the Rumblex 4D and Rumblex Plus 4D share similar 3D and 4D vibration technology, the Plus model justifies its higher price tag with some key upgrades:

Rumblex Plus 4D
  • Motor Power and Amplitude

At the heart of any vibration machine is its motor. The motor determines how much power the device can provide, and therefore, the intensity of the vibrations it produces.

This is crucial because the strength of these vibrations directly influences how effective your workout or recovery session will be.

The standard Rumblex 4D comes equipped with a 3000W motor. Now, that’s no slouch. It’s capable of producing vibrations that go up to 12mm in amplitude.

In simpler terms, amplitude refers to how far the platform moves from its resting position. So, a 12mm amplitude means the platform can move 12mm up and down.

On the other hand, the Rumblex Plus 4D packs a more potent 4000W motor. This additional power allows it to achieve a greater amplitude of 16mm. Why does this matter?

Well, the deeper the amplitude, the more profound the muscle stimulation. Imagine giving your muscles a more intense shake, leading to a better workout or a faster recovery.

  • Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a vibration machine tells us the maximum weight it can safely handle. It’s essential to ensure that the machine can support the user without any risk of damage or malfunction.

The standard Rumblex 4D has a weight limit of 330lbs. This is decent and covers a broad spectrum of users. However, the Rumblex Plus 4D takes it a notch higher with a limit of 400lbs. This increased capacity makes the Plus model more versatile and suitable for a wider range of users, especially those on the heavier side.

  • Warranty Duration

Warranties are often overlooked, but they play a vital role in our buying decisions. They give us confidence in the product and its longevity. A more extended warranty indicates that the manufacturer is confident in the product’s durability and is ready to back it up.

The Rumblex 4D comes with a 3-year warranty, which is pretty standard. It ensures you have ample coverage in case any issues arise.

However, the Rumblex Plus 4D shows its premium nature with a longer 5-year warranty. This extra coverage offers more peace of mind, making it a more attractive long-term investment.

  • Accessories Included

Accessories can enhance the experience and functionality of the primary product. Both these models come with some useful extras, but there are differences in what’s included.

The standard Rumblex 4D provides users with bands, a mat, and a remote. These accessories help diversify the exercises you can perform and ensure a comfortable workout.

The bands are excellent for resistance exercises, the mat ensures a non-slip surface, and the remote allows for easy control.

Now, the Rumblex Plus 4D includes all of the above but goes a step further. It adds split pads and core straps. These are fantastic tools to target both the lower and upper body.

The split pads can help with exercises that require different footing positions, and the core straps can engage your upper body more intensively.

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  • Size, Construction, and Weight

Finally, the physical dimensions and weight of the machine play a role, especially if you have limited space or if portability is a concern.

The Rumblex 4D has dimensions of 27.5” x 28.75” x 52” and weighs 80lbs. This makes it reasonably compact and lightweight. In contrast, the Rumblex Plus 4D is larger, measuring 31” x 28.5” x 55”, and weighs a hefty 140lbs.

The increased weight and size might make it a bit more cumbersome to move, but it also speaks of its robust construction and durability.

The Rumblex Plus 4D justifies its higher price with enhanced power, weight capacity, warranty, accessories, size and construction.

This makes it better suited for heavier individuals or those wanting maximum intensity vibrations. But the standard 4D still offers great value for money for anyone on a budget looking for a complete full body workout.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Rumblex 4D and Rumblex Plus 4D?

The main differences are the Plus 4D has a more powerful 4000W motor, higher 400lb weight capacity, 5 year warranty, and includes more accessories like split pads and core straps. It also has larger dimensions and weighs 140lbs compared to 80lbs.

What is the difference between Rumblex 4D and Max?

The Max is more basic with a 2500W motor and only 3D motions. It does not include 4D oscillating vibrations, has fewer settings and accessories, lower weight capacity, smaller size, and 2 year warranty.

Which LifePro vibration is best?

The Rumblex Plus 4D is LifePro’s top model with the most power, accessories and premium features. But the standard Rumblex 4D provides great value for money for full body 3D and 4D motions on a budget.

What are the benefits of the Rumblex 4D vibration plate?

Benefits of the Rumblex 4D include improved circulation, muscle strength, tone, flexibility, metabolism and weight loss. It provides a quick full body workout targeting all major muscle groups with its 3D and 4D technology.

Final Thoughts

The Rumblex 4D and Rumblex Plus 4D both provide excellent full body workouts combining 3D and 4D vibrations. The Plus model justifies its higher price with added power, weight capacity and accessories.

But the standard Rumblex 4D still offers mid-range consumers great value for money. It delivers omni-directional muscle targeting at home for core strength, toning and weight loss.

Overall, the Rumblex range from LifePro are quality vibration plates to consider for your home gym. Decide if your budget and needs are best suited to the affordable Rumblex 4D or the more advanced Plus 4D model.

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