Feliway Multicat Diffusers Vs. Regular: Best For Multi-Cat In Home

If you have multiple cats in your home, you know that feline relations can sometimes get a bit heated. Even cats that get along well most of the time may occasionally experience tension or anxiety that leads to undesirable behaviors like aggression or inappropriate urination outside the litter box.

That’s where pheromone diffusers like Feliway Multicat and regular Feliway can help. But what’s the difference between these two popular Feliway products, and which is better for a multi-cat household?

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureFeliway MulticatRegular Feliway
FormulationDesigned for multi-cat householdsMade for single cat homes
Pheromone ConcentrationHigherLower
Coverage AreaUp to 700 sq ftUp to 230 sq ft
Best Use Case2+ cats in the home1 cat in the home
DurationLasts 4-5 weeksLasts 4-5 weeks

What Are Feliway Diffusers?

Feliway diffusers use synthetic copies of feline facial pheromones to help reduce stress and promote calming behaviors in cats.

Feliway Multicat
Feliway Multicat

Cats have scent glands on their faces that release pheromones when they rub their heads on objects. These pheromones provide cats with information about their environment and trigger positive emotional responses.

Feliway diffusers work by mimicking this natural cat pheromone. When dispensed into the air, Feliway pheromones send signals of well-being and security to the cats, helping to prevent or reduce stress-related behaviors.

Feliway diffusers are completely odorless to humans but provide a calming effect that cats can detect. The diffusers plug into electric outlets to automatically emit the synthetic pheromones into the surrounding area 24/7.

How Do Feliway Multicat And Regular Feliway Diffusers Differ?

Both Feliway Multicat and regular Feliway diffusers contain synthetic cat pheromones. However, there are a few key differences:

  • Formulation: The pheromones in Feliway Multicat are specifically designed for multi-cat households, while regular Feliway is made for single cat homes.
  • Concentration: Feliway Multicat has a higher concentration of the feline facial pheromone than regular Feliway.
  • Coverage area: Feliway Multicat covers a larger area of up to 700 square feet, while regular Feliway covers about 230 square feet.

So in essence, Feliway Multicat provides a higher dose of feline pheromones across a larger space to target tension between cats in multi-cat homes.

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When Should You Use Feliway Multicat Vs. Regular Feliway?

Regular Feliway
Regular Feliway

Feliway Multicat is the better option for any home with 2+ cats. The higher pheromone concentration and larger coverage area allow it to reach all cats in a multi-cat household.

Regular Feliway is really best suited for single cat homes. While it can still help in a multi-cat home, its effects may not reach or impact all cats in a larger space.

So if you only have 1 cat, regular Feliway is fine. But Feliway Multicat is specially formulated to promote harmony between multiple cats sharing a home.

Pros Of Feliway Multicat For Multi-Cat Homes

There are several benefits that make Feliway Multicat an excellent investment for multi-cat households:

  • Reduces inter-cat aggression: Spraying, swatting, stalking, ambushing, and full-on fighting are all undesirable feline behaviors that Feliway Multicat can help prevent. The pheromones promote calmness and tolerance between cats.
  • Minimizes stress: Stress behaviors like inappropriate urination/defecation, excessive grooming, appetite changes, and more may be reduced with the use of Feliway Multicat. Even cats that seem stressed for no reason can benefit.
  • Soothes anxious cats: Anxious or timid cats feel more secure and confident with Feliway Multicat. It’s especially helpful for new cats and kittens introduced to a multi-cat household.
  • Optimized for multi-cat coverage: The higher concentration and larger coverage range ensure the pheromones reach all areas of a home with multiple cats. No cat gets left out of the calming benefits.
  • Long-lasting: One Feliway Multicat diffuser lasts for about 4-5 weeks when used continuously in the same area. This provides ongoing stress relief without constant diffuser replacements.
  • Easy to use: Simply plug in the diffuser, and it automatically emits the synthetic pheromones. No spraying, wiping, or other effort required.

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Potential Cons Of Feliway Multicat

The benefits of Feliway Multicat far outweigh any downsides, but here are a few potential cons to be aware of:

  • Higher initial cost: Feliway Multicat diffusers cost about $30 more upfront than regular Feliway diffusers. However, the benefits are well worth the extra investment for multi-cat households.
  • May not work for all cats: As with any pheromone product, Feliway Multicat may not impact every cat in the home. Cats can react differently based on the source of stress/anxiety. But it helps most cats in studies.
  • Doesn’t replace behavior modification: While extremely helpful, Feliway Multicat isn’t a miracle solution. You may still need to use behavior modification techniques or seek veterinary advice for severe cases.
  • Cord limits optimal placement: The diffuser must be plugged in, so ideal placement in the center of a home may not be possible if no outlets are nearby. Battery or spray options can supplement.
  • Only useful for indoor cats: The diffusers only work in enclosed indoor spaces. It won’t help for cats that go outdoors.

How To Use Feliway Multicat Diffusers

Using Feliway Multicat diffusers optimally will provide the best results in a multi-cat home:

  • Place in central home location: Position the diffuser in a central area all cats frequent, ideally about 5-6 feet off the ground. The pheromones disperse best from an elevated location.
  • Use one per floor: For multi-level homes, use one diffuser on each floor where cats spend time. This ensures full coverage.
  • Plug into outlet: Simply plug the diffuser into any standard electrical outlet. Keep it upright and avoid unplugging or relocating frequently.
  • Allow time to take effect: It can take a week or longer for cats to fully respond to the pheromones. See the biggest impact within a month.
  • Replace monthly: Change the diffuser every 4-5 weeks. Cats can become desensitized if the pheromone levels drop too low. Dispose of used diffusers properly.
  • Consider added support: For extra pheromone coverage, supplement with the Feliway Multicat spray during peak stress times like meals, playtime, or when new visitors arrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which feliway is best for multiple cats?

Feliway Multicat is specifically designed for multi-cat households. The higher pheromone concentration and larger coverage range make it most effective for 2+ cat homes.

Which feliway product works best?

For multi-cat homes, Feliway Multicat works best to minimize inter-cat aggression and anxiety. For single cat homes, regular Feliway is effective.

Are all FELIWAY Diffusers the same?

No, Feliway Multicat and regular Feliway diffusers differ in pheromone concentration and coverage area to suit different household needs. Always choose Multicat for multi-cat homes for best results.

What does feliway multicat do?

Feliway Multicat reduces stress and promotes positive behaviors in multi-cat households. The synthetic pheromones it emits encourage calmness, relaxation, and tolerance between cats that share a common space.

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The Verdict

Feliway Multicat offers a highly effective solution for minimizing tension, aggression, and anxiety between cats in households with 2 or more felines. While regular Feliway can provide some benefits, Feliway Multicat’s optimized formula and coverage clearly make it the superior choice for multi-cat homes.

If your cats are experiencing behavior issues or just need extra calming support when sharing common spaces, invest in Feliway Multicat diffusers. Within about a month, you’re likely to see a more peaceful, loving home where all your cats can thrive together

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