Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree Vs. Perfect Weekly: Which Is Better?

Keeping your pool sparkling clean and balanced can feel like a full-time job during swimsuit season. Between monitoring chemical levels, scrubbing surfaces, vacuuming, and filtering, pool maintenance requires regular time and attention.

Fortunately, Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree and Perfect Weekly aim to make pool upkeep a little easier. But how exactly do these popular products stack up? Here’s an in-depth look at Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree versus Perfect Weekly to help you decide which is right for your pool.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturePool Perfect Plus PhosfreePerfect Weekly
PurposeClarifies water, removes phosphates, balances waterSanitizes water, prevents algae, balances water
Active IngredientsPolymer clarifiers, phosphate removersChlorine compounds, conditioners
Best ForCrystal clear water free of algaeBudget-friendly weekly sanitizing
Water ClarificationExcellent – specialized formulaGood – secondary benefit
Phosphate RemovalExcellent – targets algae sourceNo – requires separate treatment
Balancing AbilityHelps stabilize pH and alkalinityContains built-in conditioners
CostMore expensive upfront, can save long-termVery affordable upfront

Overview Of Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree

Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree is an all-in-one pool clarifier and phosphate remover made by Natural Chemistry. This liquid product aims to clear cloudy water, remove algae-fueling phosphates, and maintain water balance in one weekly application.

Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree
Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree

Some key features and benefits of Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree include:

  • Combines a clarifier and phosphate remover. The clarifying action clusters together suspended particles in water for better filtration while the phosphate remover eliminates phosphates that can cause algae growth.
  • Reduces need for clarifiers and algaecides. Using Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree weekly can decrease the need for separate clarifying, algae preventing, and balancing products.
  • Restores water sparkle. The powerful clarifying agents in Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree trap and remove particles that make water appear cloudy or hazy.
  • Prevents staining and scaling. Phosphate removal inhibits staining and scale formation on pool surfaces caused by metals like copper and iron.
  • Balances water. Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree helps maintain proper water balance by reducing pH fluctuation.
  • Weekyl maintenance. Using Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree weekly as part of regular maintenance keeps water clear and algae-free.

Overview Of Perfect Weekly

Perfect Weekly is a concentrated liquid chlorine pool treatment made by Value Pack. This product is an alternative to standard liquid chlorine that aims to simplify pool care.

Here are some of the key features and advantages of Perfect Weekly:

Perfect Weekly
Perfect Weekly
  • All-in-one chlorine treatment. Perfect Weekly provides sanitizing chlorine to kill bacteria plus added conditioners to help control pH and alkalinity.
  • Reduces need for extra products. Using Perfect Weekly can decrease the number of individual pool chemicals needed on a weekly basis.
  • Prevents algae growth. The chlorine in Perfect Weekly sanitizes water to prevent green, black, and mustard algae.
  • Delivers sparkling water. Perfect Weekly oxidizes contaminants that cloud water.
  • Easy weekly maintenance. Applying the correct dose of Perfect Weekly each week handles sanitizing, preventing algae, and balancing water.
  • Reduces chemical odors. Perfect Weekly emits less of the strong chemical smell associated with standard liquid chlorine products.
  • Extends time between shocking. The built-in stabilizer allows Perfect Weekly to work longer between shock treatments.

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Comparing Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree And Perfect Weekly

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree and Perfect Weekly, let’s compare these two pool maintenance aids side-by-side:

Water Clarifying Ability

  • Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree uses clarifying agents that cluster particulates together for better filtration, clearing cloudiness and restoring sparkle.
  • Perfect Weekly oxidizes contaminants that cause dull or hazy water, bringing back clarity.

Verdict: Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree specializes in clarifying while Perfect Weekly clears as a secondary benefit of its sanitizing chlorine. For the best clarifying, Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree is the winner.

Removal of Algae-Causing Phosphates

  • Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree is designed to eliminate phosphates that feed algae growth. This prevents algae without relying on algaecides.
  • Perfect Weekly prevents algae through sanitation of water but does not remove phosphates. Additional algaecide may eventually be needed.

Verdict: For superior phosphate removal to control algae at the source, Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree is the clear winner.

Maintenance of Proper Water Balance

  • Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree helps stabilize pH levels and alkalinity to maintain water balance.
  • Perfect Weekly contains built-in conditioners that help regulate pH and alkalinity each week.

Verdict: Both Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree and Perfect Weekly contribute to ideal water balance as part of routine maintenance. This one is a tie.

Ease of Use

  • Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree only needs to be applied once per week, reducing chlorine and other chemical use.
  • Perfect Weekly also only requires one application per week to replace multiple products.

Verdict: Both pool aids simplify maintenance with weekly use, making them equally easy and convenient to use. This comparison results in a tie.


  • Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree is more costly upfront but its clarifying and phosphate control can decrease long-term expenses on other chemicals.
  • Perfect Weekly is very affordable upfront and its all-in-one formula reduces additional chemical costs over time.

Verdict: Perfect Weekly wins for budget-friendliness, but Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree can provide long-term value.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Phos free the same as Perfect Weekly?

No, Phos Free and Perfect Weekly are different pool chemical products. Phos Free is a phosphate remover made by Natural Chemistry, while Perfect Weekly is an all-in-one chlorine pool treatment made by Value Pack. They have different active ingredients and are designed for different primary purposes.

Does Perfect Weekly remove phosphates?

No, Perfect Weekly does not directly remove or treat phosphates in pool water. Its main function is as a sanitizing and conditioning chlorine treatment. A phosphate remover like Phos Free would be needed to lower phosphate levels.

What does pool perfect Phosfree do?

Pool Perfect Phosfree removes phosphates from pool water to prevent algae growth. It also contains clarifiers to clear up cloudy water and help maintain proper water balance. Using Phosfree weekly provides clarification, phosphate removal, and conditioning in one dose.

What does Perfect Weekly do for a pool?

Perfect Weekly is an all-in-one pool chlorine treatment that sanitizes water to kill bacteria, prevents algae growth, and helps regulate pH and alkalinity each week. It simplifies maintenance by replacing the need for separate sanitizing, algaeciding, and balancing products.

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The Bottom Line

For crystal clear water free of algae, Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree is the best choice. Its specialized formula removes particulates that cloud water while eliminating algae-fueling phosphates at their source. Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree takes water clarification and algae prevention to the next level.

Perfect Weekly serves as an excellent budget-friendly option for easy weekly sanitizing and conditioning to balance water. While it doesn’t focus specifically on clarifying or phosphates like Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree, its affordable price point and simplified use makes it ideal for low-maintenance pools.

Ultimately, choosing between these two pool maintenance helpers depends on your needs and priorities. For peak water clarity and quality, Pool Perfect Plus Phosefree is worth the investment. If you want an easy, economical way to sanitize and balance each week, Perfect Weekly fits the bill. Either way, your pool will be in good hands!

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