Cosori Pro I Vs. Pro II: Which Air Fryer Is Right For You?

Air fryers have become an incredibly popular kitchen appliance for their ability to make crispy “fried” foods using little to no oil. Cosori is one of the top brands when it comes to air fryers, offering several different models to suit varying needs and budgets.

Two of their most popular air fryers are the Cosori Pro I and Pro II. But what exactly is the difference between these two models? This article will compare the key features and performance of the Cosori Pro I Vs. Pro II to help you determine which is the right air fryer for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureCosori Pro ICosori Pro II
Capacity5.8 qt6 qt
Shake ReminderYesYes
Keep Warm FunctionYesYes
Accessories Included35

Overview of the Cosori Pro I

Cosori Pro I
Cosori Pro I

The Cosori Pro I is a 5.8 quart air fryer featuring 1700 watts of power. It has a square basket design and digital touchscreen with 11 built-in presets.

The touchscreen makes it easy to select cooking temperatures and times as well as built-in smart programs. It comes with 3 accessories including a food basket, crumb tray, and recipe book.

Overview of the Cosori Pro II

The Cosori Pro II has a 6 quart capacity powered by 1800 watts. It features a similar square basket design but has a few more cooking functions with 12 smart presets.

The large digital touchscreen, shake reminder, and keep warm functions are identical to the Pro I model. This air fryer comes with 5 accessories – a food basket, crumb tray, cooking pot, steam rack, and recipe book.

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Key Differences Between the Cosori Pro I and Pro II

The Cosori Pro I and Pro II are both top-notch air fryers designed to make your kitchen life easy and fun. Let’s dive deeper into their differences across various factors:

1. Power and Capacity

Power and capacity might sound technical, but they’re simple! Think of them as the “muscle” and the “tummy” of the air fryer.

The Muscle: The Pro II has a bit more “muscle” or power than the Pro I. While the Pro I works at 1700W, the Pro II operates at 1800W. So, what does that mean for you? More power can mean faster cooking or even better efficiency in some cases. However, the difference here isn’t massive, so both would perform quite similarly.

The Tummy: On the capacity side, imagine if you were cooking chicken wings. The Pro I, with its 5.8-quart basket, might be able to fit about a dozen comfortably. The Pro II’s 6-quart basket might let you sneak in a couple more. If you’re someone who loves hosting parties or has a bigger family, every quart counts!

2. Accessories

Accessories are like the cool extras you get. It’s like getting a toy with a kids’ meal!

The Pro I gives you three main “toys”:

  • Food basket (where most of the cooking happens)
  • Crumb tray (makes cleaning easier by catching any stray bits)
  • Recipe book (inspiration for your next dish)

Now, the Pro II offers those three and adds two more:

  • A stainless steel cooking pot (think of it as a mini pot that you can use inside the fryer for dishes like stews or soups)
  • Steam rack (perfect for steaming vegetables or even some dumplings!)

These extra accessories give you more ways to use the air fryer. It’s like having a mini kitchen inside your air fryer.

3. Presets

Cosori Pro II

Presets are like shortcuts on a computer. Instead of guessing the temperature and time for cooking fries or chicken, you can just press a button, and the machine knows!

Both these models have these awesome shortcuts. But the Pro II has one more than the Pro I. Can you guess what it is? Yogurt! Yes, with the Pro II, you get a special setting to make homemade yogurt. If you’re a yogurt lover, this can be a game-changer.

4. Functions

Now, functions are what the machine can do. Think of them like skills.

Both Pro I and Pro II share a lot of the same skills:

  • You can set the temperature up to 400°F. Imagine a really hot summer day, but for your food!
  • There’s a timer, so you don’t have to keep watching the clock. And when time’s up? The machine turns off on its own.
  • The shake reminder is like a little nudge. It tells you, “Hey, shake the food a bit so it cooks evenly!”
  • And the keep warm mode? Think of it as a cozy blanket. Even after cooking, it keeps your food warm and toasty.

The Pro II doesn’t bring any new “skills” to the table, but it’s good to know that both models have these great functions.

Watch this review video;

5. Design

Design is how the fryer looks and feels. Both Pro I and Pro II have a square-shaped basket design. This shape lets you fit more inside.

Their insides have a non-stick surface, which means your food won’t stick, and cleaning becomes super easy. Imagine trying to get a sticker off a surface. If it’s a non-stick surface, it comes off easily!

Both fryers have a big touchscreen on top. It’s like the screen on a tablet, but for your fryer. The big difference? The Pro II lets you pick from more colors. So, if you have a favorite color or want it to match your kitchen, you might prefer the Pro II.

6. Price

Ah, the price! Everyone has a budget. The Pro II, with its added muscle, tummy space, and extra toys, does cost more than the Pro I. However, the Pro I isn’t far behind in performance and still offers fantastic value. It’s like choosing between a regular toy and a toy with some extra bells and whistles.

When choosing between the Cosori Pro I and Pro II, it boils down to what you need. Do you want extra capacity and accessories?

Then Pro II might be your best friend. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly but still powerful, the Pro I stands tall. Whatever you choose, happy cooking!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Cosori Pro I and Pro II?

The main differences are that the Pro II has a slightly larger 6 quart capacity compared to 5.8 quarts on the Pro I. The Pro II also has an extra yogurt making preset, includes more accessories like a stainless steel pot and steam rack, and comes in more color options.

What is the difference between Cosori air fryer and Cosori smart?

The Cosori Smart is a WiFi enabled air fryer that can be controlled from an app. It has special features like voice control compatibility and remote operation. The Cosori Pro models do not have WiFi connectivity or app control but still have premium features like digital touchscreens and presets.

Which Cosori air fryer to choose?

It depends on your needs and budget. The Pro I is excellent value for money with ample capacity and great features. The Pro II is worth the upgrade if you want extras like more accessories, yogurt making, and larger capacity. The Smart is for those who want app connectivity.

Which Cosori is best for 2 people?

The 5.8 quart Pro I would suit a 2 person household well. The Pro II may be oversized for just 2 people unless you do large batch meal prepping. Even the 3.7 quart Premia could meet the needs of 2 people looking for a more compact Cosori model.

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Final Thoughts

Both the Cosori Pro I and Pro II represent premium quality air fryers packed with technology and features to deliver easy, delicious meals. For most home cooks, the more affordable Pro I has capacity and functionality that should meet day-to-day air frying needs.

Stepping up to the Pro II brings extras like more accessories and built-in yogurt making that justify the higher price tag for some.

Whichever model you choose, Cosori Pro air fryers will elevate your cooking game with smart programs, customizable settings, and large capacities ideal for everything from family dinners to meal prepped lunches.

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