Chicago Steak Company Vs. Kansas City Steaks: Which Is Better?

When it comes to mail order steaks, two of the biggest names in the business are Chicago Steak Company and Kansas City Steaks. Both companies have been around for decades and ship premium cuts of beef nationwide.

But which one offers the better steaks and overall value? In this article, we’ll compare Chicago Steak Company and Kansas City Steaks on a variety of factors to help you decide which is the better choice for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectChicago Steak CompanyKansas City Steaks
Steak FlavorMilder, wet aged flavorBold, complex dry aged flavor
Cut SelectionWider variety of specialty cutsTraditional steakhouse cuts only
PortioningVery consistent sizingSome variability in thickness
MarblingKnown for uniform marblingOccasional irregularities reported
PricePremium pricingVery competitive pricing
OrderingSimple with fewer choicesLarge combo selection can be confusing
DeliveryShips quickly in 1-2 daysMay take 2-3 days to process order
PackagingRecyclable cardboard coolerStyrofoam cooler
DiscountsNo subscriptions or discountsRewards program for repeat customers
GiftingStandard gift boxesUnique specialty gift packages

Overview of Chicago Steak Company

Founded in 1963, Chicago Steak Company is one of the oldest mail order steak companies in the country. They offer a wide selection of Midwestern grain-fed USDA steaks including filet mignon, porterhouse, t-bone, ribeye, top sirloin, and New York strip.

The steaks are wet-aged 21-28 days and hand cut by master butchers.

Chicago Steak Company
Chicago Steak Company

In addition to steaks, Chicago Steak Company sells other cuts of beef like roasts, ground beef patties, hot dogs, and steak burgers.

They also offer seafood, sides, desserts, and gift baskets. The company is based out of Chicago and uses only Midwestern raised cattle.

Some key pros of Chicago Steak Company are:

  • Very consistent sizing and portioning of steaks
  • Strong marbling and flavor since the cattle are grain-fed
  • Wide selection of popular cuts and steak gift baskets

Potential downsides are:

  • Premium pricing, steaks are expensive
  • Wet aging method doesn’t produce the depth of flavor of dry aged
  • Some customers report uneven consistency between shipments

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Overview of Kansas City Steaks

Operating since 1899, Kansas City Steaks is even older than Chicago Steak Company. They are also based in the Midwest and specialize in offering premium cuts of grain-fed USDA beef.

Kansas City Steaks has all the traditional steakhouse favorites – filet mignon, ribeye, New York strip, and Porterhouse among others.

The steaks are hand-selected and trimmed by experts. They are then dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days.

In addition to steaks, Kansas City Steaks sells roasts, ground beef, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and seafood. You can choose individual cuts or combo gift boxes. The company sources beef from Midwestern cattle ranches.

Kansas City Steaks
Kansas City Steaks

Here are some of the pros of choosing Kansas City Steaks:

  • Extensive dry aging results in very flavorful and tender steaks
  • Great marbling and consistency in sizing
  • Competitive pricing, deals available regularly

Some potential downsides:

  • The dry aged flavor may be too strong for some
  • Ordering can be confusing given the number of options
  • Mixed reviews when it comes to portion sizes

Comparison Between Chicago Steak Company And Kansas City Steaks

When it comes to the most important factors like steak quality and cut selection, how do Chicago Steak Company and Kansas City Steaks stack up?

Marbling & Flavor

Both companies sell very high quality, well-marbled steaks with superb flavor. Chicago Steak Company’s wet aging method produces a milder flavor while Kansas City’s extensive dry aging results in a more pronounced steakhouse type flavor. For complexity of taste, Kansas City Steaks has a slight edge.

Cut Selection

You’ll find all the standard steakhouse cuts at both Chicago Steak Company and Kansas City Steaks. This includes ribeyes, strips, filet mignon and porterhouse/T-bones. Chicago Steak Company has a broader selection of specialty cuts like the cowboy ribeye and ranch steaks. Overall, Chicago Steak Company wins for wider cut selection.

Portioning & Sizing

When it comes to portion sizes, Chicago Steak Company tends to be more consistent in their sizing and thickness of steaks. With Kansas City Steaks, you may get some variability in thickness. Chicago Steak Company offers better portion control.

Marbling Consistency

Both companies offer USDA graded beef with heavy marbling, which adds flavor and tenderness. Chicago Steak Company seems to have a bit more consistent marbling across all cuts. With Kansas City Steaks there are some reports of irregular marbling.

Watch the video to know more about Chicago Steak Company!

Aging Process

Chicago Steak Company wet ages their steaks 21-28 days while Kansas City Steaks dry ages their steaks a minimum of 21 days. The dry aging process used by Kansas City Steaks infuses more flavor. Wet aging delivers a milder taste. It comes down to personal preference but dry aged generally provides more depth.


When it comes to price, Kansas City Steaks has an advantage. Their steaks are very high quality but often priced lower than comparable cuts from Chicago Steak Company.

Kansas City Steaks routinely offers discounts and free shipping promotions. Chicago Steak Company pricing is premium.

Overall Steak Quality

Choosing an overall winner for steak quality is difficult since both companies deliver excellent products. However, for depth of flavor and tenderness, Kansas City Steaks rates higher thanks to their extensive dry aging. But you can’t go wrong with the great steaks from Chicago Steak Company either.

Ordering Process

Both companies make it easy to order online or over the phone. Kansas City Steaks has a much larger selection of combo boxes and specialty gift packs, which can be confusing to sort through. Chicago Steak Company’s website has fewer items so ordering is more straightforward.

Delivery & Packaging

The steaks are shipped frozen with plenty of insulation to keep them chilled. Chicago Steak Company tends to ship their orders in just 1-2 days. Kansas City Steaks may take 2-3 days to process orders.

As for packaging, Kansas City Steaks has received some negative comments for their use of styrofoam coolers. Chicago Steak Company uses recyclable cardboard coolers with dry ice or gel packs to keep steaks frozen. Chicago Steak Company has better packaging.

For ordering and delivery, Kansas City Steaks comes out a bit ahead with more combo & gift box options, frequency discounts, and better packaging.

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Frequency Discounts

Chicago Steak Company doesn’t currently offer any subscription or frequency discounts. Kansas City Steaks rewards repeat customers by offering discounts on 4, 6, or 8 shipments per year. This can save you 10-15%. Kansas City Steaks has better discounts.

Gift-Giving Options

Both companies provide gift boxes, baskets, and monthly subscription plans perfect for giving steaks. Chicago Steak Company has fewer combo options while Kansas City really excels in unique gift packages like their Steak Lover’s Gift with wine, steak sauce, and knives.

Overall Kansas City Steaks is better for gift giving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which steaks are better Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steaks?

Omaha Steaks are high quality but Kansas City Steaks are considered better because of their extensive dry aging process. Kansas City Steaks have bolder, more complex flavor.

Is Chicago steaks worth it?

Yes, Chicago Steak Company is worth it if you appreciate beautifully marbled, wet aged Midwestern steaks. The premium pricing matches the quality. Go for it if you want delicious steaks with great portion control.

Who are the competitors of the Kansas City Steak Company?

Top competitors of Kansas City Steaks include Chicago Steak Company, Omaha Steaks, Stock Yards, Double R Ranch, and Holy Grail Steak Co.

What grade are Kansas City steaks?

All Kansas City Steaks are USDA graded Prime or Choice quality. Only the top 2 grades qualify to become Kansas City Steaks. The extensive dry aging also increases tenderness and flavor.


Chicago Steak Company and Kansas City Steaks both deliver excellent quality steaks and convenient ordering options. In terms of steak quality itself, Kansas City Steaks is the winner thanks to its complex dry aged flavor and tenderness.

Chicago Steak Company offers excellent steaks as well, just with a milder wet aged taste.

For cut selection and portion sizes, Chicago Steak Company has an advantage. Their ordering process and packaging is also easier to navigate.

However, Kansas City Steaks wins for pricing, discounts for repeat customers, and gift packaging options.

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So which one is better? Here is a quick summary:

Chicago Steak Company

  • Offers better portion control and cut selection
  • More consistent marbling and sizing
  • Steaks have a milder, wet aged flavor
  • Straightforward online ordering with sustainable packaging

Kansas City Steaks

  • Dry aging results in unbeatable flavor and tenderness
  • Significantly better pricing with regular promos & discounts
  • Great variety of combo boxes and gift baskets
  • Reward program benefits repeat customers

Both companies provide wonderful steaks that any carnivore would love. Chicago Steak Company is ideal if you want easy ordering, portion control and great presentation.

Go with Kansas City Steaks for the boldest aged steak flavor and the best bang for your buck. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with these premium mail order steaks.

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