Cafe Bustelo Supreme Vs. Original: A Detailed Comparison

Cafe Bustelo is a popular coffee brand known for its bold, rich espresso-style coffee. But Cafe Bustelo offers two main varieties – the Cafe Bustelo Supreme and the Cafe Bustelo Original. What’s the difference between these two Bustelo coffees? And which one is better?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Cafe Bustelo Supreme and Cafe Bustelo Original across a variety of factors including taste, caffeine content, price, and more.

We’ll also look at the key features of each coffee and outline the pros and cons so you can determine which Cafe Bustelo coffee is the best option for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

FactorCafe Bustelo SupremeCafe Bustelo Original
Bean Type100% ArabicaArabica and Robusta blend
Flavor ProfileSmooth, refined, complexVery bold, intense, robust
Taste NotesMolasses, brown sugar, nutsTobacco, burnt wood, dark chocolate
Caffeine Content100mg per 5oz cup100mg per 5oz cup
Grind SizeFine espresso grindFine espresso grind
PriceSlightly higherLower
CustomizationBest blackTakes flavorings well
OverallMore balanced, higher qualityBolder, more affordable

Overview Of Cafe Bustelo Supreme

Cafe Bustelo Supreme is a newer variety of Cafe Bustelo coffee made with a blend of premium 100% Arabica beans. Bustelo markets Supreme as their “finest coffee.”

Cafe Bustelo Supreme
Cafe Bustelo Supreme

Some key features of Cafe Bustelo Supreme:

  • Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Dark roast for full-bodied, bold flavor
  • High caffeine content – 100 mg per 5 fl oz cup
  • Fine grind perfect for espresso machines
  • “Intensely rich and robust coffee experience” according to Bustelo

The Arabica beans used in Supreme are sourced from various regions of Latin America and Southeast Asia. Bustelo roasts the beans to a dark espresso roast for a bold, rich flavor.

Supreme is marketed as Bustelo’s premium variety and is priced slightly higher than regular Bustelo. The fine grind is optimized for espresso makers.

Overview Of Cafe Bustelo Original

Cafe Bustelo Original is Bustelo’s classic coffee blend. It features a darker roast compared to Supreme and has been Bustelo’s flagship coffee since 1928.

Some key features of Cafe Bustelo Original:

Cafe Bustelo Original
Cafe Bustelo
  • Blend of Arabica and Robusta beans
  • Very dark roast for full, intense flavor
  • High caffeine content – 100 mg per 5 fl oz cup
  • Fine grind good for espresso or drip coffee makers
  • Strong, bold, “traditional Latin espresso taste”

The blend contains both Arabica and Robusta beans which are sourced from various regions like Central America and Indonesia. The very dark roast gives Original an intense, smoky flavor.

Original has a fine grind suitable for espresso machines or drip coffee makers. It is moderately priced, making it an affordable option compared to Supreme.

Taste Comparison

The most significant difference between the two Cafe Bustelo varieties is the taste and flavor profile. Let’s compare the taste of each:

Cafe Bustelo Supreme has a bold, rich flavor with tasting notes of molasses, brown sugar, and toasted nuts. The 100% Arabica beans provide a smooth coffee with slight acidity and a pleasant aftertaste. The finish is described as clean and refined.

Cafe Bustelo Original has an intensely strong, smoky flavor with tasting notes of tobacco, burnt wood, and dark chocolate. The very dark roast brings out the natural oils for a thicker mouthfeel. Original has robust earthy and bitter tones compared to Supreme.

Supreme has a more complex, refined taste while Original is bolder, darker, and more intense. If you prefer a smooth, balanced coffee, Supreme is likely the better choice. For an extra robust coffee, Original’s strong kick is ideal.

Caffeine Content

Both Cafe Bustelo coffees have high amounts of caffeine given their dark roasts. But is one variety stronger than the other when it comes to caffeine levels?

Supreme and Original contain equal amounts of caffeine. Each 5 fluid ounce cup provides about 100mg of caffeine. This is significantly higher than typical Arabica coffees which average around 60-80mg per 5oz cup.

The caffeine content comes from the lengthy roasting process which increases caffeine concentration. Additionally, Original contains Robusta beans which have almost double the caffeine of Arabica beans.

So Supreme and Original are equally as caffeinated. If you’re looking for an extra caffeine boost, you can’t go wrong with either Cafe Bustelo variety.

Grind Size

Since most Bustelo drinkers use these coffees for espresso-based drinks, the grind size is an important factor.

Both Cafe Bustelo coffees come pre-ground with a fine espresso grind. The fine texture allows the hot water to extract the most flavor from the beans.

Supreme and Original have an identical fine grind suitable for espresso machines. You can also use them in drip coffee makers, although you may need to adjust your water amount and brew time.

The fine grind means there’s no difference between Supreme and Original when it comes to grind size and brewing method flexibility.

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Price And Availability

When it comes to price and availability, Supreme costs a bit more than Original. Let’s compare:

Cafe Bustelo Supreme:

  • 10 oz bag: $4.29
  • 20 oz brick: $7.99
  • 36 oz can: $13.99

Cafe Bustelo Original:

  • 10 oz bag: $3.79
  • 20 oz brick: $6.99
  • 36 oz can: $11.99

As you can see, Supreme costs around 50 cents more per package. The price difference is because Supreme contains 100% Arabica beans which cost more than the Arabica/Robusta blend in Original.

Both varieties are widely available at grocery stores, supermarkets, and online retailers like Amazon. Original may have slightly better availability as it’s been sold longer.

Overall, while Supreme costs a bit more, the price difference is minimal. Both coffees provide an affordable option for high-quality espresso-style coffee.

Flavor Customization

Many coffee drinkers customize their coffee’s flavor with milk, sugar, flavored syrups, whipped cream, etc. Does one of the Cafe Bustelo varieties work better for flavor customization?

The bold, intense flavor of Cafe Bustelo Original stands up exceptionally well to added milk, cream, sugar and flavorings. The strong flavor isn’t diluted, but rather balanced and smoothed out.

Since Supreme has a more refined, complex flavor, some coffee experts recommend drinking it black to enjoy the flavor subtleties. However, Supreme can certainly be customized to taste without losing its core flavors.

Ultimately, both coffees can be dressed up to taste fantastic. But Original may appeal more to those who heavily customize their coffee given its ultra-bold profile.

Pros And Cons Comparison

Here is a quick overview of the main pros and cons of each variety:

Cafe Bustelo Supreme


  • Smooth, refined flavor
  • 100% premium Arabica beans
  • Clean aftertaste
  • Bit stronger aroma


  • More expensive
  • Not as widely available as Original
  • Less robust, intense flavor

Cafe Bustelo Original


  • Very bold, robust flavor
  • Higher Robusta bean content
  • More affordable price
  • Wider product availability


  • Harsher flavor notes like tobacco
  • Less complex flavor than Supreme
  • Not 100% Arabica like Supreme

To summarize, Supreme has a more balanced and cleaner taste while Original is bolder and more intense. Original is also cheaper and easier to find. Choose Supreme if you prefer a higher quality Arabica flavor or Original if you want an extra robust cup of coffee. Also watch the review video!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Café Bustelo and Supreme?

The main difference is that Cafe Bustelo Supreme contains 100% Arabica coffee beans while Cafe Bustelo Original uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Supreme has a more refined, complex flavor compared to Original’s very bold, intense taste.

What is Bustelo Supreme?

Cafe Bustelo Supreme is a premium variety of Bustelo made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. It has tasting notes of brown sugar, nuts, and molasses and is roasted to a dark espresso-style. Supreme costs slightly more than regular Bustelo.

Which Café Bustelo is stronger?

Cafe Bustelo Original and Supreme have an equal caffeine content of about 100mg per 5oz cup. So both varieties are equally strong in terms of caffeine levels. However, Original has a bolder, more intense roasted coffee flavor while Supreme is more smooth and subtle.

How much caffeine is in Cafe Bustelo Supreme coffee?

Cafe Bustelo Supreme contains approximately 100 mg of caffeine per 5 fluid ounce cup. This is the same amount of caffeine found in Cafe Bustelo Original. The dark roasting process results in the high caffeine content for both Bustelo varieties.

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The Verdict

When choosing between Cafe Bustelo Supreme and Cafe Bustelo Original, it comes down to personal taste preference.

  • If you enjoy a smooth, refined coffee flavor, opt for Supreme. The 100% premium Arabica beans deliver a balanced, aromatic cup of coffee.
  • If you like an ultra-strong, intense coffee kick, go for Original. The Robusta bean content amps up the boldness for a very robust flavor.
  • If you’re on a budget, Original is the more affordable option.
  • If caffeine content is important, both deliver an equal caffeine jolt.

Overall, Cafe Bustelo Supreme and Cafe Bustelo Original are both great choices. Fans of espresso-style coffee appreciate the high quality and bold flavors of both varieties. Try them side-by-side to experience the taste differences and see which you prefer!

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