Bones Coffee Vs. Death Wish: Which Strong Coffee Is The Best?

For coffee lovers looking for an extra caffeine kick to start their day, two brands stand out for their bold, robust flavors: Bones Coffee and Death Wish Coffee. But with both touting extra-strong brews, how do you choose between them?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Bones and Death Wish on taste, caffeine content, price, and more to help you decide which super-charged coffee is your perfect match.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryBones CoffeeDeath Wish Coffee
Founding Year20072012
LocationOrange County, CASaratoga Springs, NY
Tagline“Strongest Tasting Coffee”“World’s Strongest Coffee”
TasteBold, varied flavorsStrong, smooth, straightforward
Caffeine645mg per 12oz cup728mg per 12oz cup
Price$20 per 1lb bag$19.99 – $24.99 per 1lb bag
Product RangeBroad, including apparel/gearFocused on core coffee blends
Best ForFlavor varietyMaximum caffeine kick

An Overview Of Bones Coffee And Death Wish Coffee

Bones Coffee
Bones Coffee

Founded in 2007, Bones Coffee is a specialty roaster based in Orange County, California. They’re known for their creative flavor blends with edgy names like “Voodoo Child” and “Frankenstein’s Monster.” Their stated goal is to craft the “strongest tasting coffee on the planet.”

Death Wish Coffee sprang up more recently in 2012 in Saratoga Springs, New York. Proudly proclaiming they make the “world’s strongest coffee”, their beans are expertly roasted to provide maximum caffeine kick. Their bold, dark roasts are designed to get you charged up for the day ahead.

While Bones and Death Wish take different approaches, they share a common mission: providing ultra-strong coffee that delivers the intense jolt caffeine-craving drinkers desire. But which brand pulls it off best? Let’s dig deeper.

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Taste Comparison

When it comes to taste, Bones and Death Wish coffees are both packed with robust, intense flavor. However, there are some notable differences.

Bones Coffee tends to offer more varied flavors, thanks to their imaginative blend themes and mix-ins. For example, flavors like S’mores, High Octane, and Jamaican Me Crazy give you tastes beyond standard coffee. Their flavoring combos work surprisingly well together to create a strong yet nuanced coffee experience.

Death Wish Coffee sticks with a straightforward, pitch-black darkness in their roasts. They offer a smoother, less bitter taste than you’d expect from such a high-caffeine coffee. It’s bold, but not overpowering. Fans describe rich notes of cocoa and roasted nuts in their standard Dark Roast blend.

So for coffee drinkers who want gusto along with inventive flavors, Bones may be the choice for you. But if you crave an uncompromising, super-strong coffee taste, Death Wish has the edge.

Caffeine Content Face-Off

When it comes to caffeine content, Bones Coffee and Death Wish Coffee live up to their ultra-caffeinated hype.

Death Wish Coffee
Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee truly goes all-in on caffeine, with about double the amount of an average cup of coffee. A 12oz serving contains approximately 728mg of caffeine, compared to the 95-200mg in a typical coffee.

Bones Coffee also packs a serious punch, with 645mg of caffeine per 12oz cup. That easily outpaces normal coffee caffeine levels.

So while Death Wish edges out Bones in total caffeine content, both deliver on providing an extreme caffeine jolt. Just be aware of your own caffeine sensitivity before going overboard with multiple cups.

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Price Comparison

Pricewise, Bones Coffee and Death Wish Coffee cost about the same for a 1lb bag of whole beans.

Bones Coffee beans go for around $20 per bag. They also offer K-cups and coffee pods for single-serve brewing.

Death Wish Coffee beans cost approximately $19.99 – $24.99 per 1lb bag. They also provide K-cups and coffee pods.

Both brands are in line with premium coffee pricing, though not hugely more expensive than average gourmet coffee. For the extra caffeine kick you get, their price tags feel reasonable.

When it comes to subscription plans for regular delivery, Death Wish Coffee comes out a bit cheaper at 15% off normal prices. Bones doesn’t currently offer subscription discounts.

Product Line Comparison

In terms of product selection, Bones Coffee has a leg up in variety and options.

Bones Coffee offers numerous unique coffee blends, including seasonal specials like pumpkin-flavored fall coffee. Their extensive lineup ensures you can find a flavor for any time of day or taste preference.

They also sell coffee-themed merchandise in their online shop, like T-shirts, hoodies, hats and mugs. And you can purchase Bones-branded coffee gear like cold brew makers, French presses, and pour-over equipment.

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Death Wish Coffee focuses specifically on providing the strongest coffee roasts possible. They only sell their core blends, like the quintessential Death Wish dark roast.

Their product line is simpler overall, just centered around delivering maximum caffeine in straightforward black coffee. They do lack the wider assortment of Bones Coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Death Wish Coffee the strongest coffee in the world?

With about double the caffeine of an average cup of coffee, Death Wish does stake a strong claim as the world’s most caffeinated coffee. Their 728mg per 12oz serving surpasses most other coffee brands for giving you an extreme caffeine jolt.

Who are Death Wish Coffee competitors?

The main competitors to Death Wish Coffee are other extra-caffeinated coffee brands seeking to provide a blend with very high caffeine levels. These include Bones Coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee, and Biohazard Coffee.

Is Death Wish Coffee stronger than Starbucks?

Absolutely – a 12 oz cup of Death Wish contains over 700 mg of caffeine, while the same amount of Starbucks coffee only has around 260 mg. So Death Wish has significantly higher caffeine for a much stronger kick of energy.

How strong is Bones Coffee?

Bones Coffee contains approximately 645 mg of caffeine per 12 oz serving. While slightly less than Death Wish, it still has over 3 times as much caffeine as a typical coffee, making Bones an extremely strong, high-caffeine blend.

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The Verdict

So, when it comes down to it, should you choose flavorful Bones Coffee or maximum-caffeine Death Wish for your strong coffee needs?

For coffee drinkers who want a bold caffeine kick along with plenty of flavor variety, Bones Coffee is likely the better fit. Their diverse seasonal blends and mix-in flavors set them apart.

But for those who care strictly about getting the biggest caffeine punch possible in their coffee, Death Wish Coffee can’t be beat. They offer uncompromising strength through expert roasting for a smooth, ultra-strong coffee.

Ultimately, it depends on your personal tastes and caffeine preferences. Luckily, you can try them both easily before committing to just one. See which super-charged coffee gets you most stoked to take on your day.

Quick Takeaways

  • Bones Coffee offers bolder, more varied flavors with names like S’mores and Jamaican Me Crazy
  • Death Wish Coffee provides a straightforward, super-caffeinated punch
  • Death Wish has approximately 2x the caffeine of a normal coffee, while Bones has 3x a typical amount
  • Both brands are comparable in pricing at around $20 per 1lb bag
  • Bones provides more product selection beyond coffee, like apparel and equipment
  • For maximum caffeine kick, go with Death Wish; for flavor diversity, choose Bones

I hope this comprehensive comparison helps summarize the key differences between Bones and Death Wish Coffee! Let me know if you would like me to expand on any part of the analysis further.

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