Aptive Vs. Greenix: How The Top Pest Control Companies Compare

Finding pests scurrying around your home can be downright disturbing. Getting rid of creepy crawlers lurking in your walls or swarming your kitchen requires professional pest control services.

When it comes to residential and commercial pest extermination, two big names are Aptive and Greenix. But what exactly do these top pest control providers offer? Let’s examine how Aptive and Greenix compare when it comes to key factors like service, treatments, and effectiveness.

A Brief Comparison Table

AvailabilityNationalSoutheast US
ServicesResidentialResidential & Commercial
Treatments OfferedAll pestsAll pests
Termite ControlYesYes
Mosquito ControlYesYes
Green Pest ControlSomeSpecialized
Customer ServiceRobust online portalTraditional booking
Appointment AvailabilitySame/next day1-3 days

Overview of Aptive Pest Control

Aptive Environmental is one of the largest pest control companies in the US. Founded in 2015, they provide service to nearly 200 metro regions across the country. Aptive offers both one-time treatments and regular pest control service plans.


Here’s a quick look at Aptive Pest Control:

  • National company serving most major metro areas
  • Founded in 2015
  • Services for residential and commercial customers
  • Treatments for all types of pests from spiders to termites
  • Range of protection plans or one-off services
  • Highly-rated with an A+ Better Business Bureau score

Aptive technicians receive extensive hands-on training on effective, responsible treatments. Their goal is to provide a more modern, convenient customer experience. Aptive offers same-day and next-day appointments for new customers in most regions.

According to Aptive, their protection plans feature “virtually no contracts, free add-ons, unlimited additional service, satisfaction guarantees, and local US-based customer support.”

Overview of Greenix Pest Control

Unlike national chains, Greenix Pest Control operates regionally in the Southeastern US. Headquartered in Florida, they provide service in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama. Greenix offers both traditional and organic pest control.

Some key facts about Greenix Pest Control:

  • Regional company serving the Southeastern US
  • Founded in 2008
  • Numerous green, organic pest control options
  • Treatments for mosquitos, termites, roaches, rodents, and more
  • Offer annual, quarterly, and monthly pest control plans
  • Free inspection and quote for new residential and commercial customers

Greenix states that they use the “least toxic pest control methods available” to limit environmental impact. They are members of the GreenPro certification program for eco-friendly pest management.

In addition to comprehensive pest services, Greenix offers targeted protection plans for specific pests. They also provide mosquito control treatments for yards and events.

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Key Differences Between Aptive And Greenix

Till now we have discussed about the basics of two. Now, we’ll explore some key differences between them:

1. Comparing Customer Service

Strong customer service makes a big difference when choosing any service provider. Here’s how Aptive and Greenix compare when it comes to client experience:

  • Communication – Both companies offer phone, email, live chat, and contact forms to reach customer service. Aptive provides the more advanced online customer portal.
  • Technician training – Each company touts extensive training programs for pest control technicians. Aptive highlights their “Aptive University” while Greenix notes ongoing education.
  • Scheduling – Aptive’s website allows instant appointment booking, with availability as soon as the same or next day. Greenix has a more traditional scheduling process with 1-3 day turnaround.
  • Service areas – Aptive can service homes across the entire US, while Greenix focuses on the Southeast region.
  • Responsiveness – According to reviews, both providers score well for responsiveness and resolving issues promptly. Aptive may have a slight edge in urgency.

For customer service, Aptive rates as the winner with more modern conveniences like robust online portals that make getting pest service smoother.

2. Aptive Vs. Greenix: Pest Control Treatments Offered

The types of pests treated and control methods used are crucial considerations when selecting pest control services. Here is how Aptive and Greenix compare when it comes to treatments:

Greenix Pest Control
Greenix Pest Control
  • Pest coverage – Both Aptive and Greenix treat all common pests including spiders, ants, roaches, mice, flies, and stinging insects. Aptive provides more specific treatment plans.
  • Termite control – This is a core service for both providers, including liquid barrier treatments, termite bait stations, wood reinforcements, and prevention.
  • Mosquito programs – Each company offers mosquito spraying for yards, trees, and outdoor areas. Aptive has more robust dedicated mosquito services.
  • Green pest control – This is where Greenix shines. They emphasize all-natural, non-toxic pest control methods rather than traditional pesticide treatments. Aptive uses some eco-friendly options but Greenix is the true specialist.
  • One-time Vs. regular service – Aptive and Greenix both offer single pest control treatments or ongoing protection plans. Greenix focuses more on maintenance while Aptive promotes flexible plans.

For general pest elimination, Aptive and Greenix are equally effective. Greenix is the choice for environmentally conscious customers wanting natural treatments.

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3. Cost and Value Comparison

Pest control costs vary based on the size of your home, service frequency, and exact plan details. Here is how Aptive and Greenix break down:

  • Average monthly costs – Expect to invest $30-$80 per month typically. Greenix starts around $30-50 for basic services while Aptive averages $50-80 for enhanced plans.
  • One-time treatments – These range from $90-$350 per treatment based on the pest issue and size of home. Rates are similar between the two.
  • Contracts – Aptive offers flexible month-to-month plans while Greenix usually requires annual contracts.
  • Discounts – New customer promotions like 20% off or two months free are common. Bundling with lawn care saves more.
  • Value – For what they offer, both companies provide robust value compared to large traditional competitors. The greater scope and convenience of Aptive may justify slightly higher pricing.

Aptive and Greenix offer very fair and competitive national pricing for professional pest control. Expect to invest around $40-$80 per month for full service.

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Pros And Cons Of Aptive And Greenix

Aptive Pros

Some of the biggest advantages that Aptive Pest Control offers compared to rivals:

  • Available to service homes in virtually any metro area coast-to-coast
  • Promises same-day or next-day availability for appointments
  • Provides an online customer portal for scheduling and communication
  • Offers regular, customizable protection plans
  • Utilizes some non-toxic, eco-friendly treatment options
  • Features flexible month-to-month plans without annual contracts

Aptive stands out for fast, convenient service with online flexibility that makes booking and managing pest control simpler. Their national reach is unmatched.

Aptive Cons

Some downsides of Aptive Pest Control to consider relative to competitors:

  • Limited to residential service – no business plans
  • Spotty availability in some isolated rural areas
  • Not as focused on all-natural, “green” pest control methods
  • Slightly higher prices than some smaller local exterminators
  • Lacks hometown feel of local pest control outfits
  • Contract terms less favorable than pay-per-treatment providers

While they score highly in most categories, Aptive does lack commercial services and all-natural treatment options found from other specialists.

Greenix Pros

Here are some of the biggest advantages of Greenix Pest Control:

  • Specialized in non-toxic, all-natural pest control techniques
  • Offers completely customized protection plans
  • Treatments specifically approved for organic gardening
  • Perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners
  • Competitively priced with frequent discount promotions
  • Longstanding reputation and service throughout the Southeast
  • Tailored treatments based on local pest control challenges

For homeowners concerned about pesticides near children or pets, Greenix delivers effective eco-friendly pest elimination services. They are experts in chemical-free treatments.

Greenix Cons

Some potential drawbacks of Greenix compared to large national chains:

  • Limited availability, currently only serving five Southeastern states
  • Traditional booking process without robust online portal
  • Less variety and customization in specific treatment offerings
  • Not as quick and convenient for urgent pest issues
  • Less brand recognition compared to national companies

The main disadvantage of Greenix is the confined service area focused on the Southeastern US rather than nationwide coverage.

How Do Terminix, Orkin, and Rentokil Compare?

Terminix, Orkin, and Rentokil Steritech are leading pest control chains with name brand recognition. However, they pale in comparison to Aptive and Greenix in several ways:

Aptive and Greenix advantages:

  • Significantly lower overall prices and better value
  • Superior customer service, responsiveness, and expertise
  • More transparent business model
  • Flexible plans without long annual contracts
  • Availability of “green” eco-friendly options

While legacy brands maintain strong awareness, Aptive and Greenix simply offer better service, responsiveness, and value to homeowners overall.

Which Company is the Best Overall?

For most homeowners, Aptive stands out as the best overall pest control provider based on:

  • Total availability with consistent pricing coast-to-coast
  • Wide variety of targeted treatment plans
  • User-friendly online portal for scheduling and communication
  • Effective responsiveness to service issues
  • Competitive pricing and discounts for new customers

Meanwhile, Greenix takes the crown for customers focused specifically on non-toxic, environmentally friendly pest control solutions. Their specialized green treatments are perfect for health-conscious homeowners.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best pest control company on the market?

Looking at service networks, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction, Aptive Pest Control is the leading pest control company overall. They provide nationwide service with reliable protection for all types of pests.

Does Aptive prevent termites?

Yes, Aptive offers comprehensive termite control services including liquid barrier treatments, bait stations, prevention contracts, wood reinforcements, and annual termite inspections. Their plans prevent termite infestations and catch issues early.

What is the fastest growing pest control company?

According to industry research, Aptive Pest Control has experienced the fastest growth over the past five years. They’ve expanded to provide service in nearly 200 metro markets across the United States.

Is Aptive eco-friendly?

While not as specialized as Greenix, Aptive does offer some environmentally friendly treatment options. Their plans utilize non-toxic baits and gels when appropriate while limiting broad application of pesticide sprays. However, Aptive is not exclusively a “green” pest control provider.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with pests in your home can be extremely frustrating. Cockroaches, spiders, ants, and rodents aren’t just gross – they can damage your home and health.

Skip the hassle and risks of tackling pests yourself. With reputable pro pest control from Aptive or Greenix, you can quickly eliminate pest infestations and protect your home long-term.

Both Aptive and Greenix offer excellent pest control services that outshine local exterminators and big national chains. Aptive stands out for unmatched availability, tech-forward tools for customers, and flexible regular treatment plans. Greenix wins for specialized green, non-toxic pest control solutions.

Contact Aptive or Greenix today to schedule a fast inspection and quote. Don’t tolerate pest problems any longer – get professional pest extermination services and send those creepy crawlers packing!

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