Aptive Vs. Ecoshield: Comparison Of Pest Control Services

When it comes to protecting your home and family from pests, you want to make sure you choose the right pest control service. Two of the most popular options on the market today are Aptive and Ecoshield. But how do you decide which one is the better choice for your needs?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Aptive and Ecoshield side-by-side, looking at key factors like effectiveness, safety, service options, and cost. Whether you’re dealing with ants, roaches, mice, or other pests, read on to discover the pros and cons of Aptive and Ecoshield so you can make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

Pest Control EffectivenessUses scientifically formulated products to effectively eliminate pestsLab-tested pest control products successfully remove pests
SafetyProducts are family and pet safe when applied correctlyNon-toxic pest control methods are safe for people, pets and environment
Service OptionsMonthly preventative treatments or one-time service availableFocuses on “as-needed” treatments tailored during each visit
CostMonthly plans start at $49 per treatmentOne-time treatments average $150-$500 based on inspection
Customer ReviewsMostly positive reviews praising pest removalFavorable reviews but more mixed than Aptive
Pros– Effective pest removal Lower pricing for regular service Pet-safe products– Non-toxic pest control   Customized treatments Satisfaction guarantee
Cons– Not as eco-friendly Spotty service in some reviews– No monthly plans Potentially higher one-time costs Mixed technician reviews

Overview Of Aptive And Ecoshield

First, let’s start with a quick rundown on these two pest control companies.


Aptive is a nationwide pest control service that offers both monthly and one-time treatments. Their services include general pest control, rodent removal, mosquito control, bed bug elimination, and more. Aptive uses family and pet safe formula products for their treatments.

Ecoshield is a pest control brand offered by Residex, a company founded in 1969. Ecoshield focuses on environmentally-friendly pest control solutions that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. Their services cover common pests like roaches, ants, spiders, mice, and more.

Now let’s dig into the details on how Aptive and Ecoshield compare across several key factors:


When it comes to results, both Aptive and Ecoshield offer reliable pest control solutions:

  • Aptive uses products that are scientifically formulated to kill and prevent pests. Their treatments target infestations at the source both inside and outside the home. Customers report seeing a major reduction in pests after Aptive service.
  • Ecoshield’s pest control products are lab-tested to ensure they effectively eliminate pests. Their environmentally-friendly formulas stop pests in their tracks while preventing future infestations. According to Residex, over 200,000 homeowners trust Ecoshield for pest control.

So in terms of reliability, Aptive and Ecoshield are quite evenly matched. Both use proven pest control formulas and techniques to get rid of pests and keep them away long-term.


When comparing pest control services, it’s crucial to consider safety:

  • Aptive uses pesticides that are family and pet safe when applied correctly by a professional technician. Their products meet federal standards for safety around people and animals. Aptive technicians are trained to use products carefully and responsibly.
  • Ecoshield offers highly safe pest control solutions. Their products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and specifically designed not to harm people, pets, or the environment. Ecoshield is a smart choice for homeowners concerned about pesticide dangers.

For households with kids, pets, or environmental concerns, Ecoshield comes out slightly ahead in the safety category with their non-toxic insecticide options. Aptive does use safer pesticides but some may still pose risks if used improperly.

Aptive And Ecoshield: Service Options

The types of services, coverage, and convenience offered can also make a big difference:

  • Aptive provides comprehensive pest control for many types of common pests. They offer both monthly preventative treatments as well as one-time treatments if you only have an occasional issue. Aptive services interior and exterior areas and provides reminder emails when it’s time for your next appointment.
  • Ecoshield covers a wide range of household pests. Their preventative treatments are customized by the technician during each service visit but don’t include a regular monthly plan. Ecoshield focuses more on “as-needed” treatments rather than scheduled visits. Appointments can be booked online, by phone, or through their app.

For homeowners who want regular, scheduled pest control service, Aptive offers more convenience and consistency with monthly plans. Ecoshield works better for one-off treatments or more sporadic pest issues.

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Aptive And Ecoshield: Cost

When evaluating pest control providers, cost is often an important factor:

  • Aptive offers monthly pest control starting at $49 per treatment. One-time treatments are estimated between $89 to $279 depending on the size of your home. You can get a free quote online or by calling their office. Aptive provides a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the service.
  • Ecoshield’s prices vary more case-by-case based on your pest issues and home size. An average one-time Ecoshield treatment costs $150 to $500. This includes your initial inspection and treatment plus a satisfaction guarantee. Ongoing preventative treatments will cost extra. Exact pricing is only available by calling for a free inspection and estimate.

Aptive comes out as the more affordable option for regular pest control. Ecoshield’s customized approach can get pricey, especially if you require multiple treatments. However, Ecoshield may be the better value if you only have a one-time pest problem.

Aptive And Ecoshield: Customer Reviews

Looking at customer feedback for both services can also give helpful insight:

  • Aptive has mostly positive reviews. Many customers praise their effective pest removal and pet-friendly products. Complaints are rare but some people say service was slower than expected or technicians missed certain problem areas.
  • Ecoshield also has many favorable reviews. Homeowners report pest issues disappearing after Ecoshield treatment. Others say their technicians were knowledgeable and friendly. Negative reviews are uncommon but a few mentioned inconsistent service between appointments.

Both Aptive and Ecoshield have solid reputations based on tons of 5-star reviews. Aptive appears to have more consistent high ratings while Ecoshield reviews are a little more mixed. But both provide satisfactory service to most customers.

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Pros And Cons Of Aptive And Ecoshield

To recap, here are the main pros and cons for Aptive and Ecoshield:



  • Effective pest removal
  • Monthly plans for consistent protection
  • Lower pricing for regular service
  • Pet-safe pest control formulas


  • Not as eco-friendly as some options
  • Spotty service reported in some reviews



  • Non-toxic pest control methods
  • Customized treatments based on inspection
  • Satisfaction guarantee for one-time service
  • Consistently positive customer reviews


  • No monthly plans available
  • Potentially higher cost for one-time service
  • Mixed reviews of technician quality

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Aptive worth the money?

For homeowners wanting regular pest control, Aptive provides effective service at very reasonable prices. Their monthly plans provide year-round protection that many customers find worthwhile.

What is the best pest control on the market?

Both Aptive and Ecoshield offer high-quality pest control solutions. Ecoshield is the better choice for environmentally conscious consumers, while Aptive works well for customers looking for consistent maintenance.

What company is best for rodent control?

Aptive offers comprehensive rodent removal services, making them a top choice for serious rat or mice infestations. Ecoshield also covers rodents but focuses more on quick cleanups rather than exclusion.

Who are Aptive competitors?

Some of Aptive’s biggest competitors include Terminix, Orkin, and Ecoshield. Each of these companies provides professional pest control with different advantages based on your needs and budget.

The Bottom Line

When weighing Aptive Vs. Ecoshield for your pest control requirements, there are good reasons to consider either option. Aptive offers reliable service on an ongoing basis at very wallet-friendly prices. Ecoshield provides customized eco-friendly treatments focused on quick elimination of current issues.

Thinking about your specific needs, budget, and preferences will help determine if Aptive or Ecoshield is the right match. Both companies have effective solutions for kicking pest problems to the curb so you can enjoy your home pest-free.

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