Anker PowerCore 325 Vs. 335: Which Portable Charger Is Better?

Portable chargers have become a must-have accessory for anyone who relies on their mobile devices. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide which power bank is right for you.

Two popular models from Anker, a leading brand in portable chargers, are the Anker PowerCore 325 and the Anker PowerCore 335. But what exactly sets these two apart?

In this detailed comparison guide, we’ll examine the pros and cons, features, and performance of the Anker 325 and 335 power banks. Key factors like capacity, size, compatibility, charging speeds, and price will be analyzed to help you determine the best option for your needs.

Whether you need to charge a phone on the go or power up a tablet, read on to find out if the 325 or 335 is the superior Anker pick.

A Brief Comparison Table

SpecsAnker PowerCore 325Anker PowerCore 335
Battery Capacity10,000 mAh10,000 mAh
Dimensions3.8 x 2.4 x 0.9 in4.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 in
Weight7.2 oz7.6 oz
Charges for iPhone 83.5 charges3.5 charges
Charges for Galaxy S82.5 charges2.5 charges
Fast Charging SupportYes, PowerIQ up to 10WYes, PowerIQ up to 10W
CompatibilityUniversal with USB devicesUniversal with USB devices

Anker PowerCore 325 Overview

Anker PowerCore 325
Anker PowerCore 325

The Anker PowerCore 325 is a compact and portable charger with 10,000 mAh capacity. It’s one of Anker’s smaller power banks, making it easy to throw in a bag or pocket for charging on the go. Some key features and specs of the 325 charger include:

  • 10,000 mAh capacity – Provides 3.5 iPhone 8 charges or 2.5 Galaxy S8 charges
  • Ultra-compact – Only 3.8 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches and 7.2 oz makes it pocket-friendly
  • Fast charging support – Compatible with PowerIQ fast charge up to 10W output
  • 18 month warranty – Backed by Anker’s quality promise and customer service

Anker PowerCore 335 Overview

The Anker PowerCore 335 is very similar to the 325 model but packs in a bit more power. With 10,000 mAh capacity, the key features of this charger are:

 Anker PowerCore 335
Anker PowerCore 335
  • 10,000 mAh capacity – Same as the 325, provides 3.5 iPhone 8 charges or 2.5 Galaxy S8 charges
  • Slightly larger size – 4.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches and 7.6 oz
  • Fast charging support – Also has PowerIQ up to 10W output for high-speed charging
  • 18 month warranty – Comes with Anker’s 18 month warranty and customer service

So at first glance, the 325 and 335 share many similarities with the same 10,000 mAh battery capacity and fast charging capabilities. The main difference comes down to physical size, with the 335 being slightly larger and heavier than the more compact 325 model. Next we’ll compare them across some key metrics to see how else they stack up.

Capacity And Charges

With both the Anker 325 and 335 featuring 10,000 mAh batteries, their charging capacity is equivalent. Here’s a look at how many charges you can expect from either model:

  • iPhone 8 charges – Approximately 3.5 full charges
  • Galaxy S8 charges – Approximately 2.5 full charges
  • iPad Air charges – Approximately 1 full charge

Since battery capacity is equal, you can expect very similar performance in terms of the number of charges provided by both power banks. Neither has a clear advantage when it comes to capacity and charges.

Size And Portability

When it comes to size and portability, the Anker 325 does have an edge over the 335. Check out the size comparisons:

  • Anker 325 – 3.8 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches, 7.2 oz
  • Anker 335 – 4.5 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches, 7.6 oz

As you can see, the 325 charger is over half an inch shorter in length and 0.4 oz lighter than the 335 model. While the 335 is still quite portable, the 325’s ultra-compact design makes it ideal for tossing in your pocket or bag. It takes up less space, so is better suited for portability and travel.

Charging Speed

Both the Anker 325 and Anker 335 support PowerIQ fast charging. This allows them to deliver charging speeds up to 10W output when used with compatible devices. In real world performance, here’s how fast you can expect them to charge:

  • iPhone 8 – Up to 50% in 30 mins
  • Galaxy S8 – Up to 50% in 30 mins
  • iPad Air – Up to 25% in 30 mins

With equivalent PowerIQ technology, you can expect equivalent charging times from both models. There is no significant difference when it comes to charging speeds.


In terms of compatibility, the Anker 325 and 335 can both be used to charge a wide range of devices. They work with all of the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, iPads, tablets and more. The only requirement is that the device must support standard USB charging. Specific compatibility includes:

  • Apple – iPhone, iPad, AirPods
  • Samsung – Galaxy S7 and later, Note series
  • Google – Pixel, Nexus phones and tablets
  • LG, Motorola, HTC – Most modern Android smartphones
  • Nintendo Switch – Can provide supplemental charge

You’ll have no issues using either portable charger to power up any of your USB-charged mobile devices. They work universally across Apple, Android, and other smartphones, tablets, and devices.

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When it comes to price, the Anker 325 and 335 are nearly identical:

  • Anker 325 – $29.99 USD retail price
  • Anker 335 – $31.99 USD retail price

With only a $2 difference, cost is not a major factor when comparing these two models. The pricing is quite consistent given the very similar features and capacity. Overall, both deliver great value for a 10,000 mAh portable charger.

Summary: Anker 325 Vs. Anker 335

To recap the key differences between the two models:

  • Capacity: Identical at 10,000 mAh
  • Size: 325 is smaller and more portable
  • Charging Speed: Equal PowerIQ fast charging
  • Compatibility: Both universal across devices
  • Price: Nearly equal at around $30 USD

In summary, the Anker PowerCore 325 is the better option if size and portability are your top priority. But the 335 model also packs in that same 10,000 mAh capacity into a slightly larger body. Other than minor size difference, the performance is equivalent across the board. So you can’t go wrong with either pick.

Anker 325 Pros:

  • Ultra-compact and portable design
  • Weighs 0.4oz less than 335 model
  • Takes up minimal space for travel

Anker 335 Pros:

  • Slightly higher 10,000 mAh capacity
  • Equivalent fast charging capabilities
  • Similar price point as 325 model

So should you go for the Anker 325 or 335? For maximum portability, the 325 is your best bet. But the 335 gives you that same powerful 10,000 mAh capacity in a slightly larger body. Depending on your priorities for size or capacity, either Anker power bank makes an excellent choice at this $30 price point.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the capacity of the Anker 335?

The Anker PowerCore 335 has a 10,000 mAh battery capacity.

What is the most powerful Anker PowerCore?

Currently, the Anker PowerCore 20000 PD is Anker’s most powerful power bank with 20,000 mAh capacity. But models like the PowerCore 10000 PD and PowerCore III 10000 offer 10,000 mAh in a compact size.

What is Anker 325 compatible with?

The Anker 325 is compatible with all USB charged devices including the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Android devices, iPads, and tablets.

Does Anker 335 work with iPhone 11?

Yes, the Anker 335 works great with the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and all other modern iPhone models. You can fast charge an iPhone 11 up 50% in just 30 minutes with the 335.


Hopefully this detailed comparison of the Anker PowerCore 325 Vs. the Anker PowerCore 335 has helped you gain a better understanding of the pros, cons, features, and capabilities of each portable charger. While they share many similarities, the key differences come down to size and portability.

If you want maximum power in your pocket, go with the Anker 325. But the 335 packs in that same 10,000 mAh capacity into a slightly larger body. For quickly charging your devices on the go, either model makes an excellent choice.

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  1. nicely put, however there is a basic issue, you are stating the models have 10,000 mAh capacity for both, which is wrong. The units come with battery capacity of 20,000 mAh, which is double of what you mention


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