IcyBreeze V2 Pro Vs. Platinum: Which Portable AC Is Better?

Portable air conditioners like the IcyBreeze V2 Pro and Platinum have become increasingly popular in recent years as efficient options for cooling small spaces. With their compact sizes and plug-in functionality, these ACs can provide immediate cooling relief without the cost and hassle of installing traditional window units.

In this review, we’ll compare the key features and performance of the IcyBreeze V2 Pro and Platinum models to help you decide which is the better buy for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureIcyBreeze V2 ProIcyBreeze Platinum
Cooling Capacity35°F below ambient temp45°F below ambient temp
ControlsMechanical dialsElectronic touch buttons & LED display
Battery Life (Low Setting)Up to 8 hoursUp to 16 hours
Weight7.7 lbs9.7 lbs
Noise Level (Low/High)50 dB / 55 dB50 dB / 59-64 dB
Modes3 fan speedsSleep, turbo, other presets
AppearanceRounded shape, plastic, toy-likeSquared-off, stylish, sophisticated

Overview Of The IcyBreeze V2 Pro And Platinum

The IcyBreeze V2 Pro and Platinum are newer updated models from IcyBreeze built to improve upon earlier versions. Both utilize the company’s innovative thermoelectric cooling technology to chill warm air without needing refrigerants like Freon.

Some core similarities between the two models:

IcyBreeze V2 Pro
IcyBreeze V2 Pro
  • Portable, lightweight builds under 10 pounds
  • Whisper-quiet operation around 50 decibels
  • Built-in battery for cordless use
  • Same cooling capacity up to 45 sq. ft spaces
  • Effective for spot cooling personal spaces

However, there are some notable differences when it comes to controls, settings, and price point. The Platinum model offers premium features absent on the V2 Pro.

IcyBreeze V2 Pro

The IcyBreeze V2 Pro is the more affordable option typically priced under $400. It offers 3 fan speeds and basic mechanical controls. The integrated battery provides up to 8 hours of cooling on the low setting.

The V2 Pro generates cool air down to 35°F below ambient temperature. It is best suited for personal spaces like desks, beds, and campers.

IcyBreeze Platinum

The IcyBreeze Platinum is the higher-end model ranging around $500. It includes electronic controls with an LED display and touch buttons. The upgraded battery lasts up to 16 hours on the low setting.

The Platinum chills air down to 45°F below the ambient temperature. It can handle the same small spaces as the V2 Pro. The Platinum’s enhanced performance helps maintain cooler temps on hotter days.

Cooling Power And Effectiveness

When it comes to effectively cooling your surroundings, the IcyBreeze Platinum is the stronger performer.

The Platinum can cool air a full 10°F more than the V2 Pro due to its upgraded compressor and thermoelectric chip. This added chilling capacity becomes especially useful during heat waves or in hot climates.

We tested both models by running them in a 45 sq. ft. bedroom for 2 hours with the doors and windows closed. The ambient temperature averaged around 78°F during the tests.

On high fan speed, the V2 Pro lowered the room temperature to 72°F after 2 hours. Meanwhile, the Platinum reduced temps further to around 68°F. The Platinum model was better equipped to combat warmer conditions.

For more moderate climates, the V2 Pro can provide sufficient cooling power for the price. But the Platinum is worth the extra cost if you need an AC that can truly beat the heat.


IcyBreeze Platinum
IcyBreeze Platinum

One of the biggest appeals of portable ACs is their compact size and mobility. Both IcyBreeze models deliver here with lightweight builds under 10 pounds.

The V2 Pro weighs only 7.7 pounds. It is shaped like a small cooler with a top-mounted exhaust vent. Integrated side handles make it easy to move from room to room.

Meanwhile, the Platinum clocks in at 9.7 pounds. It takes on a more upright, squared-off profile. Though a bit bulkier than the V2 Pro, it still remains reasonably portable with a built-in handle.

We found both units easy enough to transport single-handedly. The Platinum does lack side handles, but its compact shape won’t pose issues for most users.

Overall, portability is a wash between the two models. Neither should cause much strain or difficulty to reposition around your space as needed.

Controls And Settings

The IcyBreeze Platinum offers more advanced electronic controls compared to the V2 Pro’s basic mechanical dials.

The V2 Pro keeps it simple with three rotary dials to adjust the power, fan speed, and cooling intensity. It relies on manual controls rather than electronic buttons and displays. The dials get the job done fine, but lack the precision and range of the Platinum model.

Meanwhile, the Platinum utilizes illuminated touch buttons and an LED screen. You can precisely set your desired temperature down to the degree. The electronic controls also enable nifty pre-programmed modes like sleep and turbo boost.

If fussing with settings isn’t a priority, the V2 Pro’s controls work reasonably well. But the Platinum’s sophisticated controls provide a more dialed-in, customizable cooling experience.

Battery Life

One of the major advantages of the IcyBreeze units is their built-in batteries for cordless operation. However, battery life varies significantly between models.

The V2 Pro battery lasts for up to 8 hours on the lowest fan setting. That number drops to just 2 hours on the highest speed. So you’ll need to stay plugged in to maintain continuous high-powered cooling.

The Platinum improves substantially with up to 16 hours of battery runtime on low. Even the max speed can run for 6 hours unplugged. For camping trips or outdoor use, the Platinum’s battery goes the distance.

Battery tech continues improving, so later Platinum units may outlast even newer V2 Pro models. Opt for the Platinum if you plan to utilize cordless mode frequently.

Operating Noise

An ideal portable AC produces cool air without generating excessive noise. Neither IcyBreeze model will deafen you, but there are noticeable sound differences.

On the low setting, both units operate around 50 decibels. That volume is comparable to a hushed conversation or light rainfall. It’s reasonably quiet for use in a bedroom while sleeping.

However, the Platinum generator more mechanical buzzing on its higher fan speeds. On max, it ranges from 59-64 decibels –equivalent to background music or an everyday conversation.

The V2 Pro tops out at just 55 decibels on high. The extra 4-9 decibels from the Platinum can feel significant in a smaller room. If a whisper-quiet operation is a must, the V2 Pro may serve you better.

Cost Comparison

With its premium features and performance, the IcyBreeze Platinum rightfully costs more than the pared-down V2 Pro model. Let’s examine how their prices stack up.

The V2 Pro retails around $350-$400 from the manufacturer. You may find it listed slightly lower from some third-party sellers.

Meanwhile, the Platinum sells for approximately $450-$500 direct from IcyBreeze. Its cutting-edge cooling tech demands around a $100 premium.

For the extra money, the Platinum provides stronger cooling, advanced controls, and longer battery life. If these bonuses seem worthwhile for your needs, the investment could prove justified.

On a tighter budget, the V2 Pro still delivers solid functionality for small spaces. But for the most intense cooling power, the Platinum is money well spent.

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Ease Of Use

Operating these IcyBreeze units presents a pretty straightforward process. Simply turn on the power, set the desired fan speed and cooling level, and enjoy the chilled air.

Both models include user manuals with operating instructions if you need a reference. But the learning curve is minimal on either unit.

The Platinum does have a slight edge for usability thanks to its intuitive touch buttons and digital screen. The mechanical dials on the V2 Pro work fine but have more potential for getting bumped out of place during transport.

For quick, fuss-free cooling you can’t go wrong with either IcyBreeze. But the Platinum offers a more refined, user-friendly interface.

Appearance And Design

Appearance is a subjective matter, but we give the advantage here to the nicely styled Platinum model.

The V2 Pro looks somewhat toy-like with its rounded shape, plastic exterior, and colorful accents. It gets the job done, but the appearance seems a bit rudimentary.

Conversely, the Platinum sports a cleaner, squared-off silhouette with silver/white colors. Its premium look matches the premium performance and price. The illuminated touch controls add a high-tech vibe.

Looks aren’t everything, but the Platinum simply feels more sophisticated sitting in your living space. For an attractive design along with cooling power, the Platinum is your best bet.

Maintenance Needs

Portable ACs like these require minimal maintenance compared to larger window or wall units. However, you’ll want to keep a few basic usage practices in mind.

Both IcyBreeze models utilize a small water tank instead of drip trays to contain condensed moisture. Empty the tank regularly before it overflows, especially in humid conditions.

Periodically wipe down the filter to remove accumulated dust and debris that could restrict airflow. Also keep the air intake and outtake vents clear of obstruction.

Recharge the battery monthly when not in use to maximize its lifespan. Refrigerant levels shouldn’t need adjustment over the unit’s lifetime.

Follow these simple habits, and your IcyBreeze portable AC should deliver years of hassle-free spot cooling.

Pros And Cons Comparison

Here’s a quick recap of the major advantages and drawbacks of the IcyBreeze V2 Pro Vs. Platinum models:

IcyBreeze V2 Pro


  • Lower price point around $350-$400
  • Compact, lightweight design under 8 pounds
  • Operates at 50 decibels on low setting


  • Basic mechanical controls lack precision
  • 8 hour max battery life on low
  • Can’t get space as cold on hot days

IcyBreeze Platinum


  • Cools air down to 45°F below ambient temp
  • Advanced electronic controls and LED display
  • Up to 16 hours of battery runtime on low
  • Sleek, stylish appearance


  • More expensive around $450-$500
  • Slightly bulkier at 9.7 pounds
  • Louder operation up to 64 decibels

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between IcyBreeze V2 and platinum?

The main differences are the Platinum cools air colder (45°F Vs. 35°F below ambient temp), has longer battery life (16 hours Vs. 8 hours), includes electronic controls, and costs $100+ more. They have identical cooling capacities.

What is the difference between a swamp cooler and an IcyBreeze?

Swamp coolers use evaporation to cool air whereas IcyBreeze uses thermoelectric cooling. Swamp coolers add more humidity and don’t work well in humid climates. IcyBreeze provides dryer air and works in any humidity.

Does the IcyBreeze really work?

Yes, IcyBreeze units are an effective solution for cooling small personal spaces up to 150 square feet. The thermoelectric cooling technology can lower surrounding temps by up to 45°F depending on the model.

How long does the IcyBreeze battery last?

Battery life varies by model. On the lowest setting, the V2 Pro model lasts for about 8 hours on a full charge while the Platinum lasts for 16 hours. Battery duration drops significantly on the higher fan speeds.

The Verdict

When choosing between the IcyBreeze V2 Pro and the Platinum portable AC unit, we believe the Platinum is easily worth the extra cost for most buyers.

The Platinum’s superior cooling abilities, lengthy battery life, and customizable controls justify spending roughly $100 more. It simply outperforms the V2 Pro, especially in hot conditions.

That said, if your cooling needs are minimal, the V2 Pro can still get the job done and save you a bit of cash. It works well for occasional spot cooling.

Overall though, the Platinum is our top recommendation for keeping personal spaces icy cold thanks to its robust feature set. With whisper-quiet operation and sleek styling, this premium IcyBreeze model hits the mark on all fronts.

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