3 Day Blinds Vs. Smith & Noble: Which is the Better Blind Retailer?

When it’s time to install new window blinds or shades in your home, 3 Day Blinds and Smith & Noble are two leading retailers to consider. But how do they compare? This guide examines the key factors when deciding between 3 Day Blinds and Smith & Noble for custom window coverings.

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature3 Day BlindsSmith & Noble
Year Founded19772006
Store Footprint200+ showroomsNearly 100 showrooms
Products OfferedBlinds, shades, shutters, drapesBlinds, shades, window film
MaterialsPremium woods, metals, fabricsHigh-quality woods, fabrics, parts
Design ConsultationFree in-homeFree in-home
MeasuringPrecision measured to windowMeasured to custom-fit
Installation Time2-3 weeks typicalNext day installation
Smart OptionsMotorized, scheduled, app/voice controlMotorized, app and voice integration
WarrantyLifetime limitedLifetime limited
PricingCompetitive, price match guaranteedLow price guarantee
Best ForHuge selection, American-madeBudget-focused, speedy install

Overview of 3 Day Blinds

3Day Blinds

Founded in 1977, 3 Day Blinds is one of the longest-running and largest window treatment retailers in the U.S. They operate over 200 showrooms nationwide, providing custom blinds, shades, shutters, drapes, smart home integrations, and more.

3 Day Blinds offers a price-match guarantee, free in-home consultations, professional installation, and exact measurement for made-to-order window treatments designed specifically for your windows. They manufacture products in their own American factories.

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Overview of Smith & Noble

Smith & Noble is a newer competitor in the space, launching in 2006 based in Chandler, Arizona focusing mainly on custom blinds and shades. They now operate nearly 100 showroom locations across the U.S.

Like 3 Day Blinds, Smith & Noble provides free in-home design consultations, expert fitting and installation, child-safe cordless options, superior warranties, and a PriceLock Guarantee ensuring the lowest price. They manufacture their own products and install the next day.

Key Comparison Between 3 Day Blinds Vs. Smith & Noble

Both are well known on this industry for their products. Therefore, we’ll explore some differences between them:

  • Product Selection and Customization

Both 3 Day Blinds and Smith & Noble offer a huge selection of window treatments that can be fully customized to your windows. Products offered include:

  1. Horizontal and vertical blinds
  2. Roller and solar shades
  3. Faux and real wood blinds
  4. Cellular and pleated shades
  5. Roman shades
  6. Custom drapes and curtains
  7. Smart motorization

You choose the exact materials, colors, patterns, opacities, features, operating systems, and sizes scaled to your unique window measurements. The product selection and customization options are extensive with both retailers.

  • Blind and Shade Quality

A major consideration for any window treatments is quality of materials and durability of construction.

3 Day Blinds uses premium hardwoods, aluminum, composites, fabrics, and other materials sourced from top suppliers. Their blinds are constructed to the highest industry standards for longevity.

Smith & Noble also produces their blinds and shades from excellent quality components like hardwoods, aluminum, fabrics, and US-made parts to ensure durability and operate smoothly.

Overall, both companies offer professional-grade materials and manufacturing for a commercial look and feel you can count on for the long term.

  • Design Consultations and Measuring
Smith & Noble

Being able to see, feel, and test out different window treatment options in person is a valuable part of the buying experience. Both retailers provide thorough in-home design consultations.

Experts from 3 Day Blinds and Smith & Noble will evaluate your windows, take precise measurements, discuss style preferences, provide recommendations, and help you review product samples to make the best decision.

You benefit from having an experienced professional ensure the perfect fit, look, and functionality tailored to your space. Convenient in-home visits set both providers apart.

  • Installation Process and Turnaround Time

Once you place the order, what is the installation process and speed?

3 Day Blinds offers professional installation scheduled at your convenience after your order is finalized and manufactured. Installation is generally completed in 2-3 weeks.

Smith & Noble touts next day installation after orders are complete. Their team provides speedy, expert blind and shade fitting that gets your new window treatments hung right away.

So Smith & Noble is the better option when seeking the fastest possible installation. But 3 Day Blinds gets the job done promptly in about 3 weeks or less in most cases.

  • Technology for Convenience and Privacy

Advances in technology and automation have enhanced blinds with features like remote operation, voice control, and smart sensors.

Both 3 Day Blinds and Smith & Noble offer motorized and smart blinds that can be manipulated via remote, smartphone app, Alexa/Google Home voice command, and home automation systems. Automated privacy and light filtering at your fingertips.

This integration of tech allows total convenience and management of your window treatments from anywhere. No need to be home or manually adjust blinds.

  • Warranties and Guarantees

No one wants to deal with broken blinds just after installation. The strength of the company’s backing demonstrates faith in their products.

3 Day Blinds offers excellent lifetime limited warranties protecting against defects in materials, parts, and workmanship. Additional coverage for cords, batteries, and electronics.

Smith & Noble provides similar lifetime guarantees covering materials and manufacturing flaws along with extended warranties for headrail, cords, and electronics.

For comprehensive protection on your investment, both providers deliver with strong product guarantees. Lower worry about performance issues.

  • Cost Factors and Budget

As expected with customized solutions, blind and shade pricing varies. But both retailers aim for reasonable affordability.

3 Day Blinds offers price matching and seasonal promos to help keep costs low. Brands range from economy to premium. Complex shapes, larger sizes, and smart features increase prices.

Smith & Noble promises to match or beat any competitor’s quote. Budget-friendly brands are available. Unique shapes, motorization, specialty fabrics lead to higher quotes.

Get free quotes to compare. Both will work with your budget, but Smith & Noble wins for lower cost guarantees.

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FAQ About 3 Day Blinds and Smith & Noble

Who are 3 day blinds competitors?

Some of 3 Day Blinds’ biggest competitors in the retail window coverings space include:

  • Budget Blinds
  • Smith & Noble
  • Blinds.com
  • Empire Today
  • Blinds To Go
  • Next Day Blinds
  • American Blinds

Many competitors like Smith & Noble came later to challenge established 3 Day Blinds. But 3 Day Blinds remains one of the largest and most well-known brands in the category.

Is three day blinds the same as next day blinds?

No, 3 Day Blinds and Next Day Blinds are completely separate companies and are competitors in the retail blinds industry. While the names sound similar, they were founded independently and operate unique showroom locations and manufacturing facilities. 3 Day Blinds predates Next Day Blinds having been on the market since 1977.

Why is it called 3 day blinds?

3 Day Blinds gets its name from originally offering custom-made blinds within a quick 3 day turnaround time. When founded in the 1970s, the ability to measure, manufacture, and install custom blinds tailored to a client’s windows within just 3 days was virtually unheard of and gave them a competitive edge. Today, 3 Day Blinds still aims to deliver prompt installation but competes with some brands that offer next day installation like Smith & Noble.

How do you charge 3 day blinds?

There are a few options to pay 3 Day Blinds for your window treatments:

  • Credit card – 3 Day Blinds accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. This allows you to pay in full.
  • 3 Day Blinds financing – They offer special financing plans through Bread Finance that let you split payment over 12-18 months at low interest rates with approval.
  • PayPal Credit – 3 Day Blinds also accepts PayPal Credit which allows 6 months deferred interest financing on orders $99 or more.

So financing helps make the investment more budget-friendly by spreading payments over time.

Final Thought:

To recap key considerations:

  • Selection and customization are equally extensive with both retailers.
  • They offer similar premium-quality materials and master craftsmanship.
  • In-home design guidance from experts ensures the perfect solution unique to your space.
  • Smith & Noble edges out with faster next day installation turnaround.
  • Both provide tech-enhanced convenience through motorized, app, and voice-controlled shades.
  • Warranties are strong and similar for protection against defects.
  • Smith & Noble likely beats any price quotes.

The major differences come down to speed of installation and budget. Get free estimates before deciding whether 3 Day Blinds or Smith & Noble is the better fit for your residential or commercial needs. With personalized service from measurement to fitting, you can expect excellent window treatments from either.

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