Zinus Green Tea Vs. Cooling Gel Mattress: Which Is Best For You?

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may be considering options from the popular brand Zinus. Two of Zinus’ most popular mattresses are the Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress and the Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress. But what’s the difference between these two, and which one is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the key features of the Zinus Green Tea and Cooling Gel mattresses and compare them head-to-head so you can make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureZinus Green Tea MattressZinus Cooling Gel Mattress
Main materialGreen tea infused memory foamGel infused memory foam
Firmness optionsSoft, medium, firmMedium, plush
Thickness12 inches12 inches
Key benefitsPressure relief, conforming, minimal odorSleeps cool, minimal motion transfer
DrawbacksCan sleep warm, moderate off-gassingLess conforming, weak edge support
Best forPressure relief, side sleepers, eco-consciousHot sleepers, couples
Country of originChina (foam), USA (assembly)China (foam), USA (assembly)
CertificationsCertiPUR-US, OEKO-TEXCertiPUR-US
Warranty10 years10 years

Overview Of The Zinus Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress is infused with green tea extract and natural plant oils to help absorb moisture and reduce odors. The mattress has a 12-inch profile and is composed of multiple layers:

Zinus Green Tea Mattress
Zinus Green Tea Mattress
  • 3 inches of green tea memory foam – This top layer provides comfort and contours to your body. The green tea infusion helps reduce odor from the memory foam.
  • 2 inches of comfort foam – Adds additional cushioning.
  • 3.5 inches of airflow high-density foam – Provides support while allowing air to flow through.
  • 3.5 inches of high-density base support foam – Provides deep compression support as the foundational base layer.

The green tea memory foam layer is soft and adaptive. The mattress molds to your body, providing pressure relief for your hips, shoulders, and other areas while cradling your natural curves.

The Zinus Green Tea mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty and is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it meets standards for durability, emissions, and content.

Overview Of The Zinus Cooling Gel Mattress

Like the Green Tea mattress, the Zinus Cooling Gel also has a 12-inch profile. But instead of green tea infused memory foam, it uses gel-infused memory foam and layers designed to dissipate heat:

Zinus Cooling Gel Mattress
Zinus Cooling Gel Mattress
  • 2 inches gel-infused memory foam – The gel infusion pulls heat away from your body so you stay cool.
  • 3 inches comfort foam
  • 3.5 inches airflow high-density foam
  • 3.5 inches high-density base support foam

The gel-infused memory foam layer keeps you cool by drawing heat away from your body. This makes the Cooling Gel mattress a great option if you tend to sleep hot.

The Cooling Gel mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified with a 10-year limited warranty.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Pros

What are some of the main benefits of the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress?

Great pressure relief – The 3 inches of green tea-infused memory foam cushion pressure points, cradling your shoulders, hips, and back for a zero-gravity feel. This makes it excellent for side sleepers or anyone needing pressure relief.

Reduces odors – The green tea infusion prevents the buildup of odor in the foam that can occur with traditional petroleum-based memory foam. This keeps the mattress smelling fresh.

Breathable – Airflow layers allow air to circulate so you don’t get too hot.

Good value – Very affordable, often hundreds less than similar all-foam mattresses. You get great pressure relief for a fraction of the cost.

Multiple firmness options – Available in medium, medium-firm, and firm models so you can find your ideal firmness.

CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified – Meets rigorous standards for performance, emissions, and contents. OEKO-TEX specifically indicates it has been tested for harmful substances.

10-year warranty – Covered with a warranty that matches other leading foam mattress brands.

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Zinus Cooling Gel Mattress Pros

What are the biggest advantages of the Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Excellent cooling – The infusion of cooling gel into the memory foam layer pulls heat away from your body, perfect for hot sleepers.

Pressure and pain relief – Like the Green Tea mattress, the adaptive foam cradles areas like your shoulders and hips to cushion pressure points.

Minimal motion transfer – Foam absorbs movement so you don’t feel your partner changing positions or getting in and out of bed.

Soft feel – The gel-infused memory foam has a soft, plush feel that side sleepers and lighter-weight sleepers tend to prefer.

Breathable – Airflow through the mattress keeps the overall feel from getting too hot.

Budget-friendly price – Significantly less expensive than many competing gel mattresses while providing similar benefits.

CertiPUR-US certified – Ensures durable materials and low emissions.

10-year warranty – Strong protection policy in case of defects.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Cons

What are some of the downsides of the Zinus Green Tea Mattress to consider?

May sleep hot – While it has airflow layers, the green tea foam itself does not offer any special cooling benefits. People who sleep especially hot may want more cooling capabilities.

Some odor – The green tea infusion helps minimize odor but some owners still notice an initial “new mattress” smell that fades over time.

Sinks in – It has a medium feel, but lighter-weight sleepers may find it sinks in too much, especially on the softer side.

Weak edge support – Foam compresses around the perimeter so the edges don’t feel very supportive when getting in and out of bed.

Some off-gassing – The mattress may have an initial chemical-like odor from off-gassing that goes away within a few days. Leaving it in a well-ventilated room speeds the process.

Not made in the USA – Zinus manufactures their foam layers in China then assembles the mattresses in the US. Those wanting US-made may prefer a different brand.

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Zinus Cooling Gel Mattress Cons

What downsides should you be aware of with the Cooling Gel mattress?

Still may sleep warm – Despite the infusion of cooling gel, some warmer sleepers say it still retains a little too much heat. Adding a mattress protector can help.

Not enough firmness options – Only available in medium and plush, without a firmer model for heavier people or those wanting more support.

Minimal conforming – The thin 2 inch gel foam layer does not provide as much pressure relief as more robust memory foam layers in similarly priced mattresses.

Poor edge support – Sitting on the side of the bed will cause the edges to compress.

Initial off-gassing – Gel-infused foam still has some odor at first that goes away within a few days.

Also made in China – Like the Green Tea mattress, Zinus manufactures the foam in China then assembles in the US, which may be a drawback for some consumers.

Short lifespan – A moderate number of reviews cite sagging and indentations developing after 1-2 years of use.

Key Differences Between The Mattresses

To summarize the main differences:

  • The Green Tea mattress uses 3 inches of memory foam infused with green tea extract and natural plant oils for freshness and odor control.
  • The Cooling Gel mattress has 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam designed to dissipate heat and keep you cooler throughout the night.
  • The Green Tea mattress comes in soft, medium and firm feels while the Cooling Gel is limited to medium and plush.
  • The Green Tea mattress offers better overall pressure relief while the Cooling Gel prioritizes cooling.
  • Both mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified but the Green Tea mattress has the added benefit of OEKO-TEX certification.
  • Reviews suggest the Cooling Gel may have a shorter than expected lifespan compared to the Green Tea.

Which Should You Choose?

So, which of these affordable Zinus mattresses is better for you? Here are some quick recommendations based on sleeping style and preference:

Best for pressure relief and conforming – Go with the Zinus Green Tea mattress since it has a thicker memory foam comfort layer that will cradle your body’s natural curves better. Side sleepers in particular get excellent pressure relief.

Best mattress for staying cool – The Zinus Cooling Gel mattress is the way to go. The infusion of cooling gel into the memory foam draws heat away from the body throughout the night.

Best for heavier people – Choose the Green Tea mattress since it comes in a Firm option that will adequately support and cushion heavier weights. The Cooling Gel’s medium and plush options may be too soft.

Best if sleeping with a partner – Either mattress isolates motion well, but the Green Tea may have a slight edge. The softer feel adapts to each person’s body for fewer sleep disturbances.

Best on a tight budget – If price is the deciding factor, the Cooling Gel is often slightly cheaper, though both Zinus models represent strong value.

Best eco-friendly mattress – The Green Tea mattress takes the win here with its OEKO-TEX certification meaning it has passed rigorous testing for harmful substances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between green tea memory foam and regular memory foam?

The green tea infusion in the foam has natural antioxidant properties that help neutralize odor causing agents. Traditional memory foam can retain heat and sweat over time, causing it to smell. The green tea prevents this.

What is the purpose of the green tea infused into the Zinus mattress?

Infusing the memory foam with green tea extract and castor plant oil gives the mattress natural antibacterial properties to inhibit odor and bacteria growth. This keeps the mattress smelling fresh without harsh chemicals.

Is a cooling gel mattress really a good mattress for sleeping cool?

Cooling gel foam does help dissipate heat more effectively than standard memory foam. But its capabilities still depend on the specific construction of the mattress. The Zinus Cooling Gel mattress absorbs some heat but may not sleep as cool as higher-end gel mattresses with more advanced materials and designs.

What is the difference between green tea gel memory foam and standard gel memory foam?

Green tea gel memory foam has the benefits of both – it contains cooling gel to regulate temperature as well as green tea to inhibit bacteria and odors. Some mattresses combine both technologies, but the Zinus Green Tea and Cooling Gel mattresses only incorporate one or the other.

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The Zinus Green Tea and Cooling Gel mattresses are both great budget-friendly options under $400 for an all-foam bed. The Green Tea mattress shines for its conforming feel that cushions the body. The Cooling Gel mattress is the better choice if you sleep hot but may not provide as much pressure relief.

Carefully consider whether cooling abilities or contouring is more important to you. And as with any mattress, make sure to take advantage of sleep trials so you can return it risk-free if it does not meet your needs and preferences.

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