World’s Best Cat Litter Vs. sWheat Scoop: How Do They Compare?


When it comes to natural, clumping cat litters, World’s Best Cat Litter and sWheat Scoop stand out as two of the most popular options. Both offer plant-based formulas free from silica dust, perfumes, and dyes. But there are some key differences between these top brands to consider.

This comprehensive guide compares World’s Best Cat Litter and sWheat Scoop side-by-side. We’ll overview each litter, directly compare factors like materials, clumping ability, tracking, odor control, safety, and price, and also answer some common questions. Let’s dive in!

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryWorld’s Best Cat LittersWheat Scoop
Main IngredientCornWheat
Clumping AbilityExcellentVery good
Dust LevelLow dustModerate dust
TrackingMinimal trackingSome tracking
Odor ControlOutstandingVery good
SafetyVery safeSafe

Overview of World’s Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter
World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter is made from whole kernel corn and praised for its strong clumps. Key features:

  • Whole grain corn – Natural, quick-clumping main ingredient.
  • Excellent clumping – Forms hard, scoopable clumps.
  • Low tracking – Heavy granules don’t stick to paws.
  • Low dust – Minimal fine particles.
  • Odor control – Traps odors extremely effectively.
  • 99% dust-free – No irritating silica dust.
  • Septic and sewer safe – Can be flushed.
  • Higher cost – About $1 per pound, but lasts long.

World’s Best Cat Litter provides outstanding clumping and odor control with its whole kernel corn formula.

Overview of sWheat Scoop

sWheat Scoop uses natural wheat to deliver quality clumping. Details include:

  • All-natural wheat – Gently dried into granules.
  • Good clumping – Forms solid clumps for scooping waste.
  • Some tracking – Light grains may stick between toes.
  • Contains dust – More dust than World’s Best.
  • Odor fighter – Wheat neutralizes ammonia smells well.
  • Safe formula – No harsh chemicals or clay.
  • Flushable – Can be flushed down toilet.
  • Budget price – About $0.80 per pound.

sWheat Scoop provides an affordable wheat-based litter that clumps waste nicely.

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Key Differences Between World’s Best Cat Litter and sWheat Scoop

Now let’s compare World’s Best Cat Litter and sWheat Scoop head-to-head:

  • Main Ingredients
sWheat Scoop
sWheat Scoop

Every cat owner knows the importance of litter material. So, what are these litters made of?

World’s Best Cat Litter is all about corn. Specifically, it uses whole kernel corn. Corn has been an age-old grain used for various purposes. Not just in cat litter but in many household items. What makes corn an effective ingredient for cat litter?

Well, it’s absorbent. When your furry friend decides to make a quick bathroom trip, the corn in World’s Best Cat Litter jumps into action, absorbing the moisture.

On the other hand, sWheat Scoop puts its bets on wheat. That’s right, dried wheat granules. Wheat has a unique property.

Not only does it absorb moisture, but it also has enzymes that naturally break down odors. When you think of wheat, bread might come to mind, but this grain has many uses, including in the world of cat litter.

Both these grains are champions in their own right, forming natural clumping litters. However, as with all things, corn seems to have a slight edge in the clumping department.

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  • Clumping Ability

Speaking of clumping, let’s dissect this a bit more.

With World’s Best, you’re getting rockstars of clumping. Imagine this: A castle made out of sand. When you squeeze and compact the sand, it forms a solid structure. That’s how World’s Best forms its clumps – hard and dense. This makes scooping and cleaning the litter box a breeze.

But don’t discount sWheat Scoop just yet. It brings its clumping game too. The clumps might not be as hard as World’s Best, but they’re still solid. Think of them as the understudy waiting in the wings, always ready to perform.

Many testers and cat parents have voiced their opinions. The verdict? World’s Best clumps have a slight edge in the strength department.

  • Dust Level

Ah, dust! The nemesis of every cat owner.

Remember when you’re pouring cereal into a bowl, and there’s that puff of fine particles? With cat litter, this can be a common grievance. Enter World’s Best, the hero we deserve. With its claim of being 99% dust-free, it ensures that both you and your kitty can breathe easy.

sWheat Scoop, while still an admirable contender, has a bit more dust due to its wheat formula. This might not be ideal for super sensitive noses. So, while World’s Best offers a virtually dust-free environment, sWheat Scoop does have some room for improvement here.

  • Tracking

For those unfamiliar, tracking refers to those tiny litter granules that get stuck to your cat’s paws and then find their way all over your house.

With World’s Best, tracking is kept to a minimum. Those heavier corn kernels have a mind of their own. They’re like, “Nah, we’re good here. No need to go on an adventure.” This means fewer granules outside the litter box.

In contrast, sWheat Scoop has a higher potential for tracking. Those lighter wheat grains sometimes can’t resist the call of the open world. Or maybe it’s just your kitty’s way of leaving you a trail to find them.

  • Odor Control

Odors can be the bane of a cat owner’s existence. Both these litters tackle this issue head-on.

World’s Best isn’t just boasting with its name. Its odor elimination is top-tier. That corn knows how to lock in those unpleasant smells.

sWheat Scoop, however, isn’t far behind. The wheat granules also neutralize smells effectively. It might not be the absolute best in this department, but it sure is a close second.

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  • Safety

Safety first! Both litters prioritize your cat’s well-being.

World’s Best boasts an extremely safe formula. Made from natural grains, it’s non-toxic and harmless.

sWheat Scoop also joins the safety bandwagon. If your cat decides to have a nibble (although they shouldn’t), the wheat won’t harm them.

  • Price

Lastly, the price point. Everyone wants value for their money.

sWheat Scoop is the more affordable option. Priced at around $0.80 per pound, it provides substantial savings for those on a budget.

World’s Best is on the premium side, costing approximately $1 per pound. While it’s a bit pricier, some might argue that its features justify the cost.

In the great litter showdown, both contenders have their strengths. They cater to different needs and budgets. Your choice ultimately boils down to what you and your feline friend prioritize most. Whatever you choose, happy scooping!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which world’s best litter is best?

The original World’s Best Cat Litter formula is considered the best overall. It offers outstanding clumping, minimal tracking and dust, and unbeatable odor elimination thanks to its whole kernel corn base. The other versions add lavender or activated charcoal but work slightly less well.

Is sWheat scoop litter safe?

Yes, sWheat Scoop is very safe for cats. It contains no silica dust, chemicals, or additives – just pure wheat. The wheat is dried and compressed into granules. The natural formula is non-toxic for cats if ingested.

What is the #1 cat litter?

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra litter is most often ranked the #1 overall cat litter. It provides excellent odor control, hard clumping, low tracking and dust, and great cost value. Other top choices are World’s Best Cat Litter, Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, and Fresh Step.

Is World’s Best cat litter safe?

Yes, World’s Best cat litter is completely safe. It is composed of natural corn kernels and contains no silica dust, clay, chemicals, or deodorizers. The natural corn formula is non-toxic for cats if ingested and causes no dust irritations. The World’s Best company also emphasizes safety testing to ensure a harmless product.

Final Thoughts

In summary, both World’s Best Cat Litter and sWheat Scoop offer quality natural clumping ability. World’s Best stands out in terms of harder clumps, tracking minimally, and unbeatable odor fighting power.

sWheat Scoop comes at a more budget-friendly price point while still providing very good performance and safety. Think about factors like price, odor control needs, and your cat’s paw sensitivity when choosing between these excellent natural litter options.

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