Wells Fargo Vs. Regions: Choosing The Best Bank For You

When it comes to picking a bank, Wells Fargo and Regions are two popular options. But which one is right for you?

This comprehensive guide examines the key differences between Wells Fargo and Regions to help you make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table:

FeatureWells FargoRegions Bank
Geographical PresenceNational network of branches across 37 statesPrimarily located in the Southern US across 16 states
Monthly FeesMost accounts have monthly fees unless minimum balance maintainedLower monthly fees on checking and savings accounts
Minimum Balances$300 to $1,500 minimum to avoid monthly feesLower minimums or no minimum on some accounts
Savings Interest RatesVery low interest rates on basic savings accountsSlightly higher interest rates paid on savings products
Customer Service ReputationLow satisfaction scores after unethical scandalsHigher satisfaction marks for personalized service
Digital ExperienceFunctional online and mobile bankingIntuitive mobile app with budgeting tools
Loan OfferingsWide variety of competitive loan productsMore limited lending but promotes localized guidance
Investment OptionsWellsTrade self-directed trading and advisory servicesRegions Financial Advisors and Regions Merrill Lynch
Business BankingSpecialized accounts and services for all business sizesFocused on smaller business needs in local communities

Overview Of Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the “Big Four” consumer banks in the United States. It offers a wide variety of personal and business banking products including checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment services.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo

Some pros of banking with Wells Fargo include:

  • Massive brick-and-mortar network of over 5,000 branches across 37 states
  • Established track record as a major national bank since 1852
  • Offers online and mobile banking options
  • Large ATM network provides fee-free access to your cash
  • Variety of account options suitable for different needs

However, there are some downsides to having an account with Wells Fargo:

  • History of unethical sales practices like opening fake accounts
  • Numerous fees including monthly service fees if balance requirements aren’t met
  • Poor customer service satisfaction based on surveys
  • Mobile app and user experience tend to lag behind competitors

Overall, Wells Fargo offers the convenience and accessibility of a national brick-and-mortar bank. But it has developed a reputation for aggressive sales goals and low ethical standards.

Overview Of Regions Bank

Regions Bank is a regional bank based in the South with over 1,500 branch locations across 16 states. It provides many of the same products and services as Wells Fargo.

Here are some benefits of banking with Regions:

Regions Bank
Regions Bank
  • Strong presence and community ties in Southern states
  • Lower monthly fees than Wells Fargo accounts
  • Regions Keep The Change® feature rounds up transactions to the next dollar and transfers the “change” to savings
  • Consistently high customer service ratings
  • Good mobile app with personal financial management tools

Potential drawbacks of using Regions Bank include:

  • Primarily located in the South so fewer branches elsewhere
  • Smaller bank with fewer assets than banking giants like Wells Fargo
  • Fewer types of accounts to choose from compared to megabanks
  • Interest rates on savings accounts are relatively low

So Regions provides a more localized, relationship-based banking experience. But its smaller size can also translate to fewer resources and options.

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Feature Comparison Of Wells Fargo And Regions

Let’s compare some of the key features between Wells Fargo and Regions:

  • Checking Accounts

Wells Fargo offers several checking account options including standalone checking, accounts that pair with savings, student checking, and accounts for teens. But most have monthly service fees unless you maintain a minimum balance or set up direct deposits.

Regions checking accounts come with lower monthly fees in general and options like student checking with no monthly fee. The Regions Lifetime Checking account has no monthly fee after age 50.

  • Savings Accounts

The most basic Wells Fargo savings account pays a very low interest rate and charges excessive fees if your balance drops below $300. The Way2Save savings option has a $25 monthly fee.

Regions savings accounts pay slightly higher interest without unreasonable balance requirements. The Regions Personal Savings and Money Market Savings accounts both pay competitive rates without monthly fees.

  • Customer Service

Wells Fargo has frequently ranked poorly in customer satisfaction surveys, stemming largely from its fake accounts scandal. Wait times to speak to a banker can be quite long.

Regions customers give much higher marks for customer service satisfaction. Regions prioritizes local community banking relationships. So you deal with bankers who know you personally.

  • Digital Experience

The Wells Fargo website and mobile app lack certain features offered by competitors, like robust budgeting and financial management tools. But it enables all essential online banking functions.

Regions has invested heavily in digital services to keep pace with customer expectations. Its mobile app provides intuitive visuals for monitoring your spending and saving toward financial goals.

  • Loans

With Wells Fargo’s size come advantages in lending. It can offer very low rates on popular loans like mortgages and auto loans thanks to economies of scale. Approval amounts and terms may be more flexible too.

Regions loan offerings are more limited since it doesn’t have the same scale. But the bank advertises competitive lending rates. And you’ll deal with local bankers who can provide personalized guidance.

  • Investments

The WellsTrade self-directed trading platform offers $0 trades on stocks and ETFs. Wells Fargo investment advisory services provide guidance for wealth management based on your risk tolerance and goals.

Regions Financial Advisors also helps with investment guidance and wealth management. Regions Merrill Lynch Wealth Management delivers enhanced services through dedicated financial advisors.

  • Business Banking

Wells Fargo has specialized tools, accounts, and other services for businesses of all sizes. From online merchant services to commercial real estate lending, they provide integrated business financial services.

Regions also supports local businesses with customized banking products. But its smaller size limits some of the specialized offerings for larger corporations.

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How To Choose What’s Best For You

We’ve covered a lot of information comparing Wells Fargo and Regions. So how do you decide what bank is a better fit your needs?

Here are a few key considerations as you evaluate both options:

  • Geographic coverage – Wells Fargo has more branches nationwide while Regions focuses mainly on the Southern U.S.
  • Fees – Regions tends to offer accounts with lower monthly fees and minimums.
  • Customer service – Regions prioritizes local relationships and consistently earns high service marks.
  • Digital experience – Both banks now offer capable mobile apps and digital banking. Regions has a slight edge.
  • Products – Wells Fargo provides more types of accounts and financial products overall.
  • Loans and investments – Pricing and offerings vary, so compare based on your specific needs in these areas.
  • Business services – Wells Fargo excels here with specialized tools for larger businesses.
  • Ethics – Regions has a cleaner reputation while Wells Fargo is still rebuilding customer trust.

For most individuals and smaller businesses, Regions Bank is likely the better option unless you need to conduct banking nationally. The accessibility of branches and ATMs, combined with better customer service and lower fees, make it a quality choice for community banking.

Wells Fargo offers benefits to larger businesses, major loan applicants, and those who travel frequently across the country. But customers should be aware of past ethical breaches before banking there.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are regions and Wells Fargo the same?

No, Regions and Wells Fargo are completely separate banks. Regions Bank operates primarily in the Southern U.S. while Wells Fargo has branches nationally. Their account offerings, fees, and customer service models also differ significantly.

Why not to choose Wells Fargo?

There are a few reasons why customers may prefer to avoid banking with Wells Fargo:
History of unethical practices – The fake accounts scandal hurt trust
High monthly fees – Minimum balances required to avoid fees
Poor customer service – Long wait times and low satisfaction
Too aggressive sales culture – Employees feel pressured
Rates not competitive – For savings accounts and some loans

What is a better bank than Wells Fargo?

For many customers, Regions Bank stands out as a better alternative than Wells Fargo due to its:
Lower monthly fees on accounts
Stronger customer service reputation
Network of branches focused in the Southern U.S.
Competitive savings interest rates and lending options
Cleaner ethical reputation after scandals plagued Wells

Is regions a good bank to use?

Yes, Regions can make an excellent choice for banking in the South. It provides quality service, accessible branches, easy online/mobile banking, competitive rates, and low fees. Regions connects well with local communities. Downsides may include fewer advanced business services compared to megabanks. But for personal or small business banking, Regions is a great option.

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The Bottom Line

When comparing Wells Fargo Vs. Regions, there are tradeoffs to consider based on your geographic and banking needs. For nationwide accessibility, robust business services, and large lending capabilities, Wells Fargo has advantages. But customers in Southern states may prefer Regions for local branches, competitive rates, and lower fees.

Hopefully this detailed side-by-side comparison provides the information you need to decide if Wells Fargo or Regions is the right bank for your personal finance needs!

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