Weichert Vs. Keller Williams: Comparing Real Estate Brokerages

So you’re thinking about getting into real estate and trying to decide between two of the major national brokerages – Weichert Realtors and Keller Williams. Both have strong reputations and large national footprints, but there are some key differences between their business models, training programs, and company cultures.

Let’s take a closer look at how they compare across some key categories to help you determine which one may be a better fit.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryWeichert RealtorsKeller Williams
Year Founded19691983
HeadquartersMorris Plains, NJAustin, TX
Approx. Agent Count15,000180,000
Office Count2001,000+
Training Program6 week bootcamp + local office training6-9 month Keller Williams University + local/national training
Commission Splits70/30 or 80/20Varies by market, often 70/30 to 100%
CultureCollaborative, family-likeHigh-energy, sales-focused
Tech ToolsIndustry standard third-partyProprietary platform KW Command
Brand RecognitionRegionalNational
Best ForLow-key personalities, regional marketsHigh-growth ambitious agents

Company Backgrounds


Weichert Realtors was founded in 1969 by Jim Weichert in New Jersey. It slowly expanded regionally, before growing into a national franchise in 1995. Today, Weichert has about 15,000 agents across nearly 200 offices in 39 states.

Keller Williams was founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams in Texas. It grew rapidly through franchising starting in the 1990s, and now has around 180,000 agents across more than 1,000 offices in the U.S. and internationally.

So while Weichert has been around longer, Keller Williams is significantly larger when it comes to agent count and market reach.

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Detail Comparison Of Weichert Realtors And Keller Williams

Training Programs

Hands-on training is a big emphasis for both brokerages.

Weichert has a 6 week intensive bootcamp for new agents that covers prospecting, marketing, negotiations, contracts, and more. Ongoing training is available through local offices. There are also regular conferences and events.

Keller Williams
Keller Williams

Keller Williams is known for its comprehensive new agent training, which can take 6-9 months to complete. The Keller Williams University covers everything from leads generation to negotiations, contracts, and tech platforms. Ongoing training continues at local markets. Annual events like Mega Camp also offer national training.

So when it comes to initial and ongoing training, Keller Williams seems to invest more time and resources through its university curriculum and massive national events. But Weichert also offers solid foundational and skills training.

Commission Splits

Weichert Realtors offers agents a choice between two commission plans:

  • 70/30 split, with 70% going to the agent.
  • 80/20 split, with the agent paying a monthly fee of $49.

Keller Williams commission plans vary by market, but often fall around:

  • 70/30 or 75/25 split for new agents
  • 80/20 or 100% splits for more experienced agents, with caps and monthly fees.

So in terms of income potential, the commission structures are fairly similar, with Keller Williams offering the possibility of a 100% commission at some locations.

Culture and Support

Weichert emphasizes a family-like culture and local office support. Experienced agents act as mentors. Leadership prioritizes agent collaboration over competition. The vibe is more traditional and low-key.

Keller Williams markets itself as agent-centric, with a passionate culture centered around its training. There’s lots of rah-rah cheerleading and motivation – some find it energizing, while others see it as overly hype-focused. The Keller Williams vibe is more lively and high-energy.

So the cultures definitely have different feels, which can appeal to different personality types. But both aim to be supportive communities for agents.

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Weichert provides agents with the standard suite of real estate tech tools for CRM, marketing, transaction management, etc. But they don’t have their own proprietary platform.

Keller Williams has made major investments in tech, including creating their own AI-driven platform called KW Command. This aims to automate and simplify back-end tasks for agents. They also have consumer-facing apps and predictive analytics tools.

So Keller Williams seems to be leading the way when it comes to real estate tech innovation. But Weichert agents still have access to cutting-edge third-party platforms.

Brand Recognition

With nearly 200,000 agents across North America, Keller Williams has strong brand name recognition with consumers. Weichert is less known outside its core Northeastern markets.

But in markets where it has a significant presence, like New Jersey, Weichert enjoys very strong regional brand recognition and loyalty. So it may have the edge in those local regions.

Pros And Cons Of Weichert Realtors And Keller Williams

Weichert Pros:

  • Strong regional brand recognition
  • Intensive new agent training program
  • Family-like, collaborative culture
  • 70/30 commission split option

Weichert Cons:

  • Much smaller size and scope Vs. national competitors
  • Less emphasis on tech platforms
  • Less robust ongoing training than some competitors

Keller Williams Pros:

  • Market leader in size/scope – massive network
  • Cutting-edge proprietary tech tools
  • Brand name recognition nationally
  • Deep training programs and resources

Keller Williams Cons:

  • Hyper salesy culture isn’t for everyone
  • Commission splits can be less favorable
  • Big size leads some to feel like just a number

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best real estate company to learn from?

For comprehensive new agent training, Keller Williams stands out with its multi-month Keller Williams University program. Their emphasis on ongoing education can also benefit agents at any career stage.

What brokerage has the best training?

Again, Keller Williams is likely the leader when looking nationally, given the breadth and depth of their training curriculum and resources. Locally, top brokerages like Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX and Century 21 also have great programs.

What brokerage has the most agents?

Keller Williams has the most agents both in the United States and globally, with around 180,000 agents. RE/MAX and Century 21 are also among the largest brokerages in the country.

Is Sotheby’s better than Keller Williams?

Sotheby’s and Keller Williams are very different – Sotheby’s is a luxury/upscale focused brand while Keller Williams is mass market. For high-end real estate, Sotheby’s may have an edge due to its prestige. But Keller Williams provides great training for agents at any level.

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The Verdict

For new real estate agents, Keller Williams is likely the better choice if you want that immersive training experience and full ecosystem of resources to leverage. The Keller Williams name will also give you a head start in terms of credibility with consumers.

But more laidback personalities may find Weichert’s supportive, family-like culture and regional strength a better fit. You still get solid foundational training and mentoring.

Overall, Keller Williams seems better positioned to provide next-level success strategies and help ambitious agents build their brand and business. But Weichert offers a quality alternative in its territories for those who want a lower-key environment to learn the ropes. There’s no definitive right or wrong here – it depends on your work-style, priorities, and geographic market. Take time to research both brokerages in your local area to determine the better opportunity.

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