Wally Funk Vs. Wally Sox: Which Casual Shoe Is Best for You?

Casual shoes have become a staple in many people’s wardrobes thanks to their versatility and comfort. Two popular options are the Hey Dude Wally Funk and the Hey Dude Wally Sox.

But what are the key differences between these two casual shoe models from Hey Dude? This comprehensive guide examines the pros, cons, features, and FAQs to help you determine which pair best fits your lifestyle and preferences.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureHey Dude Wally FunkHey Dude Wally Sox
StyleSlip-on loaferSlip-on sneaker
Upper MaterialCanvas, suedeCanvas
Lining MaterialMemory foamMemory foam
OutsoleEVA foamEVA foam
Closure TypeSlip-onSlip-on
Ideal UseCasual everyday wearCasual everyday wear
Width OptionsMediumMedium, Wide
Water ResistantNoYes
Average Price$50$60

Overview of Hey Dude Wally Funk

Hey Dude Wally Funk

The Hey Dude Wally Funk is a slip-on loafer style made from breathable canvas and suede uppers. The lining features memory foam for cushioning comfort. With an EVA foam outsole and slip-on closure, they provide a lightweight and flexible feel.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Slip-on loafer style for easy on and off
  • Breathable canvas and suede uppers
  • Memory foam footbed for comfort
  • Textured EVA foam outsole for traction
  • Vegan and cruelty-free materials
  • Relaxed fit in medium width
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Affordable price around $50

The Wally Funk is optimal for casual everyday wear. The loafer design works well with jeans, shorts, dresses, and various casual outfits. While not water resistant, the breathable materials make them suitable for warm weather and activities like walking, travel, campus wear, and relaxed workplace attire.

Overview of Hey Dude Wally Sox

The Hey Dude Wally Sox has a slip-on sneaker style constructed with canvas uppers. Like the Wally Funk, it includes a memory foam footbed and EVA foam outsole. But the Wally Sox offers a slightly sportier look in more widths and improved weather protection.

Hey Dude Wally Sox
Hey Dude Wally Sox

Key Features and Benefits

  • Slip-on sneaker style with sporty vibe
  • Durable canvas uppers
  • Memory foam footbed for comfort
  • Textured EVA foam outsole for traction
  • Vegan and cruelty-free materials
  • Relaxed fit in medium and wide widths
  • Water resistant treatment
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Affordable price around $60

The Wally Sox are ideal for casual everyday activities. The sporty profile works well for casual Fridays, weekends, athleisure outfits, and students. The wider widths and water resistant treatment make them more accommodating and ideal for warm climates or wet conditions.

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Key Differences Between the Hey Dude Wally Funk and Wally Sox

  • Style and silhouette:

The Hey Dude Wally Funk and the Wally Sox both serve a casual shoe need but in different ways. When you look at the Wally Funk, it reminds you of a laid-back slip-on loafer, a shoe type that’s been around for a long time. Think of loafers as the cool cousin of the dress shoe.

They can be dressed up with outfits like chinos or even semi-formal dresses, making them versatile for both casual and slightly more formal occasions.

On the other hand, the Wally Sox looks more like your everyday sneaker. This design is relaxed and screams weekend comfort.

If you’re someone who enjoys wearing sporty outfits or the trendy athleisure style – you know, those outfits that make it look like you might hit the gym but probably won’t – then the Wally Sox is your shoe.

  • Uppers:

“Uppers” is just a fancy term for the top part of the shoe. The materials used here play a huge role in the overall feel and look. The Wally Funk combines canvas with a touch of suede. Canvas is a strong, durable fabric, while suede brings in that soft, velvety feel.

Together, they give the shoe a bit of class and sleekness. If you’re trying to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit without going full formal, the Wally Funk’s blend can do the trick.

Now, the Wally Sox keeps it simple. It’s made entirely of canvas. This gives it a relaxed and purely casual look. Perfect for when you want a no-fuss, easy-going vibe.

  • Width options:

Our feet are as unique as our personalities, and that includes their width. The Wally Funk is available in a medium width. This would fit most folks comfortably. But, not everyone has the same foot width, and Hey Dude understands that.

Enter the Wally Sox. It’s there for those who need a bit more room to wiggle their toes. It comes in both medium and wide widths.

If you’ve ever felt that shoes pinch your feet or feel too tight on the sides, then you might have a wider foot. And in that case, the Wally Sox might be your new best friend.

  • Traction:

Imagine you’re walking on a slightly wet surface or maybe on dewy grass early in the morning. The last thing you want is to do an unplanned dance because your shoes couldn’t grip the ground. Traction is all about that grip.

Both these shoes have EVA outsoles. But the Wally Sox takes it a notch up. Its sole is designed with a more textured pattern, making it better suited to grip various surfaces, especially when they’re wet.

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  • Weather protection:

We can’t control the weather, but we can choose our shoes wisely. If you’re someone who lives in an area where sudden rain showers are common or maybe you’re planning a day out near a lake or beach, the Wally Sox has got you covered.

It’s treated with a special water-resistant coating. This doesn’t mean you can go jumping in puddles, but if you do get caught in the rain, your feet have a better chance of staying dry.

The Wally Funk, on the other hand, doesn’t come with this feature. It’s better suited for those clear sky days.

  • Price:

Ah, the all-important question of price. Everyone wants value for their money. The Wally Sox is generally around $10 more than the Wally Funk. Now, you might wonder why.

Remember the added features we talked about? The wider width options, that extra grip, and the special water-resistant treatment? All these enhancements contribute to the slightly higher price of the Wally Sox.

If you’re watching your budget closely, the Wally Funk offers a good mix of style and comfort without those additional features. But if you’re looking for those extra benefits and are willing to invest a bit more, the Wally Sox is worth considering.

So in choosing between the two, consider whether you prefer a loafer or sneaker look, need a wider fit, want better traction, need weather protection, and have a budget that accommodates the Wally Sox’s higher price.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which hey dudes are the most breathable?

The Hey Dude Wally Funk would be the most breathable of the two options. The Wally Funk uses a combination of canvas and suede in the uppers. The canvas material provides better airflow and breathability, especially important for warm weather wear. The Wally Sox is constructed solely of canvas as well which promotes good breathability. But the suede paneling on the Wally Funk adds some extra ventilation.

What are Wally Sox made of?

The Hey Dude Wally Sox casual slip-on sneakers are constructed with canvas uppers. Canvas is a common sneaker material prized for its breathability and flexibility. Underneath the canvas is a layer of memory foam cushioning. The outsoles are made from EVA foam, which is lightweight and shock absorbing. The materials provide a comfortable, casual slip-on shoe ideal for everyday wear.

What style of shoe are hey dudes?

Hey Dude shoes are considered a casual slip-on shoe style. Many of their designs, including the Wally Funk and Wally Sox, are slip-on silhouettes without laces for easy on and off access. The shoes have a relaxed, flexible fit tailored for casual comfort rather than athletic performance. The aesthetic leans towards casual vibes rather than formal styles. So hey dudes fit into casual categories like loafers, boat shoes, and relaxed slip-on sneakers meant for everyday wear.

Why are Hey Dude Shoes so popular?

Hey Dude shoes have surged in popularity due to their comfortable fit, casual styling, affordable pricing, and versatile designs. Key factors that make them a popular choice include: Comfortable memory foam insole provides cushioning and support. Lightweight, flexible construction from materials like EVA foam. Slip-on silhouette ideal for casual wear and easy access. Breathable canvas or suede uppers for ventilation and style. Relaxed fit accommodates wide feet and all-day wear. Water resistant options good for wet or warm conditions. Vegan construction with eco-friendly and ethical materials. Machine washable for easy care and maintenance. Budget-friendly pricing usually between $50-$70. Styles for men, women, and kids so the whole family can wear them. With comfort, quality, convenience and budget-friendly pricing, Hey Dude shoes have secured their status as a popular choice for casual footwear. Their rise reflects consumers’ desires for affordable, laidback shoes suitable for everyday wear.

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Final Thoughts

For individuals seeking an easy, casual slip-on, both the Hey Dude Wally Funk and Wally Sox represent solid options. The Wally Funk loafer provides a classic slip-on style with breathable canvas and suede. But the Wally Sox sneaker offers wider sizes, better traction and weather protection for only $10 more.

Consider your personal style, fit needs, and budget when deciding between these two comfortable, vegan shoes. Both enable easy outfit pairing for casual Fridays, weekends, travel and everyday activities. With smart construction and affordable pricing, Hey Dude has made the casual slip-on lifestyle accessible to many.

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