teamreach Vs. TeamSnap: Choosing Right Team Management App

Running a sports team, club, or group involves a lot of moving parts – scheduling practices and games, collecting payments and registration info, communicating with members and parents, and more. Using an online team management app can make these tasks much easier compared to doing everything manually.

Two popular options for coaches and team managers are teamreach and TeamSnap. But how do you choose between them?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features and user experiences of teamreach and TeamSnap to help you decide which platform may work better for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Platform founding year20162009
Primary usersSports teams, youth clubs/activitiesSports teams, youth clubs/activities
Scheduling capabilitiesBasic scheduling features for games, practicesAdvanced scheduling with recurrences, multi-day events
Registration and paymentsSimplified registration and PayPal integrationCustom registration forms, external payment processor integration
Communication toolsGroup messaging, email broadcasts, basic automated remindersChat, external SMS, advanced automated alerts
Data and reportingRosters, attendance tracking, basic reportingRobust analytics and custom reporting features
Ease of useSimplified interface good for beginnersMore features which can have steeper learning curve
CostStarts at $5.99/monthStarts at $10.99/month

Overview Of teamreach

teamreach is a relative newcomer to the team management space, founded in 2016. It offers web and mobile apps designed specifically for sports teams and youth activities like clubs or classes.


Some key features and benefits of teamreach include:

  • Scheduling for practices, games, and other events
  • Accepting online registrations and collecting fees
  • Rosters, availability calendars, and attendance tracking
  • Group messaging and email communication with members
  • Photo and document sharing
  • Custom forms and surveys
  • Volunteer management

teamreach aims to provide an easy-to-use platform for all team communication and organization needs. It has flexible plans starting at $5.99 per month, with discounted annual pricing.

Overview Of TeamSnap

TeamSnap is one of the more established and well-known team management platforms, founded in 2009. Like teamreach, it offers web and mobile apps for sports teams and other groups.

Notable features of TeamSnap include:

  • Scheduling for games, practices, tournaments, and other events
  • Registration management with custom forms and fee collection
  • Rosters, availability, and attendance tracking
  • Group messaging, chat, and email
  • Shared calendars and file storage
  • Sponsor and merchant management
  • Volunteering features
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

TeamSnap has both free and paid plans. Paid TeamSnap plans start at $10.99 per month, with discounted annual pricing.

Key Feature Comparison

Let’s dive deeper into some of the key features offered by teamreach and TeamSnap and how they compare.

  • Scheduling

Both platforms provide robust scheduling features for setting up team events like practices and games. Coaches and managers can schedule recurrences, track availability, assign duties, set reminders, and more.

TeamSnap has very advanced scheduling with additional options like multi-location events, multi-day tournaments, and facility reservations. teamreach has more basic scheduling, but covers the core needs.

  • Registration and Payments

Collecting registration info and payments from members is easy with both TeamSnap and teamreach. You can create customized registration forms, take online payments, and track who has registered and paid.

TeamSnap offers more registration customization and integration with external payment processors. teamreach registration and payment handling is simpler, with built-in PayPal integration.

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  • Communication

Communication features like group messaging, chat, and email broadcasting are essential for any team management platform.

Both TeamSnap and teamreach enable broadcasting emails and texts to members, posting team news and updates, creating chat/message groups, and allowing members to message each other.

TeamSnap has more advanced communication features like automated reminders and alerts based on the team’s schedule. But teamreach provides all the essential messaging and email tools a team needs.

  • Data and Reporting

For coaches and managers, being able to access team data easily and generate reports is very useful.

TeamSnap has more extensive reporting features and analytics, such as attendance tracking reports, schedule analysis, and custom reporting.

teamreach has helpful roster management and attendance tracking, but relatively basic reporting capabilities. For teams that don’t need advanced analytics, teamreach provides sufficient data and reporting tools.

  • Ease of Use

In terms of general user experience and ease of use, teamreach and TeamSnap are both designed to be intuitive platforms accessible to users of all tech skill levels.

Some users find teamreach to offer a simpler and more beginner-friendly interface. It uses natural language like “Add Game” instead of icons, which some find easier to navigate.

TeamSnap offers a greater breadth of features which is powerful, but can seem a bit more overwhelming at first. Its interface may appeal more to tech-savvy users.

For managers less familiar with team management software, teamreach’s clean and basic interface may allow them to get up and running more quickly. But TeamSnap also provides plenty of tutorials and support.

  • Cost Comparison

In terms of cost, teamreach and TeamSnap have similar pricing structures – free plans for very small teams/groups, and paid plans for larger teams starting at around $6 – $11 per month. Discounted annual pricing is available.

TeamSnap’s pricing tiers allow for more members compared to teamreach at the lowest paid tier. But teamreach offers more inexpensive options for very small clubs/teams of less than 10 members.

For medium-sized community teams, both platforms offer affordably priced options that are competitive with each other. TeamSnap provides more robust features at the higher tiers, but for more basic needs teamreach can be more affordable. Also watch the review of TeamSnap!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is comparable to TeamSnap?

The top alternatives to TeamSnap are teamreach, SportsEngine, LeagueApps, Teamer, and Team App. teamreach is most similar to TeamSnap in key features like scheduling, communication, payments, and data organization for sports teams and youth activities.

Is TeamReach app safe?

Yes, TeamReach is a safe platform for managing your sports team or club. It is trusted by thousands of coaches, managers, and families across the US and Canada. TeamReach uses secure HTTPS encryption for all account data. It also provides customizable user permission levels to control access.

How much does TeamSnap cost per year?

TeamSnap has several pricing tiers. For their Standard plan, which supports up to 300 members, the annual price is $269.88 per year (paid monthly at $10.99/month). The Premium plan for 500 members is $589.88 annually (paid monthly at $18.99/month). Custom quote pricing is available for over 500 members.

How do I join TeamReach?

Joining TeamReach is easy. First create an account at Click ‘Sign Up’ and enter your email address and create a password. Once your account is created, you can add your team and invite members to join by entering their emails. There are also iOS and Android mobile apps to download for access on the go.

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For most community sports teams and youth clubs, either teamreach or TeamSnap would likely provide the essential features needed to help manage the team.

TeamSnap stands out for its unparalleled depth of features, customization, and analytics capabilities. It’s ideal for larger, more competitive clubs who need those advanced tools.

For more casual youth and community teams who want a solid platform with all the basics covered, plus an easy learning curve, teamreach is a great option. Its simpler interface may allow first-time team managers to get up and running quickly.

Here are some key questions to consider when choosing between the two:

  • How large is your team – under 10 members or over 50?
  • How much customization and flexibility do you need for things like registration, payment processing, scheduling, and data reporting?
  • Is an easy learning curve important, or are you comfortable with more complex software?
  • Is advanced analytics valuable, or are teamreach’s basic reporting features sufficient?
  • How much are you looking to spend on team management software?

For most small to medium-sized clubs and teams, teamreach provides an affordable all-in-one platform that covers the core necessities without being overly complex.

TeamSnap offers more robust tools for larger and more competitive organizations who can make use of its analytical capabilities and customization. But it comes at a higher price point and steeper learning curve.

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