Tawkify Vs. It’s Just Lunch: Better Matchmaking Service

Dating can be frustrating and many singles are turning to personalized matchmaking services to help find love. Two well-known options are Tawkify and It’s Just Lunch.

But how do these services compare in terms of matching approach, cost, and success rate? This thorough guide examines the key similarities and differences to consider when choosing between Tawkify and It’s Just Lunch.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryTawkifyIt’s Just Lunch
Matchmaking MethodAI-driven tech + humanHuman intuition
Date TypesVirtual and in-personPrimarily in-person
Cost$99 – $10,000$1,600 – $6,000
Match CustomizationLowHigh
Relationship FocusShort and long-termLong-term
Estimated Success Rate25-30%Over 50%
Satisfaction ReviewsMixedVery positive

Overview Of Tawkify


Tawkify provides a technology-driven matchmaking service pairing members based on compatibility and relationship goals.

Their matchmakers provide coaching, feedback, and date planning support.

Key features:

  • Custom matches proposed by AI algorithms
  • Human matchmakers provide coaching and feedback
  • Guaranteed set number of dates per package
  • Membership packages from $99 to $10,000
  • Virtual and in-person dates
  • Focused on long-term relationship goals

Tawkify aims to take the guesswork out of dating by using technology to identify highly compatible matches their matchmakers then evaluate and set up.

Overview of It’s Just Lunch

It’s Just Lunch offers personalized date coaching and lunch/dinner date arrangements between screened members. Their matchmakers get to know local singles and hand-select matches.

Key features:

  • Specializing in lunch and dinner date arrangements
  • Experienced matchmakers learn members’ preferences
  • Proprietary matchmaking process
  • Guaranteed number of dates per package
  • Packages from $1600 to $6000 for 4-12 months

It’s Just Lunch relies on human intuition rather than technology to drive their matchmaking process. Local dating experts arrange dates tailored to members’ criteria.

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Comparison Between Tawkify And It’s Just Lunch

Matchmaking Approach

Tawkify uses technology like algorithms and AI to identify member compatibility based on profile information and questionnaires. Their matchmakers provide supplemental screening and feedback but matches are largely data-driven.

It's Just Lunch

It’s Just Lunch relies completely on the intuition and personal assessment of their expert matchmakers who hand-select matches. They get to know local singles to find compatibility.

Tawkify offers a blend of high-tech and high-touch matchmaking. It’s Just Lunch is focused on the high-touch, human element when arranging matches.

Date Options

Tawkify arranges virtual and in-person dates depending on member preference. During COVID, they pivoted to more virtual dates via phone, text, video chat, and their custom video platform.

It’s Just Lunch specializes in matching members for traditional lunch and dinner dates at local restaurants. Virtual date options were added during the pandemic but in-person dates are their focus.

For maximum flexibility including virtual dates, especially helpful during COVID, Tawkify is the better choice. It’s Just Lunch centers around typical lunch/dinner dates.

Matchmaking Packages

Tawkify Packages

  • Memberships range from $99 for 1 virtual date to $10,000 for 36 dates over 2 years

It’s Just Lunch Packages

  • Packages range from $1600 for 4 months to $6000 for a full year
  • Guaranteed number of dates provided (4-12 months)

Tawkify offers more flexibility including shorter-term cheaper packages like a one-off virtual date. But It’s Just Lunch packages guarantee a set number of matches over a 4-12 month period for those wanting a more committed approach.

Customization and Preferences

Both services allow members to provide detailed preferences on what they are looking for in a match including basics like age, religion, ethnicity, location, physical appearance, personality, relationship goals, hobbies, and more.

Tawkify uses your preferences to inform the algorithm-based matches. But you are ultimately matched with their suggestions rather than getting to pre-approve matches.

It’s Just Lunch works directly with their matchmakers to learn your criteria. You can provide feedback on potential matches and approve dates before they are arranged. This allows for a more customized, interactive matching process.

If you prefer being more involved in approving your dates, It’s Just Lunch offers a higher level of participation and screening.

Success and Satisfaction Rates

Tawkify does not share detailed stats on their success rates. Based on available reviews, approximately 25-30% of users ultimately end up in a relationship. Satisfaction appears to be mixed.

It’s Just Lunch also does not share hard numbers but reports over 50% of members entering a relationship. Satisfaction levels with the service tend to be high.

While hard data is lacking, It’s Just Lunch seems to have the edge in terms of relationship success rates and overall member satisfaction based on reviews. But satisfaction can vary greatly person-to-person with both services.

Cost Comparison

The cost varies depending on package chosen with both services. Tawkify offers lower-priced options while It’s Just Lunch has premium packages guaranteeing more dates.

Tawkify ranges from $99 for 1 virtual date to $10,000 for 36 dates over 2 years.

At It’s Just Lunch, packages range from $1600 to $6000 for a 4-12 month membership.

It’s Just Lunch also has added administrative, processing, and dining fees of around $400-$500.

For maximum affordability, Tawkify’s lower cost entry packages are appealing. But It’s Just Lunch offers a longer-term, more committed approach for serious relationship seekers that may provide higher overall value.

Pros And Cons Of Tawkify and It’s Just Lunch

Tawkify Pros

  • Uses technology for data-based matches
  • Lower cost packages starting at $99
  • More flexible virtual date options
  • Generally quicker match process


  • Mixed satisfaction reviews
  • Less customization and input on matches

It’s Just Lunch Pros

  • Very personalized service and matchmaking
  • Higher satisfaction rates
  • Specializes in traditional dates
  • Guaranteed number of matches


  • Packages are pricey; $1600+ minimum
  • Primarily focuses on in-person dates
  • Slower process with extensive screening

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does It’s Just Lunch cost?

It’s Just Lunch offers premium matchmaking package ranging from $1600 to $6000 for a set membership period. This covers their expert matchmaking services and coordination of a guaranteed number of dates over 4-12 months. Additional admin and processing fees are around $400-$500. So total costs for It’s Just Lunch memberships often land between $2000-$6000.

Is Tawkify worth it?

Whether Tawkify is worth the cost depends greatly on the individual. With mixed member reviews, satisfaction is variable. For some, the high-tech/high-touch matchmaking approach is worth the fees to find quality matches. But limitations on match customization and mixed success rates mean Tawkify has limited value for others. Trying a lower-priced package first can help assess if the service is worth it for your dating needs.

How successful is It’s Just Lunch?

It’s Just Lunch does not share detailed statistics but states over 50% of members enter relationships through their matchmaking. Reviews tend to be very positive suggesting high satisfaction rates as well. The individualized screening and dedicated matchmakers likely support It’s Just Lunch’s higher reported success. But results still come down to personal factors. For many singles, It’s Just Lunch proves very effective and worth the investment.

How expensive is Tawkify?

Tawkify offers a wide range of package prices from just $99 per month to thousands for multi-date packages. Their most popular package is around $500 for 2 dates per month for 3 months. For 6 months with 2 dates per month, the cost is $1499. So monthly costs can range from around $100 to over $500 depending on the package option you select. Tawkify is generally more affordable than It’s Just Lunch but offers less customization of matches.

Final Verdict

Here are some key considerations when choosing between the two:

  • Budget – Tawkify better for lower budgets; It’s Just Lunch for those willing to invest more
  • Ideal dating approach – Tawkify offers more virtual dates; It’s Just Lunch specialized in traditional dates
  • Customization – It’s Just Lunch provides more input on matches
  • Matchmaking method – Tawkify uses technology and data; It’s Just Lunch relies on human matchmaker intuition
  • Relationship goals – It’s Just Lunch caters to long-term singles; Tawkify offers short-term packages too

Take your individual preferences, finances, and goals into account when deciding between these two personalized matchmaking companies.

Be clear on what dating approach you favor and how involved you want to be in the matching process.

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