Stamps.Com Vs. Pitney Bowes: Which Is Better For Your Postage Needs?

If you frequently mail packages and letters, you’ve probably considered postage meters and online mailing solutions to save time and money.

Two major players in this space are and Pitney Bowes. But which one is right for your postal needs? Here we’ll compare vs Pitney Bowes on key factors to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryStamps.comPitney Bowes
Postage PrintingOnline software to print digital postagePhysical postage meter device
CostLower monthly fees, better for low volumesHigher equipment fees but can optimize for high volumes
Postage DiscountsUp to 40% off USPS ratesUp to 45% off USPS rates
FeaturesAddress verification, tracking, inventory managementMail inserters, sorters, analytics, design services
Ease of UseSimple web interface for beginnersMore complex, requires training
Best ForIndividuals, small business, lower volumesLarge enterprises, dedicated mailrooms, high volumes
EquipmentNo special hardware neededRental or purchase of proprietary meters
SupportOnline help guides and videosInstallation, training, and troubleshooting support

Overview of provides online mailing and shipping services for households and businesses. With you can:
  • Print official USPS postage directly from your computer
  • Get discounted rates up to 40% off post office prices
  • Access mailing tools like address verification and tracking
  • Integrate with ecommerce platforms like eBay, Shopify, and Etsy
  • Use on-demand or monthly meter plans

Some advantages of include:

  • Convenience: Print postage 24/7 without visiting Post Office
  • Cost savings: Discounted rates and no hardware costs
  • Flexibility: Web-based so works from any device and location
  • Scalability: Easily adjust service as your mailing needs change
  • Simplicity: Easy-to-use even for those new to mailing/shipping makes postal activities convenient, affordable and efficient. But it does lack the physical hardware of postage meters.

Overview of Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes provides mailing and shipping technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their offerings include:

  • Physical postage meters for your office
  • Mail management software
  • Shipping management software
  • Address verification tools
  • Package tracking and delivery solutions

Here are some of the key advantages Pitney Bowes provides:

  • Equipment: Physical meters print and track postage in your office
  • Features: Range of software to manage complex mailing needs
  • Support: Installation, training, and troubleshooting support
  • Credibility: Pitney Bowes is trusted name in mailing industry
  • Add-ons: Options like mail folding and inserting equipment

For companies with significant volumes of letters and packages, Pitney Bowes provides robust mailing room technology. But this comes at a higher cost than online solutions.

Key Differences Between And Pitney Bowes

  • Postage Meter Comparison

One of the core differences between and Pitney Bowes is how you actually create and print postage. Let’s compare postage meters:

pitney bowes
pitney bowes
  1. Uses software to create digital postage
  2. Prints labels via office printer or inserts into envelopes
  3. No physically metering device needed
  4. Can print labels 24/7 from anywhere

Pitney Bowes

  1. Uses traditional physical postage meter device
  2. Built-in scale calculates exact postage
  3. Meter imprints directly onto envelopes
  4. More limited printing from single office location

For convenience and flexibility, allows you to print from anywhere without a dedicated meter device. But Pitney Bowes offers the precision of a physical meter.

  • Comparing Postage Rates

One of the biggest factors when weighing mailing solutions is cost. Here’s how postage rates stack up:

  1. Offers discounted rates up to 40% lower than Post Office
  2. USPS commercial base pricing with discounts based on volume
  3. $15.99/month basic monthly plan
  4. Rate plans for low, medium, and high volume usage

Pitney Bowes

  1. Discounted USPS commercial rates up to 45% lower
  2. Base rate for meter rental plus variable postage costs
  3. Equipment rental from $30 to $300+ per month
  4. Customized rate plans scaled to usage

With its lack of equipment fees, can provide lower costs for modest mailing needs. But for organizations with heavy volumes, Pitney Bowes customized plans can optimize big savings.

  • Added Features and Services

Mailing and postage is just the start of what these solutions offer. Let’s look at some of the extra features:

  1. Address verification to reduce undeliverable mail
  2. Package tracking and delivery notifications
  3. Inventory management for avoiding shipping gaps
  4. Integration with ecommerce platforms

Pitney Bowes

  1. Mail sorting equipment and automation
  2. Detailed mail usage analytics and reporting
  3. Mailpiece design and mailing compliance
  4. Package routing optimization based on carrier speed provides excellent features for individual users and smaller businesses. Pitney Bowes offers advanced functionality needed for large-scale enterprise mailing.

Also watch this video:

  • Ease of Use

Choosing a service to help with sending mail should be easy and straightforward. Let’s think of it like picking a game to play. Some games are super easy to start, while others take a bit more time to understand. is like that game everyone can jump into and play right away:

  1. It’s like a simple online game. Anyone can play, even if you’re new.
  2. But if you want, you can also download it to your computer.
  3. Signing up is quick, like making a new game profile.
  4. If you ever get stuck, there are many videos and instructions to help you.

On the other hand, Pitney Bowes is more like a complex board game:

  1. It might take some time to learn all the rules.
  2. You need special pieces and a setup before you can start.
  3. Think of it like learning to play a new board game with lots of pieces.
  4. Sometimes you might need help to keep the game running smoothly.

In simpler words, is like an easy online game that anyone can use. But Pitney Bowes, even though it has many cool features, might take some time to get used to. It’s like choosing between a quick card game and a long strategy board game. Both are great, but they suit different players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Pitney Bowes and Stamps com?

Pitney Bowes offers physical postage meters and robust mail management software. provides online tools to print postage from your desktop without special equipment.

What is the difference between stamps and meter postage?

Stamps must be purchased and applied to each piece individually. Meter postage is printed seamlessly onto mail items automatically by a postage meter device.

Is there an alternative to Pitney Bowes?

Yes, provides online mailing solutions without the need for renting Pitney Bowes proprietary meters and equipment. Other competitors like Neopost also offer postage meters.

How do you stamp Certified Mail on a Pitney Bowes machine?

Many Pitney Bowes meters allow printing of certified mail postage. You enter the certified mail tracking number, then the meter prints the certified indication along with the postage onto the envelope.

Final Thought

With an overview of what and Pitney Bowes offer, which solution should you choose?

Good for

  • Low and moderate volume mailing needs
  • Individuals and small businesses
  • Tight budget constraints
  • Desire for web-based convenience
  • Avoiding hardware costs

Good for Pitney Bowes

  • High volume enterprise mailing
  • Dedicated mailing department staff
  • Complex mail processing needs
  • Budget to invest in equipment
  • Established mailing workflows

Ultimately, offers affordability and simplicity that work for many modest mailing situations. Pitney Bowes brings advanced capabilities vital for major mailing operations. Assess your specific mailing requirements and resources to pick the best fit. and Pitney Bowes both facilitate convenient postage printing and mail processing but take different approaches. Consider your postage volumes, budget, and needed features to select the right fit for your postal activities. Leverage the advantages that best align with your mailing situation.

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