Soma Vs. Victoria’s Secret: Which Lingerie Brand Is Best For You?

When it comes to buying bras and underwear, women today are spoiled for choice. Two of the most popular intimate apparel brands are Soma and Victoria’s Secret. But which one offers the best quality, fit, comfort and style? 

This comprehensive guide examines the key differences between Soma and Victoria’s Secret, including pros, cons and frequently asked questions to help you decide which brand is the better fit for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureSomaVictoria’s Secret
SizingSize inclusive, 32-46 bands, A-H cupsLimited, 30-40 bands, AA-DDD cups
FitRuns true-to-size, caters to full bustsOften runs small in band and cup
ComfortDesigned for comfort and wearabilitySome styles have flimsy bands and straps
SupportLightweight stretch fabrics, wider bands and strapsPush-up padding can be uncomfortable
QualityHolds up well over time, consistent qualityVaries widely depending on materials
StyleMore basic everyday styles, subtle sexinessBroader selection of trendy, sexy styles
Brand ImageRealistic, body positiveHeightened glamour and sex appeal
Price$42-$66, frequent sales and promos$40-$80, semi-annual sales
OverallBetter fit, comfort, quality and valueMore style selection and brand prestige

Overview Of Soma

Soma is an intimate apparel retailer that specializes in bras, panties, sleepwear, loungewear and more. The brand prides itself on using innovative fabrics and designs to create bras that are both stylish and comfortable. 

Here are some of the pros of shopping Soma bras:

  • Innovative fabrics: Soma uses patented Cooling Fabric technology in many of its bras. This lightweight, breathable fabric helps regulate temperature to keep you cool and dry.
  • Focus on comfort: Soma bras feature wide straps, cushioned bands and stretchy fabrics that move with you. The goal is to create a bra that feels like you’re not wearing one.
  • Size inclusive: Soma offers band sizes from 32-46 and cup sizes A-H, providing more options for women. Bras come in both regular and full figure styles.
  • Frequent sales/promotions: The brand regularly offers sitewide sales, discounts for members of their rewards program and free shipping promotions. This makes Soma bras very affordable.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Soma allows returns of unworn merchandise within 60 days. This policy makes it easy to try new styles risk-free.

Potential cons of Soma bras include limited youthful styles, moderate quality and complaints that some bras run small in band/cup size. 

But overall, Soma caters to women of all ages looking for comfortable, supportive everyday bras.

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Overview Of Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is the #1 specialty retailer of lingerie worldwide. The brand is known for its sexy bras and underwear as well as its popular Angel supermodels. Here are some of the pros of Victoria’s Secret bras:

  • Large selection of styles: Victoria’s Secret offers a vast array of bra styles from t-shirt bras to strapless bras, push-up bras, sports bras and more. The styling is youthful, fun and on-trend.
  • Prestige branding: There’s a sense of luxury associated with the Victoria’s Secret name and their famous fashion show. For some, wearing VS. makes them feel confident and sexy.
  • Size range: Victoria’s Secret bras are available in band sizes from 30-40 and cup sizes AA-DDD. While not as size inclusive as Soma, the range works well for most women.
  • Quality materials: Many Victoria’s Secret bras feature details like memory foam cups, cushioned straps, antimicrobial fabric and smoothing U-shaped backs. Materials feel nice against the skin.
  • Semi-annual sales: Twice a year, Victoria’s Secret offers deep discounts on select styles. This allows shoppers to stock up on favorites for less.

Some downsides of Victoria’s Secret include inconsistent fit, lack of full-figure sizes, declining quality claims and a narrow “sexy” brand image. 

The right VS. bra can be flattering, but it may take some trial and error.

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Soma Vs. Victoria’s Secret: Key Differences

Now that we’ve covered an overview of each brand, let’s directly compare Soma and Victoria’s Secret bras across a few key categories:

Sizing and Fit

  • Soma: More size inclusive, caters to full-bust needs, bras run true-to-size
  • Victoria’s Secret: Limited cup sizes above DDD, band only goes up to 40, bras often run small

Winner: Soma for better fit across more body types

Comfort and Support

  • Soma: Designed for comfort and wearability, lightweight stretch fabrics, wider bands and straps
  • Victoria’s Secret: Some styles have flimsy bands and thin straps, “add 2 cups” push-up padding can be uncomfortable

Winner: Soma offers better all-day comfort and support

Quality and Durability

  • Soma: Bras hold up well over time, quality consistent across collections
  • Victoria’s Secret: Quality varies widely depending on bra style and materials used

Winner: Soma has better construction quality and longevity

Style and Selection

  • Soma: More basic everyday styles and subtle sexiness, smaller collection
  • Victoria’s Secret: Broader selection of fashion-forward sexy styles, more colors and patterns

Winner: Victoria’s Secret for the most on-trend styles

Brand Image

  • Soma: Realistic women, normal shapes and sizes celebrated
  • Victoria’s Secret: Heightened glamour, fantasy and sex appeal built into brand image

Winner: Soma’s branding more empowering and body positive

Pricing and Value

  • Soma: Bras $42-$66, frequent sales and promos make prices very affordable
  • Victoria’s Secret: Bras $40-$80, semi-annual sales offer deals but regular prices higher

Winner: Soma provides better value for the cost

Which Brand Is Best For You?

Based on this Soma Vs. Victoria’s Secret comparison, which brand comes out on top overall really depends on your specific needs and preferences as a bra shopper.

If finding a comfortable bra that actually fits is your top priority, then Soma is likely the better choice between the two. The brand caters extremely well to the average bra wearer looking for quality support in the core bra wardrobe.

However, if you want showstopping sex appeal and the hottest trends in lingerie, Victoria’s Secret has Soma beat in terms of style selection. VS. bras also work well for smaller band and cup sizes.

Women seeking bras for fuller busts and curvier figures may struggle to find their size at Victoria’s Secret, making Soma once again the go-to option. Those who love prestige beauty brands will still probably gravitate toward VS. regardless of fit inconsistencies.

Overall, while Soma provides a better overall experience, Victoria’s Secret still shines in certain areas. Try bras from both brands, especially during sales periods, to gain first-hand experience with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Focus on what feels best to find your personal match.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Soma more expensive than Victoria Secret?

On average, Soma and Victoria’s Secret bras are similar in price. Soma bras range from $42-$66 while Victoria’s Secret prices span $40-$80. When you factor in sales and promotions, Soma often ends up being the more affordable option between the two.

Does Soma run small?

Most Soma bras do run true to size. However, some shoppers report the cup bands feeling snug or small, especially for larger cup sizes like DDD+. Going up a sister size in the band can help in those cases.

What is the difference between Victoria’s Secret and PINK bras?

Victoria’s Secret PINK is a sub-brand targeted toward college-aged girls. PINK bras have more youthful, casual styling compared to Victoria’s Secret’s sophisticated, sexy aesthetic. The same size inconsistencies and fit issues apply to both labels.

Are Victoria’s Secret bras smaller?

Many women find Victoria’s Secret bras run small in both band and cup sizing. Tight bands can be uncomfortable, while too-small cups result in spillage and gapping. Going up 1-2 sizes often helps when fitting VS. bras.

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The Bottom Line

When comparing Soma versus Victoria’s Secret bras, Soma generally provides a better overall fit and wearing experience for most women. But Victoria’s Secret still leads in trend-driven style. 

Try both brands yourself, take advantage of promos and make sure to always put comfort above everything else. A great bra should be fun, flattering and feel absolutely amazing.

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