Intimissimi Vs. Victoria’s Secret: Lingerie Showdown

When it comes to popular lingerie brands, two names stand out from the rest: Intimissimi and Victoria’s Secret. Both offer a wide selection of bras, panties, sleepwear, and loungewear in fashionable styles and silhouettes.

But which brand comes out on top when comparing quality, price, and style? Let’s take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of Intimissimi and Victoria’s Secret.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsIntimissimiVictoria’s Secret
Price Range$20-$60 for bras, $10-$30 for panties$40-$80 for bras
QualityHigh quality fabrics, structured cups with underwire and padding, thicker strapsCheaper fabrics like nylon and polyester, thin foam cups, flimsy straps
ComfortVery comfortable for all-day wearNot as comfortable for extended wear
SizingTrue-to-size, uses traditional bra sizing with cup/band sizesRuns big in bands and small in cups, inconsistent sizing
Style SelectionWide range from cute everyday to sexy and lacyNarrower aesthetic focused on push-up pads and hyper-feminine/racy styles
Size RangeXS-XLXS-XL
Company EthicsFew major controversies, working to improve diversityCriticized for lack of diversity, unrealistic beauty standards, ties to Epstein

Overview of Intimissimi


Founded in Italy in 1996, Intimissimi is a European lingerie and undergarment retailer specializing in feminine, romantic styles.

Intimissimi carries bras, panties, shapewear, pajamas, robes, and more.

Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large. Intimissimi frequently collaborates with high-end fashion designers to create limited-edition collections.

The brand has over 1000 retail stores, with a major presence in Italy and other parts of Europe. In the early 2000s, Intimissimi expanded to the United States and Canada.

Some Key Features Of Intimissimi:

  • Affordable prices – While not the cheapest brand, Intimissimi offers reasonable prices on quality lingerie. Bras generally range from $20-60.
  • Wide selection of styles – Intimissimi carries everything from basic everyday bras and panties to lacey, sensual pieces. Lots of colors and patterns to choose from.
  • High quality fabrics – Lingerie is made from soft, comfortable materials like cotton, microfiber, and lace. No scratchy fabrics here.
  • Chic Euro-style designs – Intimissimi’s aesthetic has a refined, European sensibility. Lots of florals, ribbon accents, and delicate lace.
  • Regular limited editions – Intimissimi frequently releases special collections with fashion designers, giving customers access to unique, high-end collaborations.

Overview of Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret is by far the most famous lingerie retailer in the United States. Founded in 1977 in San Francisco, the brand quickly became known for its sexy supermodel marketing and indulgent in-store experience.

Victoria’s Secret popularized the lingerie fashion show, mailing catalogs, and celebrity model endorsements. Product lines include bras, panties, sleepwear, swimwear, and beauty products.

Some Defining Features Of Victoria’s Secret Include:

  • Iconic branding – Victoria’s Secret is all about evoking fantasy, glamour, and sex appeal. Advertising features stunning supermodels and over-the-top femininity.
  • Higher price points – As one of the pricier lingerie brands, Victoria’s Secret bras generally range from $40-80. More expensive than most competitors.
  • In-store experience – Walking into a Victoria’s Secret store is an immersive experience, with dim lights, frosted window displays, and sexy models.
  • Supermodel model ambassadors – VS contracts with models like Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, and Miranda Kerr to represent the brand.
  • Sexier styles – Lots of push-up bras, thongs, garters, and risque teddies dominates Victoria’s Secret product selection.

Comparing Quality and Comfort

When it comes to day-to-day wear, comfort is king. How do Intimissimi and Victoria’s Secret stack up in terms of quality and comfort?

Intimissimi places a major emphasis on using high quality materials and craftsmanship. Their bras have more structured cups with light padding and underwire for support. Straps are thicker and rarely dig into shoulders.

Materials like cotton, microfiber, and stretch lace provide a super soft, breathable feel. Many customers say Intimissimi bras are comfortable enough to sleep in. Sizing and construction provides a more custom, tailored fit.

Victoria’s Secret tends to use slightly cheaper materials, like nylon and polyester. Their bras have ultra-thin foam cups and flimsy satin straps prone to slipping. More style than substance.

While sexy for date night, some find VS bras uncomfortable for daily wear or large busts. Band sizes run big and cups run small, leading to poor fit for many body types.

For all day comfort, Intimissimi wins this round. But Victoria’s Secret may suit special occasions.

Comparing Price and Value

Given the quality differences, who offers better prices and overall value?

Intimissimi is positioned as an affordable luxury brand. While not dirt cheap, their prices reflect the higher-end materials and construction. Bras in the $30-60 range are reasonable given the quality.

Well-made panties typically cost between $10-30 depending on fabric and detailing. Intimissimi also frequently offers online sales and discounts on older collections.

Compared to other European brands, their prices are quite competitive. Overall, Intimissimi provides excellent value at moderate prices.

Victoria’s Secret pricing reflects their branding power more than product quality. You’re paying a premium for the logo and hip image. Given the cheaper materials and sizing inconsistencies, most items are overpriced. That tiny panty for $18 will fall apart after a few washes.

Sale racks are usually picked over and low value items. For the quality, Victoria’s Secret is overpriced across the board.

Intimissimi wins for overall value, providing better constructed lingerie at mid-range prices. Budget shoppers get more bang for their buck.

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Comparing Style and Selection

Beyond quality and pricing, a key consideration is which brand offers more options for personal style and body type. Variety is the spice of intimate apparel.

Intimissimi carries a diverse range of styles across the spectrum of sexy and cute. Choose from romantic embroidered bralettes, sporty cotton briefs, satin nightgowns, or racy open-cup teddies. Basic colors for everyday are available, along with bright prints and patterns.

With extended sizing up to XL, most bodies can find flattering options. Intimissimi caters to classic, modern, and modest tastes. Their European influence leads to more elevated, sophisticated choices compared to standard American lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret has a narrower aesthetic vision rooted in fantasy and sex appeal. Hyper-feminine, ultra-sexy styles reign supreme. Selection skews toward racy over functional – expect lots of lace, sheer fabrics, and bold colors.

Sizing ends at XL. If you want cleavage-boosting push-up bras and barely-there panties, Victoria’s Secret will deliver. Other tastes and body types may struggle to find pieces that work. Choices trend toward the risque.

Intimissimi takes the prize for more size diversity and variety in style. Victoria’s Secret has a stronger sexy, bombshell look on lock.

Sizing and Fit Consistency

Finding the right fit makes all the difference in comfort, support and appearance. Which brand offers more accurate, consistent sizing?

Intimissimi places a strong emphasis on quality fit. Their structured bras come in traditional bra sizing with cup/band measurements to dial in support. Stretch lace and soft fabrics adapt to your curves. Pieces are designed to be worn all day in comfort.

Reviews indicate their sizing charts are fairly accurate and consistent across styles. With an expanded size range, finding an appropriate fit is easier.

Victoria’s Secret is notorious for inconsistent sizing between – and often within – collections. Cup sizes, bands, and fabrics vary wildly across their bras, making it a guessing game.

Materials like satin stretch and sag quickly. Most bras skew toward demi cups and push-up padding regardless of breast shape. Reviews complain of too-big bands, small cups, and a lack of support for larger busts. Proper fit at Victoria’s Secret can prove elusive.

Intimissimi offers true-to-size, well-fitting lingerie while Victoria’s Secret sizes leave much to be desired. Know your measurements when bra shopping.

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Company Ethics and Controversies

Beyond product quality and marketing, company ethics matter to many lingerie shoppers. Intimissimi and Victoria’s Secret have faced some controversies over the years.

Intimissimi avoids major scandals, but has been criticized for Photoshopping models and lacking diversity in some advertising. As a European company, they’ve been slower to adapt to North America’s emphasis on inclusive representation.

But recent campaigns show gradual improvement, using a broader range of models. Overall, their advertising and messaging is relatively uncontroversial.

Victoria’s Secret, as a huge brand, constantly faces public scrutiny about their marketing and brand image. Criticism includes insufficient diversity in models and messaging that promotes unrealistic beauty standards. Financial ties to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein created outrage.

In 2019, falling ratings led to the cancellation of their iconic fashion show, indicating major missteps with audiences. The brand seeks to reinvent itself in a more progressive direction.

While neither company is flawless, Intimissimi manages controversy with more grace and quicker course correction. Victoria’s Secret’s marketing feels increasingly dated and tone-deaf. Ethics around representation are important to shoppers today.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the competitor of Victoria’s Secret?

Some major competitors of Victoria’s Secret include: Aerie (American Eagle), Adore Me, ThirdLove, Lively, Knix, Natori, Calvin Klein, Naked, Hanky Panky.

Is Victoria’s Secret luxurious?

Victoria’s Secret promotes themselves as a luxury lingerie brand through sensual ads and glamorous branding. However, many shoppers feel the quality and materials used don’t live up to true luxury standards. Flushing fabrics, cheap materials, and poor construction make their products feel inexpensive. Higher prices come from marketing, not quality. Most consumers would classify Victoria’s Secret as affordable fast fashion rather than true luxury.

Does Intimissimi run small?

Compared to Victoria’s Secret, Intimissimi runs fairly true-to-size in both bras and panties. Their sizing charts are generally accurate. Some customers recommend sizing up for a looser panty fit. Stretch lace materials and soft cup bras accommodate multiple sizes. Overall, Intimissimi offers more consistency and less tendency to run small than Victoria’s Secret. Check reviews of specific collections to gauge fit.

Who is Intimissimi owned by?

Intimissimi is owned by Calzedonia Group, an Italian fashion holding company. Calzedonia manages multiple Italian clothing brands specializing in hosiery, beachwear, underwear, and loungewear. They acquired Intimissimi in 1996 and rapidly grew it into an international success. Intimissimi’s European sensibility comes from their Italian roots and parent company.

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The Verdict

While both brands offer gorgeous lingerie styles, Intimissimi emerges as the overall winner when comparing quality, value, selection, fit, and company ethics. Their dedication to fine materials, construction, and inclusive sizing provides a great fit for most budgets and bodies.

Victoria’s Secret leads in sex appeal, but falls short on comfort and representation. Unless you pine for push-up bras, Intimissimi offers an elevated experience at reasonable prices.

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