Skytech Vs. NZXT Gaming PCs: How Do These Desktops Compare?

When investing in a high-performance gaming desktop, the pre-built PCs from Skytech and NZXT are two great options to consider.

But with different hardware, customization, pricing and more, which gaming PC brand truly comes out on top? This in-depth comparison examines all the key differences between Skytech and NZXT gaming computers.

A Brief Comparison Table

ComponentsBudget to premium partsSelect high-end parts
Performance RangeEntry-level to mid-rangeMid-range to top-tier
CustomizationPreset component bundlesIndividual component selection
Pricing$999 to $2,500+$1,500 to $3,000+
Build QualityExternal builders, variesIn-house hand-built, consistent
Best ForAffordability, value-focusedPeak power, performance, quality

Overview of Skytech and NZXT

  1. Skytech
Skytech Gaming
Skytech Gaming

Founded in 2014, Skytech Gaming has quickly established itself as a major player in the pre-built desktop market. The brand specializes in crafting gaming desktops that cater to various needs, be it gaming, streaming, or professional work.

Their machines are often praised for balancing performance with affordability. By ensuring they utilize the latest components, Skytech ensures their desktops can handle modern applications and games with ease.

Customers often appreciate their dedication to providing high-quality systems without breaking the bank, making Skytech a preferred choice for many looking to step into the world of PC gaming or to upgrade their current systems.

  1. NZXT

NZXT, originally known for its distinct and minimalist case designs, ventured into the pre-built desktop realm in 2017. With this transition, they brought with them their renowned aesthetic flair, integrating it into full gaming computer packages.

Recognizing the needs of their customers, NZXT introduced the BLD service. This service stands out by offering a user-friendly platform where buyers can custom order systems that are hand-built, ensuring each component aligns with their requirements.

The combination of their signature style and the commitment to tailoring systems as per user preference has enabled NZXT to carve a unique niche in a crowded market.

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Key Differences Between Skytech And NZXT

When selecting a gaming PC, two major brands – Skytech and NZXT – emerge as contenders. Skytech offers a broader range of budget-friendly options, while NZXT stands out for its high-end configurations and build quality. Let’s delve deeper into their offerings:

1. Parts and Hardware Options:

Skytech Components: Skytech provides a variety of component options for their customers, catering to different preferences. Whether you prefer an NVIDIA or an AMD GPU, Skytech has you covered. Similarly, they offer both Intel and AMD CPUs.

These choices extend to storage and power, where renowned brands supply the RAM, SSDs, and power supplies. Aesthetically, you can choose between Micro-ATX to full tower sizes, with the added glitz of RGB lighting and various cooling options.

NZXT Parts: NZXT narrows down its component selection but ensures that these are of premium quality. They have tied up with high-end NVIDIA RTX GPUs and exclusively offer Intel CPUs. Their component lineup often features trusted brands like Corsair.

Visually, NZXT opts for a more refined look with fewer RGB elements but allows users to personalize cooling and case configurations.

2. Performance and Power:

Skytech: Skytech provides systems across various performance tiers. Whether you are on a budget or aiming for high-performance gameplay, they have options.

Their systems are optimal for those who wish to enjoy smooth gameplay at 1080p and need a system for standard workloads.


NZXT: NZXT, on the other hand, emphasizes high-end configurations. Their systems are designed for power users who seek unrivaled performance in 4K gaming, VR experiences, and streaming. Thus, if you are seeking a powerhouse, NZXT might be the better choice.

3. Customization and Configurations:

Skytech Customization: Skytech offers customization through preset component bundles. While this limits the ability to mix-and-match individual parts, users can still configure storage, RAM, and software. However, they do offer fewer case and cooling customization options compared to NZXT.

NZXT Customization: NZXT outshines in this category by allowing users to select and customize each individual component. From cooling to lighting, every element is customizable. While they have limited pre-set bundles, the freedom they provide in individual component selection is commendable.

4. Pricing and Budget:

Skytech Pricing: Skytech’s pricing strategy appeals to a broader audience. Their entry models start from $999, making it accessible to many. Their mid-tier systems hover around $1,500, while the high-end variants can go beyond $2,500. They also roll out promotional deals periodically, offering further value.

NZXT Pricing: NZXT, with its focus on premium components and builds, has a steeper starting price, beginning above $1,500. Their mid-tier systems can be acquired at around $2,000, with the high-end models touching or exceeding $3,000. However, bundling can offer some savings for users.

5. Build Quality and Support:

Skytech: Both Skytech and NZXT offer 2-year warranties on their systems, ensuring confidence in their products. However, Skytech relies on external builders, which means the quality might vary.

NZXT: NZXT takes pride in its in-house hand-building process, ensuring consistent quality across all units. Apart from the superior build quality, NZXT also enjoys a better reputation when it comes to customer service.

While Skytech offers diverse choices and caters to various budget levels, NZXT positions itself as a premium brand with high-quality components and builds. Your final decision will hinge on what aspects matter most to you: budget, customization, performance, or build quality.

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Pros and Cons

Pros:- Very affordable entry-level systems- Tons of component and configuration options – Quality parts from reputable brands- RGB lighting for style – Routine limited promosPros:- Hand-built systems for consistent quality- Clean, minimalist aesthetic- Strong customer service reputation – Partswap upgrade program – Individual component selection
Cons: – Prone to some bloatware pre-installed – Uses multiple external builders – Hit-or-miss product support – Lower-end configurations lack powerCons: – Much more expensive for comparable hardware – Limited component selection guidance – Less budget-friendly options – No AMD CPU configurations

Best For…


  • Gamers shopping sub-$2000 budgets
  • Students and casual gamers
  • Those wanting RGB lighting and style
  • Entry-level to mid-range performance


  • Top-tier performance and power
  • Streamers and content creators
  • Custom selecting individual components
  • Quality craftsmanship and build

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Skytech upgradable?

Yes, Skytech gaming desktops are upgradable. You can add more RAM, additional storage drives, better graphics cards, cooling fans and more later to improve performance. But the motherboard and CPU options are limited.

How long does it take for Skytech to ship?

Skytech gaming PCs typically ship within 2-3 weeks of your order date. Large volume launches or custom configurations can sometimes extend this shipping estimate to 3-4 weeks.

Is NZXT good for PC building?

NZXT makes excellent cases and components for custom building PCs. Their cases offer great cable management, cooling and minimalist aesthetics. But for pre-built systems, their BLD service hand-builds each system meticulously for a high-quality customized rig.

How long does NZXT take to build?

NZXT estimates a 1-2 week build time for custom BLD systems from order date to shipping. Some complex configurations may take longer in 3-4 weeks depending on part availability. Their build times are generally quicker than competitors.

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The Takeaway

For budget-friendly starter rigs, Skytech delivers value and performance. If you want maximum power, unparalleled quality, and customizable high-end parts, NZXT is worth the premium. Consider your budget, performance needs, and aesthetic tastes to choose the right gaming PC brand for you.

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