Sixthreezero Vs. Retrospec: Which Bike Brand Is Best For You?

With the rise in popularity of cruiser and comfort bikes for casual riding, brands like sixthreezero and Retrospec have become go-to options. But with so many models to choose from, how do you decide which brand is right for your needs?

We break down the key differences between sixthreezero and Retrospec across factors like price, quality, comfort, and more.

A Brief Comparison Table:

Bike styles offeredCruiser, comfort, electricCruiser, city, commuter
Frame materialsAluminum alloyAluminum alloy
Price range$300 – $2000+$150 – $350
Range of sizes4 frame sizes from 17-26 inchesLimited sizes
Comfort featuresSwept-back handlebars, dual springs, plush seatBasic cruiser geometry and seat
Commuting extrasFenders, rear rack, lights on most modelsMinimal extras
Customer service reputationMixed reviewsVery positive reviews
Recommended forPremium comfort, wide selectionAffordability, basic cruising

Overview Of Sixthreezero And Retrospec


Sixthreezero and Retrospec both offer stylish, affordable cruiser and commuter bikes for relaxed riding around town.

  • Sixthreezero is based in California and focuses purely on cruise, comfort, electric, and commuter bikes for laidback riders. They offer both aluminum and steel frames across a wide range of speeds and sizes.
  • Retrospec is a New York-based brand that offers bikes in many categories like urban, city, fixie, and kids bikes. For relaxed riding, they provide several aluminum-frame cruiser models.

While sixthreezero has a wider range of cruiser options, Retrospec matches them quality for quality with their classic commuting styles.

Detailed Comparison Of Sixthreezero And Retrospec

Bike Quality and Materials

When it comes to materials and construction quality, sixthreezero and Retrospec are surprisingly close competitors.

Both brands design their bikes with aluminum frames for a lightweight but durable build. Aluminum stands up well to daily wear and tear and provides a smooth, comfortable ride.

The bike components are also similar. You’ll find alloy rims and comfortable cruiser saddles on most models from both brands. And key touches like fenders, rear racks, and cup holders provide convenience for casual rides.

One difference is the handlebar design. Sixthreezero uses swept-back cruiser handlebars for an upright, relaxed arm position. Retrospec has more traditional straight handlebars on some models. This can allow for a slightly faster, hunched forward riding stance.

Range of Styles and Sizes

One area where sixthreezero pulls ahead is in the variety of models and options. With nearly 20 cruiser bikes to choose from, you’ll find models like:

  • Classic single-speed beach cruisers
  • Multi-speed comfort cruisers with Shimano gears
  • Stretch cruisers with extended wheelbases for extra stability
  • Electric bikes with pedal assist
  • Special edition designs, like collaborations with artist Lela Lee

They also have an impressive range of sizes, with most models available in four frame sizes from 17 to 26 inches. Their size guide and fit finder make it easy to pick the right bike based on your height.

Retrospec currently offers just three cruiser bikes, without extended sizes or electric options. But the models they do offer are high quality and thoughtfully designed. Their streamlined selection makes picking a bike simple.

Cost and Affordability

When it comes to price, Retrospec definitely has an edge over sixthreezero. Their bikes cost $150-$350, making them some of the most budget-friendly cruiser options on the market.

Sixthreezero bikes range from $300 to $2,000+ for electric models. So you can expect to make a larger investment upfront. But the quality craftsmanship helps justify the extra expense for many riders.

Both brands offer payment plans to make purchasing more affordable. And the bikes are designed to be low maintenance, saving you money down the road.

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Riding Comfort and Experience

These bikes are built with leisurely riding in mind, but some key factors determine how comfortable they actually feel on the road.

Sixthreezero’s swept-back handlebars encourage an ultra-upright posture that’s easy on the back. The large cushy seats and dual spring shocks also absorb bumps smoothly. Relaxed frame geometry adds stability for taking it slow and steady.

Retrospec doesn’t provide as plush of a ride, but their cruiser designs still allow for casual upright pedaling. They also offer well-cushioned seats on some models. Just don’t expect as much shock absorption as pricier cruiser bikes.

For the most relaxed experience, sixthreezero is tough to beat. But Retrospec still delivers on the basics of cruising comfort at a bargain price point.

Urban Commuting Ability

While made for leisurely neighborhood rides, these bikes can pull double duty for mellow urban commutes if equipped right.

Most sixthreezero cruisers come with handy features for city use like fenders, rear racks, and lights. The multi-speed models provide flexibility for varied terrain. And the stability and comfort are perfect for exploring at an easy pace.

Retrospec cruiser bikes take on a more minimalist “fixie” look. But they can still work for casual commuting, especially the Beaumont 7 with 7 speeds. The lack of racks and lights means you’ll need to add your own accessories to optimize the bike for commuting.

For versatility, sixthreezero edges out as the better urban companion. But Retrospec’s smooth maneuverability around town is underrated.

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Customer Service Reputation

When buying a bike solely online, customer service can make or break your experience if any issues come up. Both brands aim to provide responsive support via email and phone.

However, sixthreezero has more mixed reviews regarding their responsiveness and ability to resolve problems. Customers describe short hold times but frustration with vague troubleshooting steps.

Retrospec users report very positive experiences with the company’s customer service team. Many share stories of the brand going above and beyond with parts replacements and repairs as needed. For support alone, Retrospec is the safer bet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are Retrospec bikes made?

Retrospec sources their bikes and components from manufacturers in Taiwan. The bikes are designed by the Retrospec team in New York.

What are Retrospec bikes made of?

Retrospec constructs the frames of their cruiser bikes from lightweight aluminum alloy. This makes them comfortable, durable, and corrosion-resistant.
What’s the difference between a cruiser and comfort bike?
Cruisers have relaxed, upright riding geometry optimized for short casual rides. They have wide seats and swept-back handlebars.
Comfort bikes also position the rider upright but allow for more versatile riding. They have light suspension and sometimes multi-gear options.

What is the difference between a cruiser and a commuter ebike?

Cruisers are purely for relaxed, short-distance rides on flat ground. They have minimal gears and features.
Commuter ebikes add electric pedal assist for riding longer distances. They also have racks, fenders, and lights for urban use.

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Our Recommendation

For the widest selection of sizes, speeds, and styles, sixthreezero cruiser and commuter bikes are tough to beat. Their plush adjustable designs live up to their reputation for premium comfort. Just be ready to spend more for the sixthreezero experience.

If you want a basic but well-made cruiser at the most affordable price, Retrospec delivers timeless styles and surprising quality. Opt for Retrospec for no-fuss leisure rides on a budget.

When comparing sixthreezero Vs. Retrospec, it’s hard to pick an overall “winner” between these closely matched competitors. Assess your budget, riding needs, and style preferences to decide which brand fits your lifestyle best for breezy rides around town.

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